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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot got a reaction from XAM7102 in Electric Vehicles   
    > Pay just 4.5p per kWh during off-peak (12 am to 5 am GMT every day)

    I notice on the EDF site prices are even lower now !

    > the life span of batteries are approx 8yrs

    I wonder if these will last longer ?

    > New Battery technology that lasts decades,
    > Lithium Titanate Oxid - LTO
    A battery with a lifespan of a human being? Yes, with up to 30 000 cycles, it may serve you 82 years (one cycle per day).

    I want to use these in my next EV, since they can be charged @ -30c, so no worries when its cold outside.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Rasmie in Electric Vehicles   
    heres a quote of 5p a mile from EDF
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Ghostrider in DIMPLEX Storage Heaters & THTC tariff   
    The Dimplex storage heaters I'm familiar with have all had two controls. an input and output. The more you turn the input down the less heat will be stored in the heater and the less power it uses. The trick is figuring out how low you can set the input control and be almost run out,  but not quite of stored heat before the timer kicks in next to recharge it back up. Not an easy task given that you've got to second guess how much heat you're gonna need 12-24 hours in to the future.
    Its a fine enough idea in a very modern house with tip top insulation and draught proofing as indoor temps don't get influenced all that much all that quickly, different story even with some houses no more than 20 years old where a change in wind strength or direction can turn the place from a sweat box to an ice box in a couple of hours. Without spare stored heat to call upon to compensate at such times you either sit and freeze a while or have to pull in temporary conventional heating, which cancels out the small savings for storage heating usage worryingly quickly.
    A new or near new high spec house, or in town or a few really sheltered locations its probably fine and well, but anywhere else in Shetland its very difficult not to end up paying for heat you don't use and still and on ending up with a few hours here and there that you need to keep your jacket on, and thats with watching the weather forecast and attempting to fine tune the input/output settings daily to best cope with the predicted weather.
    A leaflet came through the door the other week bragging that 'there was now an alternative supplier to SSE for THTC customers. I've not got round to reading it yet, but if its not been chucked already, I'll see if I can dig it out and see if its promising anything worthwhile/realistic.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to NullVoid in Shetland Space Centre   
    A space station would bring in both workers and tourists alike and anyone coming on the airplane will not be bringing a car, so better bus services and more amenities to be considered for the extra traffic this would bring perhaps?
    We had a talk about where CoOp, Aldi or Lidl might be best setting up shop, maybe this is relevant.
    ideally more houses and amenities for those going to the space station should be encouraged, problem is if you buy land and try to build something somebody is going to run straight to you with a giant list of what you cant do or just plain deny you.
    Unless you are a massive company that also feeds of the taxpayer!
    More thought to go into reluctance to allow new housing stock to be built and lack of effort to chase after nuisance derelict property owners with the double council tax bills they are authorised to charge and loosen their grip.
    If somebody doesn’t get to fix or build a house they don’t get to hire builders etc and if there are to be new developments suitable housing must be allowed to come into being or else those you want to work there will just crunch the numbers and conclude the juice is not worth the squeeze.
    Bus services up north leave something to be desired so tourism will be crippled by this and from what I gather the loss of the airport has driven a few away in search of work.
    they say the council cant even afford a school bus since the area is not as profitable, now a central bus station possibly at Tingwall would cut off the Lerwick leg of the journey for some buses going north so that could make them more commercially viable.
    housing reforms that could lead to more revenue being collected, one possible way would be nationalisation of rentals with long term tenants who have no trouble paying by exchanging them for bonds based on either current appraisal or purchase price of the property allows the profits to be collected by the councils and the cost of the house could be recouped via right to buy and fill the coffers whilst the landlord(who except in cases with crap tenants is an overpriced middleman who exists solely because mortgages are too hard to get for under 40s) can move onto another property or cash in the bond a few years later to take a bit of weight of the public shoulders.
    System of social needs points are almost designed to saddle areas with tenants least able to pay by putting the most capable at the back of the line.
    So you have the space station, what will we find or hope to see built along the road to it?
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Ghostrider in Shetland Space Centre   
    Cape Canaveral its no, but I suppose they had to start out with a grassy field at one time too.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to NullVoid in Superfast Broadband Voucher Scheme   
    How it interfaces with the phone and compatibility is the complicated part,
    WHAT it is is not really complicated.
    and for some reason there seem to be a large cohort who think "Mobile phone signal booster" it is an internet speed increaser.
    That is annoying since they drown out anything from those who used these for intended purpose and gave genuine reviews.
    such as in bad signal areas
    Are you saying conceptualizing a radio signal or other wireless signal or at least its impact on electronics designed to give and receive these signals is beyond what Joe Average is able to acknowledge and comprehend?
    It is my understanding these products can only provide internet equal to or lower than(hardware bottleneck) what it picked up from the 4g network.

    pocket sized versions available too
    A phone signal Booster takes signal from one place and brings it over to the place where you need it,
    it is as if you have your own personal cell tower which is really just a mirror image of a cell tower further away!
    I don't think a Signal booster is a conceptually challenging issue.
    Radio signal boosters and TV signal boosters have been around for decades and there doesn't seem to have been many people who struggle to figure out what those are supposed to do.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to NullVoid in Superfast Broadband Voucher Scheme   
    Because cell-towers use fiber and copper and there are loads of places in Shetland with crap phone signal,
    if you get no service or "emergency calls only" at home you are going to want a cable.
    How far away do you need to walk to find somebody with a better connection?
    You might want to look into where the circuits actually are.

    You can also get mobile phone signal boosters which take a signal from a good spot and rebroadcast it to the spot where you want to use it.
    get a good signal in that one spot in the garden?
    hook it up to a 12v put in a waterproof box and your house can now get a signal!
    Unfortunately morons think these devices are used to make broadband faster and the all have bad reviews from idiots,
    Gsm signal booster/repeater or Mobile phone signal booster this might be a cheaper option than satellite but you should find out a bit more technical info first so you can calibrate these to the correct frequencies.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to mikeyboy in Meat Cattle Deforestation.   
    Looking at just at the export of cattle is only seeing part of the problem. The major cause of deforestation is the growing of Soya which is used as animal feed.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to hakama in Meat Cattle Deforestation.   
    Ghostrider is correct. We must get the birth rate down. I do not know much about it but some flour is made from ground up insects, Our crofters perhaps should look into it as it may be profitable and i do think that in the future it is a way to feed the population. Very large poly tunnels perhaps.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to XAM7102 in Covid 19 / Coronavirus   
    All people are being asked to do is stay home sit on their sofa's and relax.
    In WW1 & 2 people were willing to die for their country even lying about their age so they could serve their country.
    Very sad and disappointing people are not following the guidelines.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Digby in Covid 19 / Coronavirus   
    Saw a few camper vans, foreign plated cars with luggage racks about Shetland yesterday. The Highlands and Islands seem to getting people moving out of the cities to get away from the Virus.(Orkney still has no cases this morning). Surly must be as daft as taking the Cruise liner into the town. Virus ICU for Shetland going to be done in Aberdeen.(In Italy no ICU if you are over 60) This is the way it spread through Italy and Spain. It spread like wildfire. Lockdown must be coming. Shetland has very limited medical facilities, it can not cope with extra numbers.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to humptygrumpty in Fuel Prices   
    I know Urabug , its going to have to come to somthing soon , most of us are paying almost a mortgage in fuel costs per month now , just to get to work. Its bloody ridiculous.

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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to tarsus in CB RADIO.   
    Hello, Thank you for the info. I did not know about the new frequencies so I will check them out, I did intend to put a homemade antenna up to see if there was anything but on asking people locally I would not hold out much hope. Everybody uses mobile phones etc. but as you say it may be a good idea to have a backup. The mobile phone/internet has also influenced amateur radio.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to NullVoid in CB RADIO.   
    you can share internet over Ham radio, some techniques are faster than dial up.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Colin in CB RADIO.   
    It's a good question though.  In the "uncertain" times ahead, any form of local communication is better than no communication at all.  After all, can we REALLY rely on something as technically complicated as the internet ?
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to tarsus in CB RADIO.   
    Is there anyone out there who uses cb radio.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Colin in Boris Johnson   
    What else can you expect from an education system that has been "dumbed down" to let even more "dumb" people in ?
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Watter in Boris Johnson   
    The people filmed on that march were very representative of the people currently running the Labour party far left  university educated middle class brats . Our universities these days seem to be marxist brain washing centers who churn out tens of thousands of these indoctrinated ''progressive '' zombies every year . The worrying thing is eventually these are the kind of people who will be in charge of education  politics the media the law every thing .   
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Watter in Boris Johnson   
    I agree with you about the Labour party . Being a trade union member I watched some off the trade union congress this year where delegate after delegate most of them  middle class  blue haired female social worker types though its hard to tell these days who ranted on and on with stabbing fingers  about LGTB issues , the gender pay gap  , more diversity in the workplace , how great the EU was , rape culture in the workplace ,reparations for slavery  etc etc . I watched in vain to hear anything about real working class concerns so ended up switching channels and deciding not to renew my union membership and certainty not vote Labour . 
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Colin in Boris Johnson   
    I suppose that the biggest problem with voting is that, no matter who you vote for, the government is likely to get elected.  !!!
    Seriously, is there "any" political party that truly represents the wishes of the electorate ?
    It's time that we had politicians who were not afraid of being "politically incorrect", were not afraid of upsetting "vocal minorities", spent less time "virtue signalling", and started stating bald facts.
    I don't support or like violent protest but, we ALL have a right to make our views known AND not just at the ballot box.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Wheelsup in Boris Johnson   
    The Labour Party no longer seem to speak for the common man. It seems to be a middle class socially orientated self- thought “intelligentsia” party now. I voted remain and against Boris Johnson, but have to accept that the majority don’t agree! Maybe I have been wrong? I don’t think there will be an unmitigated disaster under a Tory Government. It’s as if the losers this time are saying that “people don’t know what they are voting for!” Does this mean they want them dis-franchised! Given time balance will be reset. Extremely dangerous ground, to try and undermine the people’s decision. Better to work together for the good of society. For the many, as someone kept saying.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Davie P in Boris Johnson   
    This is a very pertinent point. The 'leftists' (and to a large degree centralists too) have been on the wrong side of many key votes recently so will naturally be in a position of opposition. And voicing an opposing viewpoint to government is a central tenet of a healthy democracy.
    However, violent protest and failure to accept decisions arrived at through established mechanisms is fundamentally undemocratic and unlikely to achieve anything constructive.
    My politics are pretty much down the middle and it's vexing to watch everyone on the left and right telling each other to shut-up. We're all in this together, and the more people who engage in fact based positive political discussion the better.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Windwalker in Boris Johnson   
    Whilst some of the decisions in votes recently has not gone the way I personally voted, I really think it’s time some people got over themselves and start accepting democracy. Christ, they never stop greetin. We’ve had elections and votes and we should, regardless of the outcome, be gracious enough to accept it. This idea that you just keep on arguing is what no doubt lost you the vote, but for some reason you can’t see it.
    theres nothing worse than keyboard warriors who can’t accept the decision reached through democratic purposes. Get over yourselves.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Ghostrider in Boris Johnson   
    I'm simply pointing out that prior to the protests in the streets and online against the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum, a similar outpouring against the outcome of the EU Referendum, likewise across the briney against Trump's election, accomplaied by chants of 'Not my Prez', and now similar street eruptions against the outcome of this election with the mantra changed to 'Not my PM', this kind of pointless behaviour was unheard of. Previously the losing side, whoever they were, were probably disappointed they had lost, and may well have been highly pissed off that they were going to have to put up with the outcome of policies they believed were a total pile of doo-doo, but put up and shut up, accepting that democracy had been served and that the will of the majority of people was being enacted. That respect for the institution and sanctity of democracy is what seems to have vanished these last five years.
    It is of course quite quite possible that just because the leftist supporters have been on the losing side in all of the above, that by default leftist are the obvious perpetrators, we'll just have to wait and see if right wingers follow their example nest time the right are on the losing side, but right now I see no evidence to suggest they will. I certainly won't, and guess what, Boris in 'Not my PM' either, I didn't vote for his party, and I don't particularly like his policies, so I have the same right/need to chant and protest on the web and in the street as any Labour, Green, Nat or whatever supporter, but I'm not.
    Such protests are pointless, meaningless and display as certain level of stupidity - The decision of the ballot box will stand regardless, until or unless the ballot box is used again to make another decision. They're just selfish exercises in venting personal frustration of individuals with inadequate self-control who feel 'offended' by not getting exactly their own way.
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    Nigel Bridgman-Elliot reacted to Watter in Boris Johnson   
    The remarkable thing about  the last election was that the working class in England put aside partisan values and voted for the good off their country first and foremost .which is a quite humbling thing i just hope Boris does not let them down .
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