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  1. Lowest standard?? neither team had an easy ride to the final. They both played and defeated teams that were meant to beat them. I think the final will be close and that will make it a better game. would you rather go and watch a game where you knew Delting or Whalsay were going to win easily??
  2. Sat 18th August 17:00 KO Gibby Unst v Whitedale Anyone going to watch? if so who do you think will win?
  3. I was asked today whether Northern Rovers would happen in the next few years. I could not answer as I really have little to do with the two teams involved apart from maybe watching the odd game. But would it be possible? could the bottom two teams join to make a better team? Who would pick the team? Would they have an A and B team? What players would be available? I know from reading the Shetland AGM thread from 2007 that this is a touchy subject. Also I have noticed that the folk who were saying about it back in 2007 have stopped writing on here....?
  4. Bit unfair Celtic having Wayne Rooney centre midfield....
  5. I would check that if I was you.
  6. From what I've heard Grant Wood has joined Spurs and Lowrie Simpson is a free agent...
  7. A source close to Lowrie says that he was attending a night class in Intermediate 2 Business Administration at the AHS, after fears that Lerwick Celtic were close to entering administration. Gary 'Smudger' Smith, AHS Business Administration teacher and Lerwick Celtic's Treasurer was unavailable for comment.
  8. i am guessing they do it every year so that the FA know how many players are active in the leagues.... if you only had to sign once then you would have players long retired still down as playing for a team... I was speaking to two north isles boys last week and they said that they were wanting to get it so that if you are playing against a single team club in the b-league then you can't field any A-league players... I thought this was a good idea as it would even things up a little for the 2 teams that finished bottom of the b- league last year... what do you think? is there any rule against it? Probably too late for something like that to be installed for the season up and coming but an idea for 2013???
  9. I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a spare ticket for this gig? In Aberdeen at the weekend and would love to see him!
  10. heard that there was a plan to change things about at the AGM. Not sure if i should imply that there was a plot to overthrow the old members? but i was wondering if any change was made in personnel and if so does it mean anything will change? or will it be the same decisions just made by different people?
  11. see on a number of webpages their are rumours that actor Tom Selleck- famous as being Magnum in Magnum PI, and Richard in Friends- has a house on Shetland. http://www.answers.com/topic/tom-selleck http://www.grabtheapple.com/forum/survivalpreparedness-discussion/tom-selleck-has-retreat-in-remote-shetland-islands/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Selleck I do realise that these may not be the most reliable of sources
  12. I wouldnt say it had anything to do with the league set up. It was more just to point out an area of shetland football that has definately became poorer. This is not necessarily to do with the standard of players either. Its most probably to do with the lack of a long term committed manager. Maybe this is the SFAs fault? I don't know as I don't know the circumstances of the comings and going of the past managers? did any get sacked? But i do feel that Shetland should really have been pushing on after 2005 and trying to challenge themselfs to more regular compititions. Maybe some cups on the mainland or something. Once again I don't kow if this was thought about because it may well have been and proven undoable.
  13. One way I look how Shetland football has changed is to say that in 2005 Shetland won the Island games, now we struggle to even attend.
  14. i have heard a rumour that this years event will be shown on Sky box office. can anyone confirm or deny this...?
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