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  1. Anyone know who delivers here for Zazzle/UPS? Package has come from the US. TIA
  2. Does anyone know who cleans windows in the town centre these days and do you have contact details? I know Scottie (from Scalloway) did it but not sure if he still does or if there's anyone else? TIA.
  3. Facebook pages can be set to public and many are, including mine - www.facebook.com/oilymuggie Open to all to see! When I had a sale recently, I included various forms of contact so that anyone, including those who didn't have a Facebook account, could buy!
  4. Agreed. Back in August I believe.
  5. If you refer to yourself as a charity, then you must be registered with OSCR - see below - and be subject to public accountability. I'm not sure and may be wrong but I believe that the Callum Younger Reach Fund might perhaps be a trust or something similar and because it's classed as such, doesn't have to have the public accountability that a charity does? Maybe someone more knowledgeable could clarify? Hasten to add that I am no way inferring that the Callum Younger Reach Fund is not being run correctly. "Thank you for your email of 23 August 2012 enquiring as to the requirement for chari
  6. On talking about their ponies being taken (since returned) - "It's mad because we've never seen them dance. They don't even know who Michael Jackson is."
  7. Fifi

    Redd Up

    Very minor point but it's COPE (Community Opportunities for Participation in Enterprise) you're referring to, not Cope. That's wis! (no connection)
  8. Anyone know if Bonmarché deliver to Shetland via Royal Mail or courier? TIA
  9. No idea but presumably the same one I saw flying low over the voe between Voe and Brae. Quite spectacular, zooming along low with one wing pointing to the water and the other the sky, then straightening up towards Brae.
  10. Yikes! Hope you have a good time in Shetland again and hope you do manage to get onto the mainland (Shetland) sometimes.
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