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  1. Is there anyone else out there of the mouth-full-of-fissure-sealant generation who's now having to have all the bloody things replaced by fillings? And your dentist says it was all a mistake, the fissure sealants were a bad bad idea... (they should just have given you a small filling) ? If anyone can recommend a good dental insurance provider, that would be mucho appreciato! In return I can offer the wonderful advice of suggesting that you go to your dentist for a check-up every 6 months (*** mod edit - revised topic slightly ***)
  2. ok, this isn't strictly 'news' as it doesn't exist yet... but it would make really good news! http://www.freecycle.org I looked into starting one o these for Shetland some time ago, but you need to be permanently resident in the location which you are starting it for (I'm not). But maybe Shetland has it's own scheme which I'm no aware o? It's amazing the stuff you can pick up once it gets going Even if it's stuff you think no one would ever want - maybe someone else could put it to good use, or would like to chop it up or melt it doon intae something new... P.S. Any old lamp sha
  3. This would clearly be a much more sensible approach, not to mention substantially cheaper. (Maybe even a few speed bumps as well, although these are probably illegal on main roads ?). Why can't some people just accept that they need to slow down on certain parts of the roads? Can anyone tell me, is this need to widen the road just the council being illogical (and wasting a lot of money in the process), or is it a legal requirement to comply with some legislation? The property in question is a lovely peerie hoose which the owners put a huge amount of time and effort into renovating: they str
  4. yehhh! dj format n creatures n grrooves... but where are their tails?? Maybe I should sell my ass & try and make some pocket money in his fashion... cos my tail scrub's up ok... what do you reackon?
  5. Re. Rae & Christian: If you like Northern Sulphuric Soul you may also like to have a listen to 'Sleepwalking', which is the only other album that they have made together (of their own material). You may also like Mark Rae's solo albums 'Rae Road' and 'Into the depths', and many more of the artists on the wonderful Grand Central Records, which, unfortunately, were forced into liquidation at the end of May
  6. Ninja Tunes have a really good website with downloads and info and links about all their artists: http://www.ninjatune.net/home/ As for Nightmares on Wax... in my opinion their music is waaaay more than just worth a listen... this stuff is for soaking deep into your soul, especially 'Carboot Soul', which is an album of truly beautiful music. 'Smoker's Delight' is also an ace album, but it's not as sensual as Carboot (which was the third album, Smoker's bein the second). Their most recent album is 'In A Space Outta Sound', and it's supposed to be real good and more along the lines of the a
  7. oooo, yeah. Do you wanna swop some? I've got most of Bonobo's stuff and some Mr Scruff, Herbaliser, Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Food and DJ Vadim. What u got/in to?
  8. So much for sustainable procurement! The SIC’s new ‘Corporate' procurement policy (adopted in June 2005) is supposedly “driven by the Council’s commitment to supporting a healthy, diverse and sustainable local economy underpinned by equality of opportunity and good environmental management†(http://www.shetland.gov.uk/news-advice/bulletins/2006/02/prexla0224.asp) This policy was created in response to the slating the SIC received from the Account’s Commission for their “lack of corporate approach to procurement†(www.audit-scotland.gov.uk/ publications/pdf/2005/05pf03ac.pdf
  9. What school was that?! I did find this tho: http://www.hemmings.com/images/editorial/purple.jpg Looks a bit like yourself actually! Also found this totally crazoid air balloon: http://www.waynet.org/waynet/spotlight/2003/images/08/balloonfest/purplepeopleeater320.jpg Heehee, better watch oot!
  10. Hey dere, I'm trying to find a picture o the Purple People Eater game which was popular in the early '80's - can anybody help?! I ken dir is wan on wir laft at home, but I was hopin tae fin a pic o him a lot sooner dan my nixt trip north, an no luck on the internet so far! TM
  11. Thanks for your suggestions folks... I already have a few hotmail accounts, and a yahoo one, and am happy enough with them, but I don't really want to use them for my 'main' email account, although the new hotmail set-up might be quite good. I've already eliminated gmail, and postmaster... Will check out Operamail.com and Ecosse.net - thanks! TM
  12. Thanks, for the warm welcome Trout It's a pity about my duff first thread though! Thanks for the info, should have known that I couldn't upload as I've used a forum like this one before, but it was a while ago... Anywayz, some pics hopefully coming soon-ish...
  13. Can anybody recommend a good web-based email account that doesna hiv lots o adverts and idder bruck flashing all ower da place? I’ve been trying oot wan called Bluebottle, but have decided to abandon it cos it’s no been working sometimes, and it’s pretty dull looking too… So hard to please!
  14. Hey, howzaboot a thread dedicated tae bonny pictures o Shetland places and its non-human inhabitants?! Here ir some o my favourite pics fae my Shetland folder on my comp, which I laek tae look through every noo and again when I am missing my natural habitat… Ok... maybe no, I dunna see anywhere to upload pictures! Please bear with me while I try n figure it oot... this is my first post!
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