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  1. I like the idea of a one-stop Shetland shop.. and its something that we have talked about within the group that currently has a market at Bolts once a fortnight. Realistically though, it would take a lot of time, money etc to put together and all the individual producers are usually too busy running their own businesses to get that involved. The economics are difficult - to run that shop you mention would cost atleast £4-5k a month for rent, rates, electricity, insurance and staff to be open 6 days a week. If it did food, drinks and crafts you'd need equipment, licenses (for alcohol - sell
  2. Try Lita from westerskeld - she does the farmers market/crafts circuit (she was at Vidlin today) - the skins are all done by her husband and are a very high quality try her on email at Lita@shetlandproducts.co.uk
  3. As has already been said.. the Council has to provide certain services - this includes a museum and archives service - often alongside Libraries in many authorities. The contents of the museum and archives belong to the council but they hived off the management of it to the Amenity Trust as, historically, the SIC couldn't get external funding to build a new museum, whereas the Amenity Trust was able to get a majority of funding for the new build from Lottery, Enterprise Agencies etc. The same is true of the Sumburgh development..... so it made sense to run it through this arms length orga
  4. I think that what is being lost in some of these discussions is actually what impact these changes will have on the kids... its not just about the financial arguments or what is quickly becoming a toonie/country battle. We moved up from South 4 years ago and our kids came out of a 'small' village school of 180 pupils with classes of 32. When they joined Aith they quickly found friends, enjoyed the smaller class-sizes and relationships built with teachers. They have had very good education in the four years since, in fact they have done really well, with the educational model suiting them
  5. Paul - well done for getting to the meeting - I was reliant on the Shetland News feed. Its a real shame that as you say, a certain councillor, who was elected on a save rural education mandate, has amnesia when it comes to forging their own political careers. I'm sure that many of the electors who put him where he is will not have such amnesia when judgement day comes around. I hope that he will have time to reflect on this before next weeks vote
  6. The financial report looks good at first impression.. but on closer examination you begin to find inconsistencies. E.g. - at the Public Meeting in Aith - Vaila said that Aith cost £1.08m - yet it seems now to be recorded at nearly £1.7m... Transport costs are something that also need to be looked at closely - i've heard it said that the cost basis used for these estimates is reliant on costings used in the tenders let nearly 5 years ago.. when fuel was much cheaper. The true indication of cost won't be known until new bus contracts are let after october Also - do new vehicles have to
  7. I am a member of the Aith Parent Council and have just found out from the Chair that he has today received a letter from the Education Department stating that as a result of their budget cutting plans, junior high secondary depts will be earmarked for closure - with Aith School being phase 1 - by 2014. The Councillors will meet next week to discuss this. This is truly shocking news to all those involved with the school, which continues too be academically excellent. All parents should receive a copy of the information that we received by tomorrow and will be invited to a meeting on monda
  8. Sutherlands have a credit card pump.. was working earlier this week when I used it.
  9. I'm with PaulB on this one.. I can't see his ever being vulnerable.... he is just different, with a different belief system from the mainstream and also not a pauper, evidenced by some good quality clothing and gadgets. I'm no expert on mental health either, but if I contacted the 'authorities' for every eccentric that came up to the Creamery from the campsite, i'd probably need them on speed dial. I don't think he's dangerous to himself or others, but I could see that being told you are evil/demonic etc could be upsetting for some and if you fit in that category, he's best avoided
  10. He's about 6foot, has bad knees, walks with a staff. Wears a light tan leather jacket and must be all of 60. Has a beard akin to Grizzley Adams if you can remember back that far (white - think santy) He told me that he lives in Poole but is on a long journey.. he is hoping he can find somebody in Shetland to take him to Norway. He has no strong accent.. other than mainland english.. could not detect a particular part of the country. he wears headphones much of the time and is very short-sighted.. I asked him what he was listening to.. and he showed me his Ipod.. as well as lots of trance
  11. His name is Isaak.. and he told me he is a White Sorcerer.. I agree what PaulB says.. approach with caution, although he appears harmless. Has been into my shop a couple of times and I can say that this he has a sweet tooth! He is heading onto Vidlin on wednesday to out the demons at the Simmer Dim rally before heading south to Levenwick campsite. Unlike Paul, he told me that I had a good spirit... not like all those possessed on the westside (according to him!). He has also found a ghost in the Skeld Bod... said she was lonely and would be taking her away with him on wednesday.. i'm
  12. .. and yet there is more to come out in terms of reserves wasted due to political changes of minds. Last week on 'Public Platform' Cllr Wills confirmed that a 'contingent liability' had been put aside for the building company which lost out at the 11th hour when the decision to not build AHS was taken.. but they won't say publicly how much, to risk prejucing legal procedings.. but we are sure to pay, just as we had to with LPA A quick look at a SIC paper put up for the meeting on the 16th Feb, shows that the council is fighting 10 cases (which presumably includes the AHS/Knab affair and th
  13. I heard at the Aith PC meeting last night, that the Rural Commission, as part of their visit are going to at least one school in Northern Isles (Burravoe), Northmavine and Sandwick (JH), so I guess they are trying to get some understanding of what 'rural' is to us... although I'd suggest to them that Aith is properly rural, rather than the Junior High just of the main road to the airport...
  14. You could try Skeld Campsite.. which isn't that busy and inexpensive, close to water etc You could call Josephine on 01595 860287 for more details
  15. First trip today to Flames... and it lived up to the generally positive impression given by other posters. Got seated no problem at 6:30, our two starters/four mains were all served within 10 minutes by very friendly and professional staff. Good portion size for the price. The wifes prawn curry went down very well as did the burgers and pizza that the rest of us had. Our kids loved it - great atmosphere for family at this time of night. The owner spoke very passionately about his vision and future improvements and I wish him and his team the best of luck. We will be going back again.
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