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  1. I do some online ones which earn me points toward vouchers for places like Amazon. I know about the ones in Edinburgh. They were good when I was a student. I even got asked to sample cider to see which one was best - mind you I wouldn't do that now, cider gives me a sore head, even in moderation!
  2. I got nervous about cliffs after a family outing to Fethaland wearing my best Clarks sandals with their slippy plastic soles just before I got glasses to correct my very poor vision. They kept on telling me to look at the seals - I could feel my feet sliding and couldn't see anything - except splodgy shapes (rocks) in a blue blur...
  3. I still favour the view of a pastafarian... I've been touched by the noodly appendage of the flying spaghetti monster!
  4. Sorry - I was sitting here thinking how funny it was, and forgot to post the link... http://www.venganza.org/
  5. Why not try an alternative to creationism and evolution? Have a look at this website and why it was created - you'll enjoy it! (I hope) I thought it was the best laugh I'd had in ages.
  6. I kept on getting the lists other people had generated using my name (da beggers...) I need to 1. Learn what the moon is 2. Some vino 3. To wake up 4. To make sure my mam understands my message 5. To wolf down a 3000 calorie dessert and bring the silver spoon 6. A peanut butter sandwich, some crayons and some paper to be happy 7. YOU! Help name my baby... 8. To get the maid in line before she stops cleaning all together 9. To decide if I am going to be a TV personality 10. A legitimate business front to cover up my dealing income! All these people with my name are weird... Does that mean I'm weird too?!
  7. Where do you get fresh yeast from ? Can you get that in Shetland? I've only managed to get dried - but I never knew where to start looking for fresh yeast.
  8. Anybody else heard anything about fights last night up round the hostel area? I spoke to someone on the street (late teens/early twenties) who tends to know who's involved/what has been going on and he said that there had been several fights over the course of the night. Not so good if that's the case...
  9. All this makes the greenfly which were marching over my salad in a local hotel a few years ago seem quite palatable! There were enough of them to make me wonder if they were going to do the same as the Tom and Jerry ants and march the lettuce off the plate...
  10. I would be too worried about it going wrong in some way. I"m dreadfully short sighted - to the extent that now I'm older and my sight is getting worse due to age (more long sighted) the nett effect is that my sight is improving. I also found it very confusing seeing my face in the mirror clearly with no glasses when I got contacts - I looked nothing like I thought I looked... Very confusing! THere was also the dead giveaway of an ex glasses wearer - the intermittent slide of the finger up the bridge of the nose to push the nonexistent glasses back up the nose!!
  11. Canna hae de starvin! 16oz white flour 1/2 level teaspoon salt 2 rounded teaspoon baking powder 1 tub natural yoghurt 1 egg 1 pt milk Mind - this is a family sized serving of bannocks, you might want to size it down a bit. Sift the dry stuff into a bowl. Whisk the egg and yoghurt together with enough milk to make up about a pint. Make a well in the middle of the dry stuff and pour in the wet stuff. Mix it together till you have a claggy lump. Sprinkle some flour on the table and give it a bit of a knead (good for getting rid of stress). Cut it up into bannock sized bits (my auntie Mary whose recipe this is used to use a flowerpot). Stick it under the grill until risen, turn and leave till browned on the other side. Enjoy!
  12. nautim


    Aha! So there is a use for Crabbies after all.Hang on, are you serious? Many moons ago when I started drinking I used to drink gin and green ginger, a combination suggested by an elder brother. I think that the idea was to prevent me from getting too drunk by way of being unable to ask coherently for what I wanted. Hardly ever drink now - hate the potential hangover.
  13. I have a purple pair But I bought them a bit too big so they look like clown feet! Mines just have purple flowers on them...
  14. You may get a frosty reception when you walk into the Voe Tavern. It's been a private house for years now Well their food was good - perhaps that's why! I meant the pub in Lower Voe - I've forgotten it's name. Perhaps I'm showing my age! Sorry for the error
  15. If you have transport take a run to the Northern Isles. The trip on the ferries would be amusement to bairns who weren't used to them plus there are lots of things to do and see up there. If its a fine day the beaches are brilliant (I'm suffering from Fetlar sunburn today). The wholemeal bread from the Baltasound bakery is also worth purchasing for your snacks and the bus shelter has a space theme this year. While a lot of people run through Yell in an attempt to get somewhere else there is a really nice little playground on the East side with a picnic table and peerie housie for the bairns. On the mainland the Eshaness cafe is serving really good meals- if you're energetic then a walk to Fethaland might interest, but with a 2yr old I could see that being less inspiring. The burn at Lunklett - between Aith and Voe - is a nice walk and lots of water to splash in for the bairns (and adults). I've also found the cafe at the Weisdale Mill and the Voe Tavern child friendly - and believe you me with my darling they need to be! Enjoy!
  16. If you like science in any shape or form this is a good starting point. http://www.eskimo.com/~billb/amateur/coolsci.html ENough to keep you browsing for weeks. The Exploratorium one is also very good http://www.exploratorium.org/learning_studio/sciencesites.html Have a look at the one where the woman takes photos on a motorbike run through the dead zone near chernobyll. Scary stuff. Have fun N
  17. The closest thing to Cremola Foam I've tasted lately is the Love Hearts equivalent of a sherbet dip. You get a lemon, raspberry and orange powder in sachets with a sugary dipper thing. Mind you the content of each sachet is only about a tablespoon and I didn't put it in water, I just ate it. Remember that foaming feeling when you ate the Cremola foam neat?
  18. I met someone who had heard it - apparently he said that he knew who they were and if they did that again he would mention their name on air. In his rather breathless state he then continued with the winner of the womens golf. As the comperes at the folk festival commented - 'We never knew there was so much news about the news...
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