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  1. Shopping yesterday at your Lerwick store and the shelves were poorly stocked,do you have staff shortages or just bone idle staff?(most products not on shelf were excess stock on top shelves),I asked a manager on the chill section(name tag *removed by moderator*) if they had smoked ham and he laughed and walked away,and lass (name tag *removed by moderator*) in bread isle ignored me when i asked for wraps.Thank god the coop is still here as they always have stock and staff are always well mannered apart from (*removed by moderator*),bring on lidl
  2. Tesco has decided to stop selling Pringles in their Shetland store and will discontinue as soon as they are all off the shelf
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  4. Is it good practice for the Shetland Times to publish such language in their article like they did this week,reporting that the accused had said f.....g b.....d,surely this should have been edited(yes i edited this) £1.10 for this?
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