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  1. Hi, I've left a message on your profile feed.
  2. We have spray white lithium grease by 3 in 1 and Valvoline. Happy to drop off a can if any benefit.
  3. Does anyone know what the reasoning is for the closure of Ronas ward at the Gilbert Bain?
  4. http://www.ianbairnson.com/news/news.htm Ian Bairnson at the Guitar festival this year, can anyone confirm that or is it still in negotiation?
  5. Perhaps the execution of the display belies its £338,433 price tag. Perhaps to qualify as art, the work should be beautiful or significant in some way, or appeal to the senses so as to conjour some emotion from the viewer. I'm not sure that the mixture of annoyance and sadness usually described can be attributed to the successful conveyance of the artists vision. Perhaps the proprietor of the garden centre at Tingwall allegedly being asked by the project coordinator if he would switch off his popularly priced christmas lights, as they were overshadowing the display in the glasshouses, says
  6. The band are looking forward to the gig tonight. See you all there!
  7. Been having a good look at this tonight. As I alreay have both the databases on one switchboard from a previous experiment, it is actually quite easy to modify a form in the orders database to take supplier info from the relevant table via a drop box. I have actually managed to get the purchase order form working the way I want it to. Its going to take me a bit of thinking to update the relevant queries and subforms to incorporate the new data (as I say when you're not doing this often you tend to have forgotten how you did it last time!) My main sticking point is now that I have my purchase o
  8. Yeah, I have looked at a variety of off the shelf programs and a couple of Access based ones but none really seem to do what I want. Most are overly complicated or are designed for control of purely stock items rather than the mix of stock and unique orders we process. Also there is an issue in that our goods/suppliers/price database was designed around our requirements and works well, so a seperate program would either have to link into that for supplier info or it would mean having to replicate data. The purchase form I have in mind is fairly simple. I might just have to get the books out ag
  9. Thanks for replying guys, Basically I have two databases, one with product/supplier information and one which is used to track purchase orders. I would like to link the two together and create a module for raising purchase orders (to get away from paper). I don't know if there is anyone up here who specialises in database work. Problem is I'm not even sure if what I am looking to do is possible in access. I would really like to sit down with someone and discuss it, with a view to getting the work done.
  10. Are there any MS Access 2003 gurus out there? I have some database work I could use some advice on.
  11. Gandhi


    Why are we here? Because we're here. Roll the bones, roll the bones.
  12. Cheers Jordan. I wisna sure if he worked we guitars too. I'll give him a buzz tommorow an see what he says.
  13. Anyone in Shetland that could be recommended to tweak the action on an acoustic?
  14. Hi Jordan, I certainly would not buy it without having played it. You need to know whether it plays as nice as it looks and whether or not the size and shape actually suit your frame and style of playing. Personally I would agree with PB. If you are planning on spending that kind of oney there are a lot of alternatives to look at.
  15. Hope you pull it off. I reckon you would get a big enough crowd. I believe you would get even more non drummers than usual on the strength of the Chili Peppers. p.s. Put me down for a front row seat.
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