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  1. Has anyone ever hired a 7.5 tonne truck in Aberdeen or close by? I have found a couple of companies that will do the hire but can't provide lashing points as required by Northlink to being onto the ferry. Needs to be at least 7.5 tonne, appreciate I can get a Luton up here but need something bigger ideally. I know Star Rent A Car used to have a small 7.5 truck but they've said they no longer have it.
  2. Quick update on this. I spoke to Logan Air, they no longer take squishy face dogs on their planes. The lady was very helpful and honest, she said she wouldn't advise taking any dogs on the plane as the hold gets so cold it's stresses them out! We brought our pug back on the boat in the kennels. As expected not impressed but it was the only option. Noisy and. to pleasant at all. he was good as gold and seemed to cope with it very well so we were very relieved. I've spoken to many people since who are all saying they leave their dogs in the car wherever possible as they're more confirmable in known surroundings.
  3. Thanks for the responses folks. No problem age wise as he's 3 but he's a pug so they may say possible breathing problems in plane I've never rated the kennels and I know many now leave in the car but he won't be used to us so it will be alien environment. I know friends have used sedatives before which may be a kinder option.
  4. Thinking about bringing over a small dog from Aberdeen and wanted a little advice please. We've never taken our own dog off Shetland and I'm wondering what the 'kindest' way to travel would be? Appreciate the boat is somewhat calmer at this time of year so kennels maybe fine but it's a long night for them (and us!) I wasn't aware until recently that you could bring dogs over on the plane but they he would need to be in a crate in the hold. This would be quicker but not sure on the stress level, noise etc. Appreciate any advice from folk that have used either/both methods, thanks.
  5. Update, they only offer returns not drop off.
  6. I see Streamline offer DPD & MyHermes drop off. If you try and book a DPD parcel on their site it doesn't allow from Shetland, MyHermes appears to be the same but does give the option of a 50p collection Anyone use either of these services to send parcels South?
  7. http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html I believe this link still works
  8. CS2 is still available as a free download, it's no longer supported. The monthly subscription for Adobe isn't too bad if you just use Photoshop for example, if you have a student in the house (school child etc.) you can get good reductions.
  9. Thought it was you Bogtrotter
  10. SSB...those were the days Pretty sure I remember you Colin from many moons ago...what was your handle sir?
  11. Interested to know if there are any qualified/experienced Epson printer wide format engineers in Shetland?
  12. Thanks for that. Still waiting for a response from the latter
  13. Anyone know anywhere/one in Shetland that offer a boarding service for pets whilst owners on holiday? Looking for a dog sitter and also someone to look after a smaller pet. (Other than Gott Kennels) Any advice appreciated.
  14. I was always with Vodafone and then moved over to GiffGaff (O2) which gave me 3G in the town and decent enough coverage elsewhere. I've now moved over to EE and the difference is huge, far far better signal than any other network. 3G in places I'd not expected, Brae for example.
  15. Collected and shipped by JBT unless I'm mistaken.
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