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  1. Yes, I'm thinking I'll go with Flickr, 1,000 images should be plenty - I say "should" since the old lad was a mad keen snapper back in the day. Thanks all!
  2. An elderly family member passed away suddenly late last year and left me with several hundred old photographs, slides, and negatives they'd taken, mostly of the Scalloway area, beginning in the 1950s and continuing up until the early 2000s. I have been busy scanning, and I am presently casting around trying to find a website which will let me upload them so that people can view them, and download them if they like. Facebook is all very well for the odd one or two images, but I would prefer some other solution so I can bulk upload and they can be organised and searhed through. The ideal thing would be something like Orkney's excellent "Orkney Image Library", but sadly we don't have anything close to it in Shetland. It has been suggested that I lend the collection to the Museum but I strongly object to the way they handle their Photo Archive, where you can only see small size version of images, half obliterated by an unsightly watermarks.
  3. And here I was thinking that police states were all about drumming up hate, not trying to stop it. Any other nuggests of wisdom you'd like to share with us?
  4. I found a couple of old copies of the Shetland Times from 1942 and 1955 recently. Here is the front page of the 6th June 1942 edition. I have decided to use the "easyzoom" website to host these large images as it allows zooming and panning etc. Further excerpts to follow when the new scanner arrives (the current one died a death after doing this page)! https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/e4c4f2fde0fd4d5aac192441830298f2
  5. This just in.... the Post Office move just might be off again.... the staff from the old Post Office who were to move to Conochies have all quit when they discovered they were going to have their pay chopped to minimum wage. Reportedly Conochies is currently trying to recruit new staff. An additional point of interest - a certain Local Retailer has said that he would have been happy to host the Post Office counter..... but he never got the chance to apply for it. And finally - let us not lose track of the ironic fact that our very own MP, Alistair Carmichael, voted in favour of privatising the Post Office. Well done, Al!
  6. Phones? I saw someone yesterday driving along with a massive ice cream cone in one fist!
  7. Now this is a good question! The earliest Shetland related photo I'm aware of was taken by David Octavius Hill in the early 1840s, a Calotype portrait of John Elder of Walls. Link to the National Galleries website
  8. They would be very pleased if they could crack what has always been a Liberal/LibDem "safe" seat. And I think they might have been in with a chance if they'd chosen the right candidate.
  9. I think this counts as history since it's 46 years ago... It's an article from a Pennsylvania newspaper from 1973 about the US Coastguard station at Scatsta. Click on the image to see a larger version. http://i.imgur.com/vcqAqcYl.jpg
  10. I've contacted the Shetland Times a few times with what I thought were interesting local stories which were never followed up by them and never appeared in print, almost as though they couldn't be bothered. And what's up with the dozens and dozens of typos and bad grammar in every issue? As a one-time proofreader it's like a poke in the eye - surely they have someone to do this very basic subediting?
  11. Have a word with Rod at Jewson's.
  12. Only if you want to use a excerpt of whatever you're linking to and even then the website you're linking to can waive payment if they choose.
  13. Does anyone remember which company built the Clickimin pathway?
  14. Yes that's the sort of thing I saw at Jewson's, but a sight cheaper for once.....
  15. I noticed a pile of something called "BinGrips" in Jewson's all dusty and unwanted... perhaps they'll get them sold now!
  16. According to the Highway Code, if a pedestrian has started to cross, they have right of way.
  17. Give them a few months and they'll be hocking them all up again! Remember the "speed measures" along the main street at Scalloway??
  18. Yes, we did just that, put the details into Autogreen and got a date from them, then found out that 60 North wouldn't take the vehicle. And a good job we found out beforehand, too, as otherwise we'd have had to pay to transport the wreck back to us (60 North don't collect, so we had to arrange that as well).
  19. I had no idea it was so difficult to scrap an unwanted wreck nowadays. A relation was wanting to get rid of an old vehicle. It is one of the makes that the Amenity Trust doesn't handle - so they told them to get in touch with an organisation called Autogreen instead, to arrange disposal. The trouble is that Autogreen's local agent is 60 North, and they refused to take the vehicle! So in other words, it looks like we’re back to the good old days in Shetland as far as scrap vehicles go, i.e. old wrecks gently rusting away and forming a blot on the landscape!
  20. Something makes me think you'd be singing a different tune if people from outside Shetland were signing a petition against Shetland autonomy.
  21. Hannes Alfvén's work has very little to do with your electric universe nonsense, you silly sod. But nice work dragging him in; it demonstrates (like it needed demonstrating) that you're just regurgitating buzzwords and phrases you imagiene are connected. Probably all cut 'n' pasted from some looper's website somewhere.
  22. I see Alistair Carmichael turned up for the vote - and voted against the motion to scrap the bedroom tax! I suppose he has to watch what he does now he's managed to creep his way into the exalted position of Scottish Secretary, and not do anything too left-wing or annoy his snooty pals, the Tories. I'd like to see him ousted at the next General Election for all his conniving with the enemy but I think we know that whatever he says or does he'll get re-elected so long as he's running for the LibDems, since Orkney & Shetland is a notoriously "safe seat"
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