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  1. Just a quick survey to find out about your internet connection speed. This site was developed using a broadband connection, so I'm interested to hear from dial-up users. Are the pages quick to load? Do graphics display properly? Do you getting 'hanging' pages etc? Your feedback is much appreciated
  2. Cheers for the help YadUK. I think I've got it sussed now, but I'm not sure if the default time for new users is still GMT+10. Any new users, please let us know!
  3. Sorry YadUK, I thought your server was in Canada for some reason I've made a couple of changes in the admin preferences section which should help, if not sort it out. I had the 'locale time format' set to en_UK, but I changed it to en_GB, which I think is correct. However, I can't figure out how to make the user setting GMT by default, instead of GMT+10 which it is now. Its not too bad, it just means users have to set it themselves, but its not the best solution. Any ideas YadUK?
  4. Thanks fur dat Yaduk. I'll give it a bash when I get a chance.
  5. Update: the problem has arisen because the web server is located in a different timezone than our geographic location. The default time is that of the server location (which is Canada I believe). I hadn't noticed this while I was developing the site on my own computer and it has only become apparent since the site was uploaded to the server. I'll try tweaking the website code to work around the problem. Anybody out there know how to fix this?
  6. Cheers for pointing that out. The main site time setting is GMT, but the user setting in the 'Your Account' --> 'Your info' section over-rules this. For some reason, the default user setting is GMT+10. I'll look into it and get it sorted so the default is GMT, but registered users will probably have to change the time themselves. Oops
  7. Aaright Jim-Jam. I see your point. There are two ways to log out 1) Click the 'Your Account' link at the top of each page, then click 'Logout/Exit' 2) In the forum section, click the 'log out' link to the lower right of the 'Shetlink: Forums' heading I agree that it's not very obvious. I'll try to put a logout link in the top left of every page in the same place as the log-in. Cheers
  8. We got a report about a user having trouble logging out of Shetlink. Turn's out that it's a problem with how PCs running Internet Explorer handle cookies. If you run into this problem, follow these steps Go to 'tools' from the top drop down menu, then select 'Internet tools' then click on 'delete cookies' As far as I'm aware, this only affects PCs running Internet Explorer. A better solution is to use the "Firefox" browser, available for free download from http://www.mozilla.com. It is (in my opinion) a far superior browser to Explorer. Alternatively, buy an Apple Mac. It is (in my opinion) a far superior computer to PC!!
  9. Should we build a new generation of nuclear power plants or invest in renewable sources? Can renewables meet our growing energy demands? Maybe energy efficiency is the answer...............? -Links Britain's nuclear power industry should act its age Should we build new nuclear power stations?-THE SCOTSMAN DEBATE Blair faces organised rebellion on nuclear issue Public 'split' on nuclear energy Minister declares nuclear 'renewable' PM 'convinced' on nuclear future Debate: climate change and nuclear power S.E.P.A. - Atomic Reaction Anti-nuclear MPs challenge Blair Our legacy of nuclear waste
  10. Shetland was voted 7th best UK retirement location in a poll conducted by Yours magazine, beaten to the top spot by Skegness. Do you think Shetland is a good place for the retired. Maybe it's the long, dark winter nights and severe weather? Or is it the friendly locals, beautiful scenery and lack of crime? -Links to articles on the subject Shetland life is a winner for the retired from The Scotsman Devon resort good for retirement from BBC news Skegness is UK's first resort for retirement from The Edinburgh News
  11. Do we want it? Do we need it? What about the ferry men? Is it another council white elephant or a positive development for the future? Will it be value for money? Links to articles on the subject SIC U-turn on Bressay bridge - 3 November 2005 from Shetland News Rig removal firms need bridge truce - 28 October 2005 from Shetland Marine News Bressay Bridge Consents Progress to Final Stage - 16 March 2005 from SIC Bressay Bridge Project Visualisation from Flavour Productions Bridge to Bressay a bridge too far? (with video clip) - 08 May 2004 from North Tonight
  12. Since the announcement of RAF Saxavord's closure, the future of Unst has been thrown into uncertainty. Alistair Carmichael, the Lib Dem MP for Orkney and Shetland, expressed anxiety over the loss of 100 salaries from the remotest and one of the most economically fragile communities in the country Should Unst residents have been given more warning of the RAF pullout? How can Unst best face the loss of its main employer? A tunnel to Yell? Council investment into diversifying it's economy? What do you think? Links to some articles on the subject Closure of RAF Sava Vord a 'devestating blow' from AlistairCarmichael.org.uk Ferry fares scrapped as RAF base closes from Scotsman.com Scrap sale of camp say Unst folk from Shetland Today 330 jobs set to be axed at defence bases in Scotland from Scotsman.com Removal of the Radar Base at RAF Saxa Vord. Preliminary impact analysis from Shetland News Island looks to hydrogen to solve job woes from Guardian Unlimited
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