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  1. is that celtic bs and as i take it????
  2. its a pitty if whitedale dont find a manager there is a lot of potential there for a leauge winning side. as was pointed out before they have always been in the running for cups and die away in the leauge purely because of a bit of lack in depth same as spurs really. as for the comments about jamie wilson not being a class striker the boy has been deadly in front of goal since juniors. The only reason he probs didnt get in the county sqaud is because he wouldnt have suited the system bristow was going to play but thats only a guess.
  3. somehow i dont think that rumour is true frank, and 6 in a row?
  4. what a question! i would say its worse now but not by much, i personally think certian teams abuse the b's but as was said before without the 3-a player rule alot of teams would struggle to even field a team. as for whats being said for unst and yell i think it could have been solved by a northen rovers merger i remeber playing at junior level and the combo of yell and unst players worked well they were the best team in the leauge followed by delting, but i think from what i heard certian people couldnt put there diffrences aside which is a pitty because those players with a couple of old hands would have been a very good side. as for burra i think they were treated very badly by the sfa by not being allowed to play b's after being wipping boys in the a's and still dont understand why when yell and unst went down the the b's burra were not allowed to do so the season before just seems a of a double standard
  5. It's a pretty sad state of affairs that nobody wants the job but it is now a poisoned chalice. The fact that there only a few players turning up to senior training towards the end of JJ's reign kind of shows that some of the players are probably getting fed up with the constant politics and sprootle that goes with the saga as a whole. I mean it's not only the Shetland managers job, but the Shetland Football Association has a lot of problems. Did Mark Goodhand not resign because of being overuled even though he was the head of discipline? (don't know if that's true). I even had problems myself with suspension rules changing from player to player. I know it's an incredibly hard thing to run and there is not a lot of help coming forward, but there is a lot more work that needs to be done than just getting in a manager for the shetland job. I don't think trying to force a man to do the job is right either surely there is somebody out there that wants it ? I always thought Martin Gibbs was a good shout but he maybe isn't interested. Could try Diego Maradona, he is out of a job?
  6. as far ive heard nobody but that could be wrong! i have been before. i think they were changing the whole process of somebody getting the job to be fair who ever gets it has a monumental task on there hands. but there a lot of reasons that shetland football is in the mess its in right now just hope some of the people in involved in higher end of the sfa start the ball in motion of gettin a better system in place for shetland football or more clubs will die out and it will be a 4 or 5 team setup for the a's and nobody wants that.
  7. any more news on who is going to be the next shetland manager?????? i think if they could get john scott christie and ally graham it would be good,always done well with most teams they have worked with
  8. GK.E.Peterson (Ness) RB.L.Flaws (Delting) LB.J.Pottinger(Whalsay) CB.D.Fraser (Whitedale) CB.J.Bradley (Celtic) RM.B.Irvine (Whalsay) CM.B.Duncan (Whitedale) CM.K.Williamson (Whalsay) LM.J.Aitkin (Celtic) CF.L.Simpson (Celtic) CF.D.Anderson (Whitedale)
  9. its sad that it hasnt been played the fact that it will be missed for a year is a shame as a group of players will be unable to play as its there last year. Raises questions on why decistion not to play the cup was taken was it lack of teams or numbers????? thats the only reasons i can think of??
  10. seems that one of the best cups in shetland has just died away anyone know whats happing with it or has it been posponed for a year??????? I know it was a 6 or 7 a side last year which was a bit crap but dose anyone know whats happing
  11. yeah well i mean it makes sence the more football that gets played at a high level the further i will bring on players and thats what we want to see in the end more top quality players nureterd through the shetland sqaud
  12. Anybody think there should be a devopment squad set up in shetland to make up for the gap beetween 18'S and seiniors almost an reserve side? you know for those who probley will be good enough to play for shetland in the future just seems that a lot of players fall away after junior county might help to bring players through i know that a lot of districts on the main land use this idea.
  13. any news on if there actully going to bring back the 21 parish cup to the proper 11 a side or bottle it again and have the 7 a side ??????
  14. when dose the highland fuels start?????
  15. so is unst in the b league then???????? and the quote delboy 10 at the age 19 you should be playin in the a's if you're decent player i mean thats a bit extreme depends on team,postion and so on. but your right about it should be a 23s leauge or something as it stopped a lot of players developing maybe a 21s leauge should be looked into and also a reseve/b league.just for playin time you want younger player playin as much as they can.
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