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  1. When Mareel closes for good? Yep, deffo off topic ... but then hey, if ya can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em.
  2. I asked for my membership to be closed too - I too dislike being misquoted. It's sad. But even I can't stand the way in which another member appears to be permitted to constantly break the rules of this forum and, on the surface, appears to get away with it. If that's the way Admin wants to moderate this forum, so be it. This is my only post in several weeks since I asked for my membership to be closed.
  3. Fine, close my account or ban me. I'm sick to death of SP's constant personal attacks and Mods doing sweet FA about it.
  4. Much as though I lurve to disappoint ya, SP, I do NOT have to respond to all points you raise in your posts. You might be living in Labour's dictatorship bubble but many of us are not. I have a friend, incidentally, who works from home for Argos. But no, you just MUST always be right and do jabs at others at any given opportunity. When were you ever self-employed or worked in a cottage industry? For once in your life, how about actually listening to others but then I forget, don't I, you're the bloody expert on everything - not.
  5. FFS, what planet do you live on? Do you seriously think that those in the 'cottage industries' have the dosh to just get up and move? Doing business with companies outside the EU is already a pain in the neck. A new currency would have to prove itself to be attractive and viable.
  6. And as per usual, SP, you miss the point. Sighs
  7. There is no guarantee though that those companies outwith Scotland will want to trade with Scottish companies if the exchange rate with the new currency proves to be uneconomical. Plus, those self-employed or working from home under PAYE (for example, Argos currently employ homeworkers on PAYE for their customer service centre as do some insurance companies) face uncertainty. Their clients or employer probably won't want to pay people in a different currency or have the administrative hassle of employing people outside of England if they don't have a base in Scotland and there's no guarantee that they would want to set up a base in Scotland. Even if they did continue to employ homeworkers or people continued to be self-employed, who is going to pick up the tab for the currency conversion: the employee/self-employed bod or the employer/client? If Argos currently pay say £8.25 an hour plus incentives to PAYE homeworkers and a new currency comes in which is unfavourable, the worker might end up earning the equivalent to say £7.00 [insert other figure here] an hour. Then there's tax and national insurance (if they continue with the current NI scheme); I dread to think what rates they will be. I'm voting no.
  8. I actually got divorced quicker than the speed at which Housing take to resolve a matter. Ghostie is still waiting for answers; many of the Housing Officers appear to be incapable of looking at previous correspondence in the file and can't understand plain English. So if the Housing debt is cleared, how about getting rid of Housing to a housing association but don't TUPE the incompetent staff over ... it would be interesting to see how they get on but given I know someone who asked the same question as a Hjaltland tenant, it sure as hell didn't take them years to get an answer! The issue still isn't resolved.
  9. BT recorded message says to power off your router for at least 3 minutes. Mine has gone from 0.02 to now being 5.57 which is still slower than usual.
  10. The impression I got was that the old surgery needed new equipment/a degree of refurbishment in order to bring it up to date and the Shetland NHS Board weren't prepared to contribute? Re "The money is in private or as consultants" - not according to my mate who is a dentist. He worked for years as an NHS dentist and then had a partnership in a dental practice but still did NHS work. He still works in the NHS but in a hospital carrying out more detailed and complicated work. He reckons that given the overheads of running a dental practice, he makes more dosh working in a hospital ... and he's not a consultant.
  11. SP, why don't you shove it in ya pipe and smoke it then?
  12. Tuts, they'll be banning eating bogies in shops next.
  13. Given there is no smoke, is it technically smoking? I find blowing bubble gum looks awful. Did it interfere with how quickly you were served? I'd be more bothered if the shop assistants were gossiping away and ignoring me rather than if they were vapourising.
  14. According to their Failbook page they've gone away for a few months cos of the bad weather but will be coming back.
  15. Why did a friend have to pay for the vet to come out? Why are the SSPCA not paying for the care of these ponies?
  16. I'm not really enthusiastic about photographs being published of this rescue. What if there is going to be a prosecution? Had they been abandoned? Had the owner asked for help?
  17. Bogeyman? The only "boogie" I can think of relates to Earth, Wind & Fire. Oops!
  18. In your opinion. Personally, I prefer JK Mainlands. Perhaps you might want to ask yourself if the Globe Butchers shop was doing so well, then why it isn't being sold as a going concern?
  19. Ah. Could be as there is no longer daylight and they don't like the take-off (or landing) when using that particular runway as there is no instrument landing for it in the dark. Might be CAA or whatever they called Regulations.
  20. If possible and a bad storm, they fly around it. I've landed at KL, Malaysia, in a thunder storm; the turbulence was excellent!
  21. We tend to notice if they're using a different runway at Sumburgh cos it means they fly over our blooming roof! Anyway, a quick google revealed that Saab 340s have a maximum cross wind speed of 35 knots (say Force 8 on Beaufort scale) ... but there's more than one runway so it might not have to take off/land in a cross wind. Besides, half the time the weather forecast is for Fair Isle and it doesn't always reach the speeds they forecast. Car choice? Landrover.
  22. They are? He can't lumpsooker eat, he can't pee, he can't crap - things might be happening, but they sure as hell aren't happening for Bresail! Quite incredible that he's still with us. Being starved and dehydrated can have an effect too. Bresail, any chance someone can accompany you to your next visit? Hell, I'll even volunteer.
  23. You've no proof that there is a connection. It's an old trick to make out a relationship exists when one doesn't. Have you phoned Jewson's and enquired if they are aware of these business cards?
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