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  1. Maybe the people in town walk there and don't drive? Been twice in the last 2 weeks to cinema, it was very busy. Cafe busy too. When I went last week there was a conference there, also very busy. Going again later for another film. Maybe you should go instead of sitting indoors pleepsing on here. #justsaying
  2. Does anyone know when SS are up next please? I know it's soon, but dumped the leaflet! Thanks
  3. Good idea! Had I known there was another thread to look at, I obviously would have known not to go!
  4. Where were you at 17.15? Not in Virkie, that's for sure! Wasted journey for us
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEKgYKpEJ3o
  6. These are the numbers to call regarding taking a cat on Loganair. 0844 800 2855 (Mon-Fri 0700-1700) 01496 302022 (Sat 0900-1300, Sun 1530-1830) £10 one way as long as you travel with the animal. If you do not wish to travel with the animal, it can travel as cargo, but cargo rates will apply and not the £10 previously mentioned. Hope this helps
  7. Travel advice for Loganair flights Tuesday 24th May RE: Ash Cloud For tomorrow, Tuesday 24 May, the volcanic ash forecasts issued by the Met Office this afternoon indicate that a high density of ash will be present in large parts of Scottish airspace. As a result of this, we have taken the decision to cancel all services with the exception of our inter-isles flights in Orkney. All flights due to depart between 06:00 and 13:00 hrs tomorrow have therefore been cancelled. You should not travel to the airport and if you are booked on a flight departing tomorrow afternoon, you should check the website for further updates before setting out for the airport. http://www.loganair.co.uk/loganair/press-office/111/travel-advice-for-23-/-24-may
  8. Thanks Paul. Was hoping that wasn't going to be the answer but would explain why my parcel is nowhere to be seen!
  9. Does anyone know who delivers for Hermes? Please and thank you
  10. Your summary is all correct except one thing. You will have to go to check in first, so your bag can be weighed, they will give you a ticket to take to the other desk to pay. Happy holidays!
  11. No, you can take the extra in the same bag. The same rules still apply regarding standby etc tho, and it will still be £10. Your one bag cannot weigh more than 30kg, but if you are only taking 5kg extra, that should be no problem.
  12. What you have found there, are Flybe's baggage charges, which are totally different to Loganair's charges. Loganair rules are as follows If you have baggage in excess of your free allowance, it will only be accepted if space is available at a charge of £10. Any additional pieces of luggage will be charged at £10. Excess Baggage will only be carried subject to space being available. If your excess baggage travels unaccompanied on another flight, you are responsible for collecting this upon its arrival at the final destination. You are better off paying for a second bag, you pay £10 for the second bag and it can be 20kg. Do be aware about it having to go on standby though if not enough space on flight. Also, check in with plenty of time to spare, as you are sent to a different desk in Glasgow to pay. Hope that all makes sense! Hope this helps! :D
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