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  1. Thanks everyone. You do sound busy Mary and thanks for the offer! Daveh, not sure about dancing... looked on youtube, seems way harder than ceilidh dancing so might be a bit complicated for me, but I could try! especially if there are social dances then I should learn I assume you all learn at school. I looked at some Shetland storms videos on youtube - wow!
  2. Close shop as in you have to be local or know the right people? I dont know, I just thought it might be fun. I thought there might be a few people who move to Shetland for work. Even living in a city can be isolating if u don't try to get involved I guess.
  3. Thanks for all the replies everyone! Muckle Joannie, that is good as I definitely want to do sea kayaking, I was an honorary member in Orkney for the day when I was visiting and loved exploring the coastline. B/M/S, it just so happens that I was thinking I could learn the guitar. I was at a folk festival recently and it made me want to learn, I've volunteered at the Isle of Lewis Hebcelt so I would probably like to go to or help at the Shetland folk festival too and I also currently volunteer with Brownies so that might be an option that will help me through winter too. Up Helly Aa sounds interesting...there might be too much to do I would aim to live in Lerwick but I haven't even had the job interview yet and I will have to see what my first impressions of Shetland are as to whether it's for me but sounds fun! Carolann - thanks for the good wishes. Well, I did hear accommodation is an issue I work in healthcare so I might be lucky and get a place in staff accommodation though usually that is not that great for inviting friends to. Will wait and see if I get offered the job first. Is food and petrol expensive versus rest of Scotland? I can drive but don't like to and haven't in a good while but I think I would have to get a car to make full use of weekends and exploration!
  4. Hi there, hope it is ok to post in this part of the forum as I couldn't see a suitable section. I'm going to be in Shetland for an interview quite soon and will of course spend a day having a look around. The thing is, i'm in my early 30s and would be moving alone to Shetland and I am someone who tends to get bored easily and likes to adventure, I'd likely join the kayaking club and maybe archery. Does anyone know how active and sociable these clubs are? Also, I would want to make the most of my weekends and evenings by going to visit all the islands and pubs and cinema etc, anything really! Where I live now is quite a small town by the seaside but I've found it hard to meet people as most people grew up here and don't seem so into doing new things/hanging out with a newbie and anyone who has moved here for work tends to commute back to the bigger cities for social times at the weekend. I have ended up doing the same but I've felt I've not be able to make the most of my time here. I am really sociable and generally find it easy to chat to and meet new people but it's not been easy here. I'm ok with doing things alone but of course its nicer for me to share experiences with others who are up for it! Have people heard of meetup? I would probably set up a group if I move. I might only be on Shetland for a year and I've found here that I've only managed to meet people after a year and now I have to leave and don't want that to happen in Shetland. I'd try and stay for longer if I'm loving it though. I have no major ties So what i'm asking is are people in Shetland up for it? I'm sure you are welcoming to newcomers but do you think I would meet people to hang out with who want to go on weekend trips and also visit Orkney and things, have movie nights, go for walks. I realise winters in Shetland are dark and I don't want to find myself feeling isolated, it's not like I can just pop home for the weekend to see family or friends. Thanks! Also, PM me (if you can on this) if you fancy meeting in the pub/dinner or coffee when i'm up for my interview and you can tell me more about Shetland. Get a wee group together (this is a test of your sociability )
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