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  1. Our database seems to have decided to label all users as newbies. We've sent it to bed without any supper and we'll be having words with it in the morning.
  2. Here’s an idea. Let’s see if we can have a discussion without it going off topic with anti Westminster ‘witticisms’
  3. I tried to contact Admin via Message. Did you receive this?

  4. We had an email request for info on Ale Plants, so we thought we'd revive this thread. Anybody have one on the go, or know how someone would get started?
  5. We've added a poll tae da tap o da thread
  6. @MuckleJoannie we've added the 'unread content' and 'mark as read' buttons (the peerie newspaper and tick icons) to the top userbar. Hopefully everything works as planned!
  7. @Dirk, we believe Fetlar Writer deactivated their account a peerie while ago (hence the 'guest' prefix), but hopefully they still visit the forum and will see your message. Fetlar Writer, if you're out there.....
  8. @MuckleJoannie, you can get to the same page using the menu... Forums > My Activity Streams > Unread content... But if you'd prefer the new content button back, we can liklee find a space for it!
  9. We've recently added interactive weather, shipping and flight pages - you'll find them in the top menu. You can grab the maps and move them about, and zoom in and out. The weather page lets you choose different views in the top right corner (wind and waves views is our favourite) On the shipping and flights pages you can click on the ship and aircraft icons and find out more info about them and what they're up to. We're finding it to be a peerie but addictive! We're still testing the pages out on different screensizes and devices, so please do let us know if you think something isn't working as well as it should. Mobile and tablet users, if you flip over to landscape view you should have a better experience. Cheers!
  10. Apologies @Muckle Oxters. We were updating the thread title and seemed to lose your post from a few moments ago. You were saying you were chuffed!
  11. @George. Your week ban was only lifted a day ago and you’re already breaching the forum guidelines again. We’ve removed the large, bold, red, all-caps shouty formatting from your post. Please, for everyone’s sake, work some sense!
  12. ^ trolling + ignoring warnings = banned for a week
  13. We've added some more news sources which you'll find in the 'news' dropdown menu at the top of each page. We hope you find them useful
  14. @George. you've peppered this and many other threads with vague, inaccurate and often xenophobic posts about things being 'inflicted' on 'us' and how it is 'undemocratic' but have failed to offer any detail. You ignore questions directly posed to you about your accusations but you demand that other users justify their points. You're trolling, and it's tedious. You have also been warned and blocked several times so we're removing your repetitious posts and our fingers are hovering over the 'ban' button unless you back up your accusations with evidence or reasoning. So in an effort to move on positively, please do provide some evidence or reasoning why joining the EEC or EU was undemocratic, why Westminster is undemocratic or what exactly Ted Heath, Anthony Eden, James VI or whoever else did that you don't like. Thanks in advance, the Shetlink admins.
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