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  1. I think the bottom line is whether someone can be bothered to put some thought and imagination into what they are going to teach. If they do it doesn't matter whether the person doing the teaching is qualified as a teacher or is in a classroom. Good school teachers listen to their pupils, adapt to their needs and admit it when they're wrong. They also need to listen to parents, and if their views on something regarding the pupil are different to the parents e.g. additional help in class they need to put forward a fair argument If parents feel that they aren't getting the support within school that their child needs then they have every right to take their child out of school and teach them at home. If a child is unhappy in school for some reason it will affect their ability to learn. As the other posters have said, you don't have to sit at a desk to learn. Like EM I did a lot of my learning outside school, I'm still looking for the opportunity to use some of this learning, but I had a lot of fun getting it.
  2. When I came around the top of the Scord at the back of 4 I noticed that there was a lot of white water around the isles - like there was a huge sea breaking. I was tempted to go to Burra to watch the sea, but thought I'd better go home and sort the tea instead... As far as size goes - I'm no use at estimating wave heights out among the isles, but I drive around that corner most days and the surf caught my eye as being significantly rough compared to normal. I wish I had taken the photo I thought about taking now...
  3. Hmmm - think that must have been before children and breastfeeding... Has du tried doin a handstand? I'm not sure whether the likely fate would be black eyes or smoring myself, but given my ability to have accidents I think I'll stick to right way up!
  4. Hmmm - think that must have been before children and breastfeeding...
  5. I have AA membership for the times we're south with a car, but on the odd occasion I've broken down here they have arranged for Jim's Garage to come out with their pickup truck and collect my vehicle, deliver it where I want and have put me to work. It's handy not to have to rely on begging favours from busy family members who would come to your aid, but who are usually very busy!
  6. We enjoyed it. We were able to sample various different products, buy the veg, eggs, some lamb, some sweets and some baking, have some coffee and watch demonstrations. That's not bad entertainment for £8 for the whole family. The smoked trout was available in two varieties and a pate. The smoked mussels were ok, but I prefered them unsmoked. The smoked salmon was available in lots of varieties - smoked, organic, gravelax and several with different flavours. I really liked the limoncello one with the honey and mustard dressing. They also had horseradish and blueberry dressings to have with it. The Scoop stall had lots of fresh veg, eggs and Shetland lamb (had the leg steaks and noisettes for our tea yesterday - very tender). There were the usual sweetie producers and the Saxavord stall was offering bits to eat to advertise themselves. We had brilliant fish and, chips there during the summer - home made tartare sauce, hand cut chunky chips and beautifully crisp batter on the fish. We also came home with marmalade and cake from Liz Stark's stall. She also had a stall at the Farmer's market in Tingwall. We had gone there first and came home with a few things, but it had an awful lot of craft stalls and we weren't looking for that sort of thing. The only stall that wasn't able to offer anything to eat was the Eshaness pigs who, for some reason, weren't able to offer any fresh meat this weekend. They told me that they had been at the Tingwall Market the previous time it was on and that they would be there next time - complete with meat. They were advertising packs of meat - 1/2 pigs and 10kg packs which contained various cuts of meat. The coffee was very enjoyable and being able to sit and watch a demonstration before coming home rounded off a fine run out. We were going to go shopping for veg and eggs anyway, I hadn't decided what to have for our Sunday meal, so the lamb solved the problem and what a treat to have smoked salmon with my scrambled eggs in the morning! I agree that it looked a bit sparse with the stalls in the main hall, and that there were other suppliers who could have been there, but those who did go to it were happy to talk to you about their produce whether you bought anything or not. What was the problem?[/i]
  7. They sent out a couple of letters over the summer. I lost the return slip so just phoned the Edinburgh number. I presume they're just looking for an idea of numbers for catering.
  8. My current favourite cover are Miss Dynamite - Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain and Ghost Town - Prodigy
  9. We've had a look out - it's clouded over now but we saw one good one and quite a few momentary meteors (you know the ones just on the right side of 'did I really see something?')
  10. Yes - being 'the one with the smallest hands in the household' wasn't much fun when things that shouldn't did go in it. With a father who was a very curious engineer it got severely tested...
  11. It is also possible to have a disability and be a parent, or to be the parent of a child with a disability. The biggest problem is someone who taking a space which is near the entrance and which has extra space on either side of the car when they don't need either adaptation. It's all down to being considerate of other people's needs.
  12. Thanks Shetlandpeat, I'm still rather taken by the reviews of the Panasonic camera, biggest problem is that the Camera shop have sold out. I'm now debating whether or not to order one from south - I want to have it in time for going on holiday, but there isn't a guarantee that it will be here in time. Some of the places south are cheaper, but I don't know how efficient/trustworthy some of them actually are. Regards N
  13. I'm thinking about buying a new digital camera. I like taking photos, but don't know much about the more technical side of it all. I have an oldish Kodak which pretends to be like one of the big chunky SLR cameras, but I'd like something smaller which is more convenient to carry around. I like the x10 optical zoom on the existing camera and would like to get something which is comparable. I'm happy to pay between £200 - £300, but would prefer it to be the lower end. The Camera Centre on the street had just sold their last Panasonic TZ6 which seems to be the sort of thing I had in mind, but obviously I couldn't see it. What I would like to ask is - does anyone have any particular advice/views on suitable cameras to dig out information on or cameras to avoid? Thanks N
  14. The coastguard have a voluntary safety identification scheme where you can log details of your boat. Might be worth checking out. http://www.mcga.gov.uk/c4mca/mcga07-home/emergencyresponse/mcga-searchandrescue/mcga-hmcgsar-sarsystem/mcga-hmcg-cg66.htm
  15. Contact Nadia Dedman, Inclusion Officer. She's based at Islesburgh, or if you can't get her then her boss is Avril Nicol, based at Hayfield (I think). If you're looking for work on the playscheme then there are usually adverts in the Shetland Times nearer summer time.
  16. Don't know about latin - damn is the first word that springs to mind...
  17. Royskopp - Junior - Happy up Here. The rest of the album is good too.
  18. Yes - it was the E4 episode, which is next week's C4 one. He's playing Paddy's father.
  19. Shameless is at 10pm on Channel 4 tonight, with the next episode following at 11pm on E4 The Channel 4 edition is repeated tomorrow night - think it's at 11pm, but would need to check. I'll be watching out to see if I can spot Steven.
  20. Trailers are funny to start with, but once you get the idea of starting the wheels in the right direction first it all starts to make sense. I haven't had to reverse trailers for a long time, but would give it a shot if I had to. My father taught me on a hill, reversing into a driveway, on the grounds that if I could manage that, I could manage anything. Mind you, he also taught me emergency stops on a pier...
  21. It was the email address at the end which made me laugh...
  22. I'm not going, but I did see him on the 1984? tour at Newcastle. Brilliant atmosphere. I was amazed how long he was on stage for. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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