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  1. @hastings guy > Live | Shetland.org < this website is a good starting point. As Colin says, don't be seduced by pictures of sunny beaches and healthy young people skipping through flower meadows - the winters are long, dark, brutal, and an acquired taste!
  2. Some of you might have experienced problems accessing the site over the past few hours while we moved operations over to a new server - hopefully everything is back to normal now, and a couple of page refreshes should sort most issues. If you have any persistant problems then please do post to this thread. All the best, Admin Team
  3. A few gremlins are working some dirt. We have released the hounds and expect normal service to resume before long...
  4. We've reset this thread's "Female squad members in Lerwick Up Helly Aa" poll. The results from the 2017 poll are in the post above. It'll be interesting to see if opinions have changed over the past few years...
  5. Female squad members in Lerwick Up Helly Aa (2017 poll results) 1. In principle, should women be allowed to participate in Lerwick Up Helly-Aa as squad members? Yes - 53.2% (58 votes) No - 46.8% (51 votes) 2. Is logistics (already high numbers of guizers, waiting lists for squads etc) a valid reason not to allow women to participate in Lerwick Up Helly-Aa as squad members? Yes - 45.9% (50 votes) No - 54.1% (59 votes) 3. The current ‘male only’ squad member demographic of Lerwick Up Helly-Aa is…. Sexist - 39.45% (43 votes) Traditional - 60.55% (66 votes) 109 members voted. The poll was opened in 2017. The poll was closed and reset in Feb 2022.
  6. George, consider this a yet another friendly warning re: your anti-english 'contributions'. If you have a relevant point re: someone's nationality, then great. If not, it's just xenophobia.
  7. That should be the login issue sorted, and you can use your email or username again. The gremlin has been taken oot da back o da byre and given a goo treshin
  8. Cant get logged in with email, doesnt recognise password, and email not arriving to reset. Going round in circles, just trying to access contact for advert. 

    1. admin


      Hi Claadehol, the adverts are hosted over on https://www.njord.market/ so try logging in there

  9. Thanks for pointing this out Rasmie. We've had a delve and a system upgrade we performed has changed some of the security functionality... (technical blah blah)... and for the meantime folk can only login using their email address, as opposed to their email address or username as before. It'll take a little reverse engineering, but we're on it.
  10. Our database seems to have decided to label all users as newbies. We've sent it to bed without any supper and we'll be having words with it in the morning.
  11. Here’s an idea. Let’s see if we can have a discussion without it going off topic with anti Westminster ‘witticisms’
  12. I tried to contact Admin via Message. Did you receive this?

  13. We had an email request for info on Ale Plants, so we thought we'd revive this thread. Anybody have one on the go, or know how someone would get started?
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