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  1. Any subject of internet connections, do many people use satellite connections for their internet rather than hardwired? We've used it before when we stayed in the middle of a valley near Skye, was quite good but we were having to leech off the connection from the farmhouse down the garden.
  2. When we were up in Feb, I found Tescos was quite poor, especially when compared to shops here in Manchester. We were pleasantly surprised by how good the Co-op up in Brae was, most of the staff there were nice and helpful too. Not familiar with Bolts though, don't think we saw that shop when up.
  3. If this was for me, then I honestly haven't a clue. I know there was a big paper mill/recycling place not that far away, but that is HUGE. I'd expect our paper to go there as its between 7-8 miles away. Not to mention our town is 110k people so lots more waste to perhaps make it worthwhile. Now you mentioned it, it does seem very ungreen with the distance covered and costly.
  4. I must say when up on/in Shetland in Feb this year I was somewhat surprised that there wasn't a system like we have here. Felt somewhat bad or naughty putting paper into the general waste and it wasn't clear at all what if anything was recycled. I still don't understand why the glass has to be taken to a bottle bank? Very 80s/90s-esque, I remember my granddad lifting me to post the bottles into the bins as a kid. Also as mentioned above it isnt very green if each resident drives to do this. Here we have 4 bins... Grey - Non-recyclable/general waste Green - Food waste and garden waste if you pay for garden waste collection. Blue - Paper, card etc. Black - glass, cans/tins and plastic(which plastic does confuse me know) Originally I remember it being a huge pain in the ass figuring out where to store the bins without making them stick out like a sore thumb, but most houses I see now have them in their front garden/drive for ease of use. 2 bins are collected each week - Green and grey, then green and blue, then green and grey again, then finally green and black. Currently, our grey bin is 3/4 full or near full when it is time for the fortnightly collection, larger houses get larger grey bins. Blue is nearly always full for us for its monthly collection, whilst black with tins, glass etc we can do once every 8 weeks. It's all well and good proposing it like the council have done but it seems really badly thought out given the terrain, costs of doing this over the most remote areas etc. Again this is from a non local, but as someone who loves Shetland and still wants to live there someday. We have people here near Manchester that are incapable of moving their bins even when they have space, but not sure if too lazy or daft to do so. My mum puts my nan's bins but not sure how other elderly/disabled get on with theirs. People were very angry and annoyed when this was first brought in, but I guess a lot more recycling is done now that each house as the bins to do this. When we had an apartment in Manchester there were just huge communal bins. General waste, paper/card, Plastic/glass/tin bins and then the big dumpster bin trucks came and took them. I applaud the idea for want to recycle more and be greener etc, but do it properly not half arsed like this seems.
  5. I don't think I did come to think of it.
  6. I must apologise for the error in my ways and should we move I will try to leave such thoughts at the ferry doors
  7. I was up 2 weeks ago for my first ever trip to Shetland and I found the roads up there to be far higher quality than here in Manchester. When driving through Lerwick we didn't have any issues with pedestrians and I was quite happy doing 20mph from TSB , past Victoria Pier and round to the entrance of commercial street, I think a 20mph limit would be ok, but the speed bumps would be a waste of money, plus would spoil the look of the area. We had more issue finding parking as we were first timers and didnt realise until the day we left you could park on Victoria Pier. Oops! We also had no issues safely crossing the road, even a little old lady with a zimmerframe had no issues crossing it. Just my views from a first time visitor and hopeful future resident.
  8. We normally use https://www.lunaandme.comfor our 3 legged collie and he loves it, but as we're yet to move up to Shetland I'm not sure how good their delivery would be. We tried Natural Instinct a few weeks ago as we ran out over bank holiday weekend and it just looked awful compared to the Luna and me food. I think I'd be somewhat concerned about receiving it if the ferry was delayed for whatever reason
  9. CTRL + scrolling the mouse wheel up or down does the same thing. Didn't know you could do it the way Sparky mentioned
  10. We've probably been looking at the same croft then as that was pretty much what I got, but said the sellers didn't want to do it. When I asked how much they pretty much said they wouldn't regardless. Thank you!
  11. I'll show this to my better half, as she has always wanted to start knitting. Hopefully once we can move we'll pop along. I somewhat want to try myself as always saw my mum knitting.
  12. I'm interested to know this as well. We were/are looking at getting a croft until we found we can't unless the house site gets decrofted and we can get a mortgage on the house (subject to finding work) and then buy the land with cash separately. Found one we liked but according to the estate agent, the current folk weren't willing to decroft it, so no luck there. The cost would be interesting to know to see if that would sweeten up any deal etc
  13. I've not had a limit for years. That is one thing that worries me about moving up there and being data capped
  14. That was another worry that the Mrs had was with serving/warranty work etc. I think my Hilux would be ok for most places to sort out. Sorry for another question. What is the situation with AA/RAC? I'm guessing it is poor/not much help. Cheers for the replies and sorry if this is getting off topic.
  15. Thank you for bringing this up, seeing as we're looking at moving to Shetland and I seem to be prone to people crashing into me. My latest crash, where a girl came out of a side road and into the front of my truck, demolishing the front end was a load of faffing about and this was with Admiral too. They wanted to use an approved, local garage near me in Manchester and their nearest one was in Birmingham somehow. It has made us think about this sort of thing should we move up to Shetland. How are the garages etc for repairs or maintenance up there ?
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