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  1. Do I understand that you mean that autism is something to be poked fun at? And so does a lack of understanding.
  2. Juan Du Braz - could you quote me a source for this ratio? I'd be interested to know how it was arrived at. I do know that Shetland has a high incidence for Autistic Spectrum Disorders. If you want to look at stats look at the HMIE document at http://www.hmie.gov.uk/documents/publication/epasd.html They have a nice chart showing that we have the highest percentage per pupil population in Scotland. Personally I don't take it as an insult to be autistic - some of my favourite people are on the spectrum. Now when you've supplied me with the information - stick ti da point ir hadd dy wheest about ASD's.
  3. I've noticed that Somerfield has started keeping some gf food as well now. Scoop also has a range of gf food. I think that the shops are getting more used to the idea of catering for different diets.
  4. Trampolining would be good for developing the twisting skills and body shapes. I believe there is a long waiting list to join the gymnastics club, but Clickimin and some of the other leisure centres offer short trampolining courses. I always wanted to learn to dive, but there weren't the facilities when I was young. Now the tidal wave when I hit the water would cause several small children to exit the pool involuntarily.
  5. I have a very vague recollection of my father pointing out a place in the banks at the back of Houss, Burra Isle looking out on Clift Sound. It's a long time ago, so I can't remember much about where we were, other than that. At one time I did get him and his brother to fill in the names they had for all the peerie places on the banks onto one of the green, detailed Ordnance Survey maps, but like many interesting bits of paper, I haven't seen that for years. It'll turn up one day (I hope!).
  6. This one is the Geminids. There's information about the history of it here http://www.eaas.co.uk/news/geminids.html The information on this page states that 2007 has been categorised a 'great year' for this shower - I think he was being optimistic http://www.space.com/spacewatch/071207-ns-geminids.html Mind you the one I did see was spectacular.
  7. Yes, there was supposed to be one. I forgot until about the same time as you were outside. I got up and went out to look, but only saw one definite one and a couple of 'maybe I'm being optimistic' streaks out of the corner of my eye. Last night was supposed to be the peak shower (I think) but I could be wrong.
  8. The two children go over to shore - leave one child on shore, other rows back. One adult rows over, child on shore rows back. Both children go over again, leaving one with the parent on the shore. Other child rows back to remaining parent. Remaining parent rows over to other parent and child on shore. Child rows back to pick up sibling. Is this followed by parents carrying exhausted children home? This does rely on the children cooperating with the instructions to fetch everyone and not falling out with parents when they reach the shore the first time!
  9. nautim


    Perhaps they mean the Christmas rush? I've never quite understood what that was supposed to be... (Also running and ducking )
  10. I phoned one of my councillors on Thursday evening to find out which way they had voted. I was told not only how they voted but also why they voted the way they did. I explained why I disagreed, but I could sense that my argument wasn't making much impact, and given that I feel quite strongly about the vote I won't be voting for this person again.
  11. I enjoyed the office first time round - until I saw Ricky Gervais on talk shows. I'm convinced that he is unable to be anyone other than himself - he also comes over as being self centred, pompous and over enthusiastic about his own abilities. I've watched other things he's done since, but still haven't seen any change in his acting or anything to make me laugh. I wondered why people put themselves through the hassle of appearing with him in Extras...
  12. Thank you. Shetland audiences tend to be relatively quiet - when we go to Orkney to do the show at the end of the Stromness Shopping Week you can hear the cheering across the voe!
  13. Hope you enjoyed the show! If you weren't there you missed a good one (in my opinion). Next show Monday night at the Sandwick Social Club, then next Saturday at the Ness Boating Club.
  14. Now that I've finished my tea I'm off to pull on my boilersuit so that we can start gathering together some of the equipment for tomorrow... The show is planned for tomorrow (weather permitting) as stated in the paper. If there are any problems I'll post here as soon as I can. Wind is the biggest problem - if it's raining there's always oilskins! Boy do I love fireworks!!
  15. I think that it isn't so much a vested interest, more an appreciation of the difficulties that being old or having a disability can cause. The local councillors of previous years have been noteable in their absence on several occasions when things to do with disability have been discussed, even when they were all sent an individual invitation to meetings. It's easy to be invisible when you're disabled.
  16. I've intervened to help someone who was streaming with blood in Aberdeen - the pub I went into to get towels/papper/whatever was most unhelpful. She left in an ambulance. It was only after it was sorted I realised that perhaps I shouldn't have got involved. That was a few years ago. I was in Aberdeen again a few weeks ago and saw an old man trip on the step into the churchyard in Union Street. My first instinct was to stop and help, but I have to admit that my next thought was 'What if he's full of drink'. I decided that, with him lying on the ground, his worst attack was a mouthful of abuse, so I asked if he was ok. Turned out he was in his 70's, was ok (but a bit shocked), and had just lost his footing. I lifted him to his feet and made sure he was alright before leaving. Noone else did. If this had been my mother I would have hoped someone would have done the same as I did.
  17. The dowsing works for electricity as well as for water, so if you aren't sure where the services going into your house are you can easily find them! I can dowse, but my brothers can't. Regards N
  18. Did anyone else have a copy of 'Little Black Sambo' when they were small? Not quite PC nowadays...
  19. I'd like to be able to give blood, but when I asked while I was at university I was told I couldn't because of the medication I was on. Now not only do I still have the same medication but I also had a blood transfusion after having one of the bairns and I believe that precludes me from donating now. Pity.
  20. I think that part of the problem is that they don't use all the donated blood as 'whole blood' - separating it up into the constituent parts for different jobs. Some of these have a fairly limited shelf life. Apart from that there may also be a problem with getting all the testing they do done. I'm not a medic- this is just from what I remember from a tour of the facilities in Edinburgh 20 yrs ago given by someone from Sandwick who worked for the centre there.
  21. A proper Snorie-bene used a bone instead of wood.. I had a sheep bone which was a snorie-bene, it had to be a particular bone (dad knew which one) and it made some noise when launched from the sling he made, only problem was finding it. The sling was good fun too - made from a piece of leather cut from shoes washed up on the beach and pieces of netting twine. You don't get leather shoes on the beach now... After a bit of practice the distance and accuracy fairly improved with the sling.
  22. When we were in temporary council accomodation a host of people appeared and strimmed the grass, then left again. That was fine. This obviously spurred on the next door neighbours whose grass was quite long by this time. What worried me about the lack of eye (and face) protection was the fact that they had several large dogs who availed themselves of the same area which was being strimmed every day.... When **it hits the strimmer is it the same effect as **it hitting the fan?
  23. I couldn't eat digestives with cheese - cheese goes with crackers to my way of thinking. Digestives and rich teas are sweet biscuits. Mind you they do have to be Mc Vities....
  24. I think that the most important thing is that whoever is caring for a child loves it and has the child's best interests at heart. Surely it would be better to have two people of the same sex who care for a child rather than a man and a woman together either or both of whom were less than caring for the child?
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