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  1. Re: vandalism of the war memorial (which, we understand, has now been cleaned off) At this stage there is no evidence of who was responsible or their motives so let's not be distracted by speculation.
  2. George, your contributions are more than welcome but please give up with the cryptic one-liners, and read the last 3 points of the Forum use - guidelines and netiquette
  3. Thanks to ThePMx for creating the poll. We've merged the existing thread with it.
  4. Here's the full list of candidates for the Shetland MSP by-election on Thursday 29 August 2019 Name of candidate (and party if applicable)Johan Adamson - Scottish Labour and Co-operative PartyBrydon Goodlad - Scottish Conservative and UnionistStuart Martin - UK Independence Party (UKIP)Debra Nicolson - Scottish Green PartyIan Scott - IndependentMichael Stout - IndependentPeter Tait - IndependentRyan Thomson - IndependentTom Wills - Scottish National Party (SNP)Beatrice Wishart - Scottish Liberal Democrats
  5. Thanks for the detail grahambb. We've tinkered with some code so hopefully that'll be it sorted. Please do let us know if the problem continues Admin
  6. Hi Sukibind. Sorry to hear you're having problems. Can you let us know what kind of device / browser you're using, and which pages it's happening on, and we'll look into it. Thanks, Admin
  7. A reminder.... be courteous to each otherstay on topic (we've had to split Brexit off from several other topics recently)post links to news stories and/or statistics that are being used to back up opinionsremember that individual instances and/or personal experiences of something do not in themselves constitute a broad trend
  8. ^ you were warned, you persisted and you have earned a 3 day suspension for trolling
  9. Here are the Shetland results https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2019/05/26/eu-election-lib-dems-top-poll-ahead-of-snphttps://www.shetnews.co.uk/2019/05/27/close-race-for-shetland-vote/
  10. Let's keep the tone civil and the discussion constructive folks. A reminder that trolling, insults and repetitious / generalised moaning are all against the T&Cs / netiquette guidelines. If anyone finds themselves blocked for a cooling off period, they'll know why.
  11. Here's the iPlayer link - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0c0xbp3/wild-shetland-scotlands-viking-frontier
  12. Something to get you in the mood - Lerwick Guizer Jarl 2019 - Give Us A Tune - Radio Shetland
  13. Hi mogling. Can you email admin @ shetlink.com please
  14. Link, for context -> Calmac and Serco in frame for ferry contract
  15. This is a discussion forum, so when stating an opinion, please help others forum users by providing factual information and/or links explaining how you arrived at your opinion. Otherwise, we will be condemned to going around in circles.
  16. Just giving this 10-year-old thread a seasonal bump to the top! Happy new year folks!
  17. Wishing all Shetlink and Njord|Market users a very festive festive. (and it'll be Shetlink's 13th birthday on the 28th December!) Cheers everybody!
  18. Shetland News - MoD objects to Viking Energy as wind turbines could undermine air defence
  19. Yes, we do realise the irony of quoting our own quote
  20. We've just been back through this thread to clear out all the nested quotes, so please....
  21. Frustration over the amount of foreign vessels fishing in local waters
  22. admin


    Their website looks to have had a refresh, and very good it looks too! Their new website has a different format for the stories' web addresses so we'll have to do a little tinkering at this end to get it working again....
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