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  1. They may not be able to legally handout fines for under 16s, but if you can fine a parent for a child not going to school, fine the parent for the child dropping litter or the school,as they’re responsible for the students during this time period. Seems like no one wants to take moral responsibility, child, parent or the school alike. As for the council lunch hour funny how if you ring up any department in the council between 12 - 2pm whoever you want to talk to is always on their lunch hour. Funny their lunch HOUR is always 2 hours long.
  2. The mess has now been transferred to Lochside and up to Tesco’s. If pupils wore a uniform whether you identify a particular student or not, students would be representing the school when out and about, and the whole school should be spoken to. Although whether they wear a uniform or not should not really matter, if you are sure they are from AHS, a good caring head teacher would ensure their students do not litter in public or indeed anytime and remind students the consequences of littering inside or outside school.However the attitude of the AHS seems to be, even though it’s during school hours, if it’s off school property they cannot do anything about it, even though they are acting locum parentis. If certain students are caught, maybe time s to ban these students out at break times.
  3. They will probably leave them end of the dirt track
  4. BigMouth implies a deaf and blind person HAD a sword, NOT the police thought he had a sword.
  5. I think in the above scenario you could only use a taser in that case. There is no way of talking down such a person, you certainly would not need 5 trained police officers for such a case on Shetland and would be so rare. I guess you could wait for him to stop thrashing around and then hit his sword hand with a long stick, or something along those lines, he’s blind , he’s not going to see it coming or hear you.
  6. Council would do better if they invested in a method to be able to recycle all recyclable plastics together instead of playing at it to tick few boxes wasting people time doing their job. Taking packing tape etc off cardboard boxes, Xmas wrapping paper etc do you have take all sellotape off? come on, down south it just went all into a wheelie bin for cardboard and paper, whose got time to do this ? Does the council now have to employ somebody in their stores department to remove all the packing tape and plastic document labels and envelopes, or are they exempt because it’s commercial waste, do as I say not as I do, springs to mind. If I’m wrong I stand corrected. None of the supermarket packaging can go for recycling unlike on the mainland because it’s the wrong recyclable plastic for SIC, which is majority of people’s plastic waste. Just a few milk and juice cartons is hardly worth it so they can tick a box. Like I say if your going to do something do it properly.
  7. Having just read the new leaflet, why can’t SIC do anything properly from the onset ? Over half of the plastic that could be recycled SIC don’t except, so I will have to have my own mini recycling centre to split different plastics. Why can’t SIC recycle all the recyclable plastic like other areas? All my glass waste I have to dispose of myself. Why can’t the Council pick up the glass from households? I also now have to wash all my waste. I take it there will be a reduction in Council tax for us doing their job- No don’t think so. But they still get paid the same, except we’re doing all the work. I am all for recycling, when a system can be introduced so it can be achieved easily and properly by all, now for those who cannot move the wheelie bins eg elderly and disabled someone going to get paid to put out wheelie bins for them, where’s that money coming from,or is our Council tax going up to cover that cost? Having lived on mainland where we recycled most of our rubbish the system worked well, another half baked idea from SIC just to make it look as though they are doing something when actually in reality it’s an utter joke.
  8. That’s the thing we are talking about on Shetland, where the police do not need tasers. Unlike on some areas of the mainland, inner cities and where violent crime happens on a regular basis and not a scuffle here and there. Honestly how many really serious injuries are there to the police on Shetland without any exaggerations? Most they will need a taser for, is for the seagulls for trying to get your chips, and your more likely to get attacked by seagull.
  9. Surely you can disperse a few rowdy drunks or get them under control or handcuffed, with pepper spray if all else failed. On Shetland tasers would be going way over the top here. I take it Police here use pepper spray when absolutely necessary, or is it hardly used and if that is the case do really need tasers then here?
  10. Okay, medical schools and vetinary schools for eg generally look for a minimum 3 or 4 A levels at high grades, or Advanced Highers, amongst other things, not just Highers. You cannot get into Medical School for example on Highers alone for a good reason. They don’t go into enough depth which A level takes 2 yrs and you usually only take 3 or 4 of them because of the amount of work they involve. So of course an A level course is harder and more work and more in depth of knowledge is required than just a 1 yr Higher course. Which is why with A levels and Advanced Highers you only need 3 yrs at university as opposed to 4 yrs if you only have Highers.
  11. An A level is actually harder and at a higher level than a Higher. Each A level is two year course. People with 3 A levels only need to do 3 years at university as opposed to 4 years if you only have just Highers.
  12. Money better spent on further or better training/ education ,people skills ,manners and attitudes of Shetland police officers and have a more chance of a lasting effect on the community And gaining respect back than money on tasers that SHetland in all honesty just doesn’t need Shetland cannot justify tasers it just lacks serious crime of any kind on a regular basis it just isn’t here. One off, occasionally just doesn’t do it.
  13. Yes MIlkeyboy that is so true. Manners cost nothing no matter who you are. I’ve noticed very few children young ones now wave to an officer and smile or indeed an officer waving back on Shetland, I see it a lot on my travels south little one getting slightly excited seeing officer in uniform or police car. Because Shetland police do come across as totally unapproachable it’s their aura they give off . If children feel and see these vibes what are the adults interpreting about Shetland police officers. I know you will get some exceptions but I am talking generally the police need to change their attitude when dealing with the community as a whole. We want to be proud on our Shetland police officers , I,m sure are very good but we need all very good. Good police relations begins at young age and probably best form of education and probably so true for island police, forget tasers on Shetland it will just alienate the situation here.
  14. To be honest police on Shetland would do better arming themselves with more people skills, more manners and appearing more approachable and friendly, instead of trying to appear the opposite puffing themselves up and trying to look hard and on some sort of power trip. They are just not approachable.
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