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  1. I'd suggest extra vitamin C and wrap up extra warm so your increased body temperature kills off the virus quicker.
  2. I do it in two's, like: seventy-five, twenty-two,eighty-one That way I reckon its easier to avoid situations where you get two or more numbers next to each other, and also helps prevent numbers being swapped around.
  3. I'm for a cleaner environment myself, after all, I live in! Conservation of finite resources also makes sense to me as well.
  4. I read all the papers I can when I get time, watch all the TV news channels the same, but the best source of news, from friends and associates from around the world who tell me whats happening in their neighbourhood/work/etc. Since the internet came along, it got a lot cheaper to just ask someone in another country whats happening there, as such forums can be a good source of news.
  5. I googled with: picture resizer And went for out of the choices at random this one, which appears to work in an uncomplicated manner for the task. http://webresizer.com/resizer
  6. What a big subject! Just the other day I was trying to have a debate with what you might call a Russian version of BNP, but with people throwing the term racist around whenever they spoke, this proved difficult to get at the root of any issues.. For many years, or is it decades now.. our political party choices have been less than ideal, and the BNP address issues which the common person has concerns about which the majority of the other parties tend to avoid talking about. (Whenever they do, they seem to get into trouble for it and don't last long in their post..) The amount of immigration appears to be an issue, if the rate was slower, I imagine we wouldn't really notice. If the housing, benefits and asylum situation was less easily taken advantage of, that too would make the majority of people happier. And governments do see the advantage of cheap imported labour that only work for 50p an hour and don't complain about poor working conditions.. Is it possible to have a party that can address these issues and not be classified as racist ? I used to think it was, but recently, it seems you cannot actually talk about the issues in most places without being accused of racism, and thus any hope of addressing issues is masked behind a wall of silence. Politics reminds me of a South Park episode, explained here for example: http://www.strike-the-root.com/4/kaercher/kaercher1.html Why do we have the BNP ? because we didn't vote for someone better.. but if there isn't anyone better, then that could explain it.. But todays political climate, its really looking like its just not possible to present a party which could do better because we have boxed ourselves into a corner, at least publicly.
  7. DamnSaxon says just about everything I could say on the subject, its the same here in London. (Unless you happen to be a wealthy lawyer friend of mine who gets her rubbish no matter what it is, emptied 13 times a week and looks at you with that, 'what problem?' look only a laywer could muster..) I would make an effort to recycle myself, but for some reason the new recycling smaller bins make excellent boxes for people to store stuff in and they vanish from your garden quicker than anything. (I have tried telling the council, and they do eventually come and deliver some, usually ones of the type we already have, but bless them they do try. Even if some departments still require you to fax them and not yet managed to get into email..) The smell in the summer from the food waste bins is truely sick inducing, walking down the street on a hot rubbish collection day, or during the rest of the time they sit in peoples backgardens, so the smell out there isn't any better! There is hope though, a Yorkshire man has setup his own waste business and they take anything for something like a pound a bin empty. Interestingly, the local shops are doing a roaring trade in braziers, you can smell the sweet smell of burning plastics and all other manner of I'm sure poisonous and terribly illegal to burn substances now filling the air instead of landfill..
  8. Just what you want when walking home late at night, dim lights.. Our local council decided to replace our well lit street with new lamps (Quite why they didn't just change the bulbs I do not know, but instead we had to have the old ones ripped out and shiney new ones installed..) Now we have half the number, and its much easier to step in dog poo when your walking home because you can't see a thing because the new lights are way dimmer than the old ones so even one van blocks your pavement light. And of course, you still have the issue with power cuts and them being off when you want them on and on when you want them off.. It really puzzles me how something so simple ends up so complicated and worse!
  9. Maybe another solution would be a winch.
  10. Maybe Shetland would need concrete ones to stop them blowing away Having it not compulsary does sound a most excellent idea, we could certainly do with some down to earth thinking like that here! I believe they are contractors, and yes I'd tend to agree that from what I have heard/seen, that when farmed out to the private sector, things go down hill. I would have thought it woudln't be beyond the means for any plastic wheelie bin to be designed with a concrete insert in mind to help keep it upright, or perhaps have its sides and tops redesigned to let the wind flow and not catch anything.. Interestingly, one of the arguments for wheelie bins is that it reduces the chance that rats/etc. can get at the rubbish, only the plastic they use isn't very rat proof as they can eat their way through it.. (Bit more joined up thinking needed their..)
  11. I worry the same, and is one reason I found myself interested in trying to do something about it all, best of course if I could manage to be part of a group with the same aims. So I might direct you to have a look at a European effort looking towards sustainable living, and not based on the capitalist system: http://en.technocracynet.eu
  12. Harking to a Simpsons Episode, when I lived up north we had old fashioned metal bins, nice and heavy so didn't go anywhere when it was windy. The mattresses which showed up in my garden, after cutting off the material and then cutting all the metal deelie parts into small enough pieces to stick into my wheelie bin, slowly disappeared that way. I could have hidden them in the garden if I fancied digging up the concrete, or I'd have taken them to the tip if I had a car.. The Sun rather specialises in Wheelie bin stories, though I'm sure if googled I could find the same story in The Times or any other news source if I looked hard enough.. I quite liked the idea of the wheelie bin being introduced here, but the implimentation of the whole thing didn't go as well as it should have done. Eg. your limited to one per household, or 2 if you have 8+ people living there, so if you have 7 people and all your rubbish doesn't fit in it, well, thats just too bad.. So thats how we went from, the council collecting your rubbish to the council refusing to take your rubbish, and once it piles up enough in your garden, then taking you to court and finding you thousands.. And now every week it seems, they increase the list of things they refuse to take, today its no to any DIY rubbish, so if you've stripped your wallpaper, don't expect them to take it..
  13. Want to be scared of what could happen.. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1556406.ece http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1566061.ece http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1657046.ece http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1716438.ece http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1795766.ece http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1269881.ece http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1708743.ece I could go on, but you see how bad it could get.. After nearly a year and a pair of bolt cutters, I've finally got ridden of the last mattress dumped in my garden..
  14. Nothing really to stop them. Though some councils are turning the CCTV camera system to the job of catching such people, and with rubbish inspectors out early in the morning to check peoples bin contents, I'm sure it wouldn't be long before someone got caught and fined.. There is also a weight limit too, though not a real weight limit, as its down to the binmen to decide if your bin is too heavy or not, and if so, they refuse to empty it! Not all retailers will actually collect an old item, and if your new item is in fact a second hand item, then your stuck with it. And with our local tip not accepting rubbish taken in by hand, you need a car, and even then, if its on the banned list, you can forget about dumping it..
  15. We had those introduced here, and along with it a whole load of rules about what you can and cannot put in them, where you can put, when, how far open the lid is, and if you break those rules, big big fines.. And of course, your lmited in the amount, so if you happen to have a something large to get rid of, you better get a hacksaw to cut it up.. Our local council here in London Ealing did eventually see sense in one tiny area and allow for free freezer/fridge collection instead of charging £15 an item. But they refuse to listen anymore about the other issues.
  16. Whilst I don't live there yet, I'm interested in doing so, and I'd be most interested to hear what your plans are to provide substantial revenue streams for Shetland would entail, if your able to speak publically about that, that is. I must hurry up and move there before I have to pass immigration checks
  17. As 600,000 years is rather a short time period in the Earths history, I wonder what the CO2 figures varied between over a longer period, perhaps a few hundred millions years might give a better resolution...
  18. Perhaps what you need is prisons that make money, then they wouldn't cost the taxpayer anything..
  19. Is there a setting in the bios to wait and let the drive spin up for a few seconds first ? You could also try swapping the HD cables over in case that makes any difference. (Eg. change cable connected to drive A to drive B, but leave it connected the other end to the motherboard.) If there is anything else which might slow the startup too, like a memory test, suggest turning that on too and see if it makes any difference. Making a note of BIOS settings, clearing the bios and starting again might also magically work.
  20. I once read that 1/3 of all accidents happen on stairs, so my new home is to have just ramps..
  21. A solution I can imagine would be to choose an uninhabited island and build some housing there, so you do end up with an adults only place.
  22. Actually had to use a hammer the other day to fix a PC A new heatsink was so big it wouldn't fit in the case, so a bit of panel beating later with a hammer and piece of wood in the back garden, and the side of the case grew an extra inch outwards bulge.
  23. At least you have them where you are, down south they have been closing them down for years, and now selling them off! http://www.money.co.uk/article/1001790-london-public-toilet-sells-for-403-000-pounds.htm > Walham Green Toilets on North End Road, Fulham went for > an astounding £403,000 at auction on Monday after a competitive > bidding war pushed its asking price through the roof.
  24. > The golden forum rule, can't please all the people all the time. Sounds almost like running a government..
  25. What brand is the Nvidia 8400 GS card ? Did you let windows install drivers for you to use it, or did you install the drivers that came with it on CD, or did you download drivers from someplace and install those ? (I usually find that windows drivers tend to be the most stable.) Which type of video files playing cause it to hang and what software was you using to play them ? Is your windows OS fully up to date with updates ? Changing from one card to another can cause issues, as can not necessarly fully uninstalling video drivers and putting in new ones, as such, a fresh install of the OS might work in fixing the issue.. Also, is the video card fully home in its slot ? (This might be particularly hard to tell with modern cards which have very fine tolerances and if your case is actually slightly wonky might actually make it worse, so you might try your card without it being screwed in place, but just held by hand.) Do either of the video cards you tried have extra power supply requirements which require power to be plugged into the card as well ? It could also be the PSU, and maybe even DirectX, this might help a little there: http://www.nomorehistory.com/directx_diagnosis.html It could also be that motherboard doesn't like those particular graphics cards.. (Which might also mean its a bios issue, but lets try and avoid playing around with that for now as you can more easily break things if trying to update that (Don't for example update it over the web!)) Do you have access to borrow any other graphics card which you could try thats a different make/model (Something older might be good.) ? Also, running things overclocked at all ? Yes a BIOS reset might work too!
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