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  1. Does anyone know whats wrong with the new tugs at Sullom Voe ? been here a good few weeks now and still not in service. Seems like the council have paid goodness knows how many millions on a pair of white/blue elephants !.
  2. there is no longer an education budget from the Scottish Government, but a "block grant" of around £90,000,000 to be divvied up as our council sees fit...... closing schools in rural areas is against the concordat of our Council and completely flies in the face of " socio economic" policy , end of story ,written in black and white !. What a lot o bruck sumfolk truttle, da very idea that bein born an brought up somway is a " lifestyle choice" for a bairn....... as the sayin goes...when your in a hole stop hokkin
  3. the school closure issue is unbelievably politically complicated, and you can only begin to understand quite how much so when you start to fully look into it, BUT when one or two small schools go...its just the tip of the iceberg, and the beginning of a much much poorer standard of education for ALL SHETLANDS CHILDREN ,its the one thing as an Island Group we could be justifiably proud of was a standrd of education second to none in the UK, off topic ? for sure, but you needna come pleepsin about your own area if your willing to knife your fellow islanders in the back , metaphorically, where ever they happen to be ....onyway, Corrie is on an Fizz is in a rite witter....
  4. quite enjoyed the Hugh Fernley Whatsisface programme da nite , good but he seems ta contradict himsell a bit, showin cod bein dumped due to lack of quota and at the same time sayin its "unsustainable" an tryin to promote piltocks as an alternative, which there is allso very little quota for except if your French or German, who have boats hooverin dem up ta da easterd o wis flat oot , as keen angler im personally seen mair cod in da last twartree years dan i can ever mind o afore, havin even regularly caught peerie wans while fly fishing for sea troots, an as fur da meenister o fish no keenin a loor fae a haddock , weel really dir no muckle hope dere ir dey? onyway dats my peerie twa pence wirt for what its wirt ?!
  5. saa da "oor" onkerry too, canna actually ever o been here , poor soul !
  6. The SAA are eco vandals,of the very worst kind, most lochs have their own slightly genetically different trout in them , re- stocking destroys this and increases the risk of spreading disease..... having witnessed , several times now the dumping of large amounts of small wild brown trout after their competitions i have nothing but contempt for the SAA and all it stands for. NO i am not green or anti of any kind , just a keen angler who has respect for the magnficent fish that is Shetlands wild , native , brown trout. Hope to hear from some of the SAA in defence of their stocking policy/competitions , yours in anticipation .
  7. having witnessed the weigh inn after one of shetland anglers competitions , and subsequent DUMPING !!!!! of what looked to be perhaps 100 plus trout into the sea and behind net bins at collafirth pier on saturday nite , am having real problems coming to understand how this can in any way be considered spoting or justifiable , perhaps one of the sportsmen involved could perhaps enlighten me please ?
  8. People have been coming and going from the shetlands. Oh dear o dear , nothin waar dan seein "shetlands " bein used ony way in ony shape or form .......................inexcuseable ! ! ! Shetland , Shetland Isles or Shetland Islands or just dunna budder ! ! !
  9. Seems to me its just a way of the Scottish Government getting a hold of our oil reserves , and , may be way off here , but , with the need for more and more electricity and the fact were part of the UK and as far away as possible, if and or when we end with the interconnector, here would be the "ideal " place to put a reactor or three...... ?.
  10. Havin been part of the squad Simon King was in Northmavine Up Helly , and living near to where some of the filming took place , was pleasantly surprised at the result ,and his comment on shetland people in particular. Every area has a fire festival, and regardless of size ?(is that necessarily a guarantee of quality ?!?!?!) it is equally important as a social event. Long story short, good night had by all, and good pr for Shetland, job done and wi a bit o luck , twartrree mair toories ta look fur otters etc dis simmer, he canna come shun anoff.
  11. Well who knows what another year holds? nothing decided etc but all going well this year Bigbannock 2010 will hopefully be a goer.Da big bannock commitee.
  12. Can anybody tell me whats sporting about "anglers"? catching vast amounts o troots to boil for somebodys dog? .If thats all the respect you have for the lochs and the fish its a pretty poor show, moving fish from one loch to another ,restocking etc would not be needed if people could enjoy fishing for the sake of fishing.Why must you have to catch more than everyone else?
  13. last in 2008 as in last bannock in 2008 as this is 2008
  14. as one of the organisers of the big bannock i can tell you all that nothing is certain about next year but more than likely it will be again in one form or another,as for different organisers ,not going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be the same team or not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt be anyway else!!!!!!!!
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