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  1. Do you mean it should be 'witholden' till then? Sorry! Congratulations Khit, hope there aren't too many sleepless nights.
  2. Spoke to the man who had drawn the short straw (no van) Road will be closed all night. Didn't ask anything else. Needed to know how much earlier I had to get up for the plane tomorrow...
  3. Hi, If you contact Nadia Dedman, Inclusion Officer, she should be able to help because it's her job to co-ordinate it all. Last I heard she was based in Islesburgh Community Centre, but if you can't track her down there you should be able to find someone who knows where she is through the Education Department. They are running a short scheme during the Easter holidays this year, with the longer session taking part during the summer. From what I remember they advertise for the posts in the Shetland Times much nearer the summer holidays. Disability Shetland are always looking for volunteers to help with their clubs. Childcare Partnership would be able to give you information about other childcare stuff.
  4. I'm more than a little amused by the "Please help us keep the snowflakes clean by clicking here to report an offensive flake' if you click on report you get 'We're sorry you had to see that. Thank you for letting us know there is a bad flake. Use the comment field below to provide more information' I'm still laughing to myself about the idea of someone going to the hassle of making a offensive snowflake. Perhaps bad flakes exist in real life...
  5. definitely some tactical (not) voting going on by him. Competition brings out the worst in some people...
  6. I don't have a definite date, but we are looking at the weekend after next as a possibility. I'll try to remember to post the date when I hear. I'm pleased to hear that you enjoyed the fireworks at Sandwick. I'll pass on your comments to the rest of the crew
  7. The bonfire and fireworks at the Ness Boating Club tonight are cancelled due to the forecast. They are rescheduled for Friday 14th, weather permitting, instead.
  8. I've also heard it used as a description of someone as in 'Shu's kinda birsy' Meaning someone who is a bit prickly to deal with, easily offended sort of thing
  9. Hocus pocus... what a track. When I was at university I had a friend who went round the record shops trying to find me a copy. We didn't know what it was called at the time. She tried singing it. Needless to say she was unsuccessful. Thankfully EM was able to supply the necessary information!
  10. Do you mean one of those mini scanner things? Have you found any particular model to be worth getting. I have to save lots of references from books and if it would be quicker than me typing I'd be interested in finding out more. I'm currently transcribing material from interviews. One method suggested was to use voice recognition software i.e. listen then repeat it for the computer to do the typing, but I think that would have taken at least as long as just typing.
  11. I filled up the car in Orkney last night at 137.9/litre for Diesel in Kirkwall. Is the price determined by latitude?
  12. It wasn't an organised display by the pyrotechnics crew. The relevant regulations are at http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si2004/20041836.htm Basically you're not allowed to set them off between 11pm and 7am unless it's a particular celebration defined in the regulations. I love fireworks, but I would have been annoyed to be woken by them. My concern is that, as fireworks on sale become bigger and more powerful, that someone will become hurt setting them off. I never buy any for home!
  13. Are some of the best meals not the things you end up making when faced with a motley collection of bits and pieces around the kitchen? What are people's favourite left over recipes? My greatest achievement with leftovers was the mulligaturkey soup which used up all the leftover veg, bits of the turkey and the cream left over from the pudding.
  14. We've had stuff from there twice. Weren't taken with it either time. The starter tended to be ok, but the rest of it we also found a bit tasteless. I keep hoping that they might improve, but they haven't done so in the couple of weeks we waited. I suppose what we'll do is wait for a few weeks, then try it again. If it's not good a third time then we won't be back.
  15. I had a kebab for tea on Sunday. I really like their kebabs - much better than many I've had south. They also have those green chillis, not everyone has them. Hmm, if tea isn't good I could be tempted to go fetch a kebab...
  16. I've just read her new book 'Sepulchre' which is the same sort of thing - past and present follow a trail till they meet in some sort of crisis/climax. This time the glue holding the parts together is a tarot pack. I won't say any more because that would spoil it for other people. I did enjoy it - I think it was better than the last one and I did find myself reading much too late at night because I wanted to find out what happened next.
  17. When we had Krappin it was baked in the oven. We used ollick livers and oatmeal. All the livers I've seen for years have had worms on them, it's a shame because Krappin was a real treat to eat.
  18. The house in Lerwick we moved to when I was 5 had a gooseberry bush in the back green, but we never ate the berries for some reason. When I figured out what they were I suggested to my mother that I should be allowed to try some, but she wouldn't let me. I don't know if that had anything to do with the copious quantities of caterpillars it attracted each year... I never wanted to eat the caterpillars - perhaps she thought I would confuse them?
  19. If freezing means 'not switching to the channel immediately and going a bit like a random jigsaw for a few moments before it finds where it's supposed to be' then yes our Sky box is freezing. Can't remember how old our aerial is - could be two years, could be older, but the box is only two years old. We haven't had any phone calls that I'm aware of, but we're out working during the day. Hope that helps!
  20. nautim

    BGD Discos

    How about the Beastie Boys 'Fight for the right to Party' Hated the tune but it seemed to get a lot of shouting along with the chorus. I'm more back in the days of Blue Monday and Relax myself...
  21. I just read 'Wasted' by Mark Johnson. Its an autobiography describing his rather dysfunctional childhood, his path from there into heroin addiction and finally how he has set his life back on a more positive track. What struck me about the book was how honest he was about everything that happened to him. I started reading it before I went to sleep - sleep got delayed until 3am when I finished it.
  22. Funnily enough as I read your question I was thinking about the fire brigade one! I've seen the 'apparatus' out at least once since, but it's brilliant every time. The balloon one was good too, I got a photo of him bursting out of the balloon with just the shreds under his foot. I'm looking forward to seeing what turns up this year
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