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  1. ^^ Yes, indeed. Shetlink are happy to announce that we have moved to a brand spanking new server. This will see a more stable platform from which Shetlink can be served and continue to 'connect Shetland'. This has gone on in the background and has been essentially seamless. This has been possible only through the continued interest in Shetlink Classifieds, kindly donations, and from the introduction of the Trade / Commerical and Situations Vacant sections. Thank you to all those users. Shetlink aims to continue future development for the Shetlink Shetland online community. With the new server in place we have, for the meantime as we view server load, stopped archiving old classifieds. This will enable people to go back in time and access their classifieds as per your query johno6998.
  2. The principal reason the thread in question was closed was a breach of the Ts&Cs, and given as "We'll be having no calls for lynchings, whether in jest or not" To users who have requested their accounts to be closed... we have now done so and indicated this was at your request on the now dormant user profiles - it was done with a heavy heart and we offer a genuine thank you for your contributions to the forums.
  3. Thread locked. We'll be having no calls for lynchings, whether in jest or not, and can you please leave your personal animosities at the door - this is yet another thread bogged down by your bickering. If you have no interest in someone else's posts then please make use of the 'Manage Ignore prefs' function you'll find by clicking your username at the top right of the page.
  4. Both of you, do us all a favour and stop winding each other up. It is extremely tedious.
  5. If we're going to drag up a discussion from 5 years ago, let's not get personal about the presenters. You can make your points without being nasty or abusive. For discussion of radio stations, programming, and digital radio technologies. The previous incarnation of this thread from 2009 which was plainly for no good has been removed. Why? Due to it's unnecessary negative anonymous comments which do nothing to engender sensible or worthwhile debate. The posts since this thread has been revived are left intact for clarities sake. Carry on.
  6. Let's no get personal folk. Try'n be fine. For the sake of sensible debate, if you're going to make points based on how much money something costs, then it might be better to know how much money something costs
  7. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/7885-globe-to-shut
  8. Just a polite reminder to keep the tone civil and constructive folks.
  9. admin


    I suggest you guys take a look at the Back to Beyond website to familiarise yourselves with the project http://www.backfrombeyond.org But the simple answer is no - Alice and Emma have put hundreds of voluntary hours to 'dream up' this 'stuff'. A quick skoit at the website reveals a contact form. Might be a good way to get your questions answered - http://www.backfrombeyond.org/contact
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    And the award for the most miserable post of the year goes to...... Colin. Seriously, if you don't want to get involved, don't. But equally, don't have a pop at those that do.
  11. Shetlink is introducing paid advertising in the "Situations Vacant" section in line with the "Trade/Commercial" section. £9.99 for 14 days rotation against the above Terms & Conditions. Why? Any revenue accrual against these sections will assist in the continued upgrade and development of Shetlink; a new server perhaps?
  12. ^ thanks for that. The link has been added to the first post.
  13. Here's some links to the latest news on the adverse weather disruptions. Have a check before you head out (or head back home!) and stay safe folks. SIC - www.shetland.gov.uk/adverseweatherShetland News - www.shetnews.co.uk/news/7706-live-today-s-weatherShetland Times - www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2013/12/05/schools-closed-and-ferries-suspendedFerry updates - www.facebook.com/FerryServicesRoad conditions - www.shetland.gov.uk/icecastSumburgh airport - www.hial.co.uk/sumburgh-airportThere's also regular updates on SIBC and Radio Shetland. Please do post updates on conditions on the roads and in your local areas in this thread too.
  14. £41.4 million No, this isn't the latest Euromillions jackpot! It's Shetlink: your everday Shetland site assisting Shetlanders buy and sell. Since moving across to the new software Shetlink's been busy cleaning the data contained within the old classifieds section to achieve statistics. Not exactly a straightforward nor exciting job but, what Shetlink can happily announce: The original Shetlink Shetland classifieds ran from Voar 2009 to Hairst 2013 directly assisting Shetlanders advertise c£41.4m (cleansed data for Accommodation, Motor, Boating **) of local classified items; an unseen economy! Shetlink unfortunately has no figures relating to the period up to 2009 but, members can extrapolate a guesstimate: Shetlink classifieds first started to appear c2008 within the forums before moving to custom software to contain them. ** Classifieds not counted: rental, those asking for 'offers', '+VAT', 'wanted', 'exchange', 'swap for cases of lager'!, duplicates, no value (obviously), 'sold', 'wanted', etc. The other sections have not been taken into consideration as they still require a significant amount of data cleansing. http://www.shetlink.com/index.php?/classifieds/item/8535-unseen-economy-a-retrospective-look-at-shetlink-classifieds/
  15. Shetlink Classified Advertisements Terms & Conditions The service is currently free for individuals, but please consider making a donation towards our running costs via the Paypal donation button. We're helping you! Donations assist in the maintenance and continuing development of Shetlink. Any agreements entered into and by parties using Shetlink facilities do so entirely at their own risk and through their own volition. Shetlink administrators and moderators will not mediate any disputes arising through the use or of this facility.Shetlink administrators and moderators are not responsible for the accuracy of descriptionsSellers may not advertise, and are liable for, items which breach any laws, including counterfeit items or items which otherwise infringe the copyright, trade mark or other rights of third partiesPlease be aware that other community members may post comments or ask questions about your advertisementsContact details are posted at your own risk. If in doubt, use the Private Message systemPublic classified advertisements may be removed by moderators at any time without noticeDo not enter multiple/dulicate adverts (this includes the same or similar advert in multiple categories! Choose a single relevant category)Creating a duplicate advert prior to the 14 day expiry is not acceptable. Edit your original advert to reflect any changes.Closing an advert and creating another will be considered as duplicateA warning point will be given to users who do not abide by these simple Terms & Conditions with regards classifieds. A single warning point will have a lifespan of 30 days. On receiving 5 warning points a users ability to post on Shetlink will be forfeit until points received run their course. Think of them like points on your driving licence; you've done something you shouldn't and that's that!Think about your advert category placement. Many people subscribe to email alerts when new items are placed. For instance placing your child's car seat in the miscellaneous category will mean interested people may not see it! Instead place it in the "Children's items / Toys" category etc.​Shetlink is sure you can empathise this makes for a fairer system for all to use! Classifieds are automagically re-distributed across Shetlink Shetland Classifieds on Facebook providing further reach to your adverts. Trade / Commercial / Accomodation Advertising Any and all Trade and or Commercial advertising not placed in the "Trades / Commercial" or Rental/Sale/Site placed in the appropriate "Accomodation" category will be removed without notice! The initial inception of the classifieds system was intended for use solely by local community public members; commercial advertising was never accepted but instead tolerated. The success of Shetlink classifieds has been exponential and businesses rightfully want to advertise on this successful medium providing them access to the Shetland community and receptive consumers. Property sales of all dimensions are also a big part of Shetlink and your continued use of these categories embodies a symbiotic relationship assisting Shetlink to upgrade and develop. We welcome trade and commercial advertising in the "Trades / Commercial" category. 2 warning points will be given to trade / commercial advertising outside this category Your adverts will enable the continued maintenance, and further assist in the development, of Shetlink. Join Shetlink to access a wide range of benefits - including classifieds! You must be a member and logged into Shetlink before you can post an advert in the classifieds section. Being a member of Shetlink also gives you the ability to communicate through Shetlink's Private Message: PM, system, access and participate in the forum including closed forums ... Create an account to join Shetlink or alternatively sign-up and log in with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live, and Twitter accounts. You can choose to link these thus connecting you online social profiles. Classifieds are currently shown through a 14 day period. Users whom have not sold their item at this point can choose to renew their advert from their personal classifieds manager. How do I create an advert? Once you've signed up and logged in when you click through to the classifieds system you'll notice the "Add an Advert" button. Upon clicking you'll be presented with a dropdown to choose the category you want to place an advert; note: this will be automatically filled in if you are already in a category. Item Details Item name: Fill in the title of your classified. Description: This will be cut short on the front view of the classified system and on entering the classified this will be your full item description. Attach files: Do enter on pictures to your classified. People have reported more success when they do; people can actually see what you're selling! There is a 5Mb upload restriction. General Home phone: as detailed Mobile phone: as detailed Pricing options Price: Enter the value of the item you are selling. People are more receptive if you actually enter a price as it gives them an idea of what you are looking for. This price is shown above your image on the listing pages. If you enter nothing here on a per category basis you ill receive "Offers", "By negotiation", etc. Advert Type: Choosing an option here will give you a coloured badge to differentiate your advert from the others on the listing screen. For instance choosing "Wanted" will give you a red wanted badge allowing people to scan the listings page for wanted adverts. Packages If you are a Trade / Commercial advertiser you must place your advert in the Trade Advertising category from where you can access the Trade Advertising Package. Arrg, I've created an advert, looked at it and it's not right!! Dear dear me! You'll need a PhD in Nuclear Physics to be able to do anything about that! No seriously ... just go into the item and press the "Edit Advert" button. There you go .. edit it to your hearts content. Shetlink asks that you don't close it and create another! It just needlessly clutters up the database. Editing adverts? Users can "Edit" adverts throughout the duration of their display to alter price, description, title, etc. To do so simply view your full advert and click the "Edit advert" button: Edit your adverts! Don't close them and create new ones within the 14 day display period. This is considered as duplication! You can edit your adverts for the full duration of their display period. So what happens after 14 days? Your adverts can always be viewed and nurtured from your personal classifieds manager. When they run their course they 'expire' and fall into your personal classifieds manager expired tab. From here it's a simple case of renewing your advert by pressing the "Renew" button: Standard adverts can be renewed a further 3 times giving an overall duration of two months. If you find your item isn't selling. Consider adding further images, changing the title, adding a verbose description so people can appreciate what you're selling. This can be done at any time throughout the lifetime of your item. Or maybe you just have to give up and consider burning it! How do I close my adverts? You've successfully sold your item through Shetlink and you want to remove your advert! Simply click on the "Close advert" button to remove it. I saw something I'd like to keep tabs on! You see an advert and you'd like to keep an eye on it to check out what happens. Well click on the "Watch advert" button and you'll receive notifications as per your settings in your notification preferences. Perhaps I'd like to know of anything new appearing in that category? Should you want to know of any new items coming into a category then press the "Subscribe" button. You'll receive notifications as per your settings in your notification preferences. How do I contact someone about their advert? There are several ways in which you can contact a user. Should a user have put their home or mobile phone number in the advert you are free to communicate with them. Alternatively users can utilise the Private Message: PM, system of Shetlink to privately communicate with members. This can be access directly within the classifieds from the "Contact Advertiser Directly" link: The PM system is accessed from the top bar in the header of Shetlink. Should users have a question they can also be directed to the advertiser through the "Ask a question" button: Asking a question through this facility enables the advertiser to either respond to you directly or choose to make your question and their answer publically viewable. This can assist where the same question might be asked multiple times. Ooh! There's something that's not right! 0_o Should anyone notice something that you really think shouldn't be there please do report it to the admin team / moderators by pressing the "Report" button: The report button informs Shetlink and we can communicate in private with you to rectify anything that needs to be. The report facility should not be used to contact Shetlink in any other context.
  16. Click the small arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen, select 'Manage ignore prefs' and ignore away!
  17. Due to a technical problem the Shetlink support team have reverted to a backup database. This may result in recently posted forum messages and classifieds adverts failing to appear. Apologies for any inconvenience, Shetlink Admin Team
  18. There's already an active thread on Bedroom Tax http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17014 Can we please try to stay on topic. We realise there's a lot of common ground between threads though. Also, please avoid cross posting (posting the same message on two or more threads)
  19. admin


    Come you two, lets stay on topic and avoid another thread descending into personal bickering and nitpicking.
  20. The last few posts of this thread have been removed as they were irrelevant to the topic and were of a needlessly personal nature. Play nice folks.
  21. This thread is being locked for a 'cooling off' period. The recent subject's name will be removed from recent posts due to the amount of unsubstantiated claims being made. Putting 'allegedly' before a statement just doesn't cut it when posting about a member of the local community. If the recent tone of this thread continues when unlocked, more content will be removed.
  22. 3 threads discussing Mareel finance have been merged with this one. Please refer to the forum guidelines for info:
  23. Disabling that account seems to have done the trick. Cheers you two! For some reason the database was indicating an inordinately large number of posts for that user which was throwing all the other post IDs out of sync. Hopefully that's it sorted and cheers again peeriebryan
  24. I've sent messages between some accounts we use for testing purposes and I can confirm that the PM posting functionality is working correctly, apart from the obvious issue of an error message appearing once a message has been submitted. Further tests under way.... Bryan
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