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    Fifi reacted to hazel64 in Window cleaners - Lerwick   
    Yes he still does windows he's at Lodberrie deli every Friday but can't remember the phone number
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    Fifi reacted to Kafka in BBC Shetland Series - Ann Cleeves novels filmed in Shetland   
    God help us if they filmed Shetland in real life - endless petty sharging and a serious lack of murders. It just wouldna catch on at all.
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    Fifi reacted to Scorrie in BBC Shetland Series - Ann Cleeves novels filmed in Shetland   
    Some people need to stay away from fictional drama.
    (bangs head repeatedly into laptop)
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    Fifi reacted to annakyn in Sheeps Wool Insulation   
    Hi. thanks for the replies. I think a few have misunderstood though... It doesn't help that Shetlink moved this from Consumer Advice to Crofting forum!
    I'm not looking for Shetland wool for insulation, I'm looking for ready made loft insulation that's made from Sheeps Wool. Its common now and plenty of online insulation suppliers post it out, B&Q even sell it, but obviously no one will do delivery to Shetland. I'm sure some people have used it in Shetland properties and looking for a builder that's worked with it in the past basically for how they managed to source it.
    I'll try Shetland Heatwise first - thanks for that.
    I have a feeling it is going to be too expensive to be worth it, but will try anyway!
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