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  1. @George. ironically, we refer you to the section of our T&Cs above (Avoid sweeping statements and generalised moaning) from the post you have actually quoted. The council is a large organisation employing 1000s of folk across many departments - we assume you don't mean the Essey Kert drivers or teachers when you refer to 'they'
  2. A pre-emptive reminder from the forum T&Cs In summary Constructive critique and scrutiny = good Slagging off 'da cooncil' = bad Remember that 'da cooncil' are just normal folk going to work and doing their best.
  3. You could try a wanted ad on our partner website https://www.njord.market/accom-wanted/1 and/or the Shetland Accommodation group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/284411785003452 Good luck with your search
  4. The automated feed is on the our to-do list, but in the meantime here's the link https://www.njord.market/
  5. Thanks for letting us know about the adverts Roachmill. It can be difficult to predict what Google will show to users. It should settle down once Google has crawled the new site properly.
  6. We've removed 'proposed' from the discussion title. We're well past the proposal stage now.
  7. Hello all, as you've no doubt noticed, we're in the process of upgrading Shetlink. There will inevitably be a few bumps along the way and it'll take us a peerie while to rebuild a few features but please bear with us. All feedback, good and bad, is welcomed! New (or fixed!) features Mobile friendly formatting Streamlined code, which should mean pages load faster Facebook / Twitter / Google login - you can use your existing online accounts to log in to Shetlink Private Messaging is back! Forum activity stream - you can see what's new in one place Post reactions - you add a thumbs up, thanks, love etc to posts Tagging members in posts - you can use the '@' symbol to @membername someone in a post More, and better organised, feeds with links to external sites (news, jobs, Njord classifieds, images from photo sharing apps etc) In case anyone is wondering, the feeds are all content that the original publishers have made publicly available for sharing. With some technical jiggery pokery at this end we collate the links and present them to Shetlink visitors - we don't actually store any of the publishers' content on our servers and each of the feeds have no more than 25 of the latest links. We want highlight the excellent content that Shetlanders are producing!
  8. Let's all keep the tone civil folks. And a reminder that large font caps-locked red text is the equivalent of screaming in people's faces. And more of that and there will be less of it.
  9. Watter, yet again.... and your 1st post back after a 7 day ban! That'll be another 7 days then
  10. Watter (in particular), please give up with spamming the discussion forums. Consider this post as a warning
  11. The title of this thread has been changed to reflect the fact that the Hate Crime Bill is a proposal which is currently working through the various cross-party legislative processes
  12. Please don't post links without an explanation of the content
  13. Hi fina Sadly the private messaging function had to be 'switched off' (for longwinded technical reasons). We'll be 'switching it back on again' in a forthcoming site upgrade. Best wishes Shetlink admin team
  14. Some 'generalised moaning' posts and comments have been removed
  15. A note from the Shetlink Moderators This is a discussion forum. It is a space to share opinions and ideas through the written word, and ideally a space to help folk to explore ideas and opinions they may not have considered before. By posting in this discussion forum you are expecting others to take the time to read and consider what you have written. Please respect your fellow forum users by developing your point into a cohesive post which is well considered, constructive, jargon free and accessible. Furthermore, this is not a notice board for posting memes, images, links and youtube videos unless they directly support what you have written. Our fingers have been hovering over the 'ban' button quite a lot recently....
  16. A general point on posting videos and links to articles: Please make sure they are relevant and where practical provide summaries and/or key quotes so people can decide whether to invest their time further engaging with the content.
  17. Comments in reference to an identifiable individual have been removed
  18. Wishing aabody a happy and prosperous 2020! Cheers to you all from Shetlink HQ!
  19. We've quarantined some of the more pesky feeds until we can get to the bottom of it. Tinkering will be ongoing....!
  20. Tinkering done and situation improved Explanation long and life short!
  21. NHS to carry out review that could pave the way for new hospital
  22. Thank you for this call for reason Windwalker. This is a good time to remind folk of the Forum use guidelines and netiquette. The last 6 points are particularly relevant. Opinions and casual observations are always welcome on Shetlink, but if someone is going to a make a sustained and/or assertive case then they should provide "evidence or reasoning". In this case, some individuals have made vigorous, unequivocal and/or disparaging posts over an extended period and should expect robust responses. We urge folk to be respectful and empathetic of each others' opinions and help others to understand your opinion through considered and respectful posts. After-all, most of us are neighbours on this peerie island and there's no need to be 'faa-in a fightin'!
  23. Gentlemen, please do note this post from earlier in the thread and move the discussion forward
  24. If anyone has evidence relating to the vandalism of the War Memorial , please contact the police. If not then.....
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