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  1. Thanks Justme, sounds quite a balanced review. I'll continue with the viewings on Yell but with a view that the mainland would be the best option with amenities, especially for the boys. The same can be said for Orkney as well. We viewed a magnificent property on Shapinsay but there was so very little on the island (the reality was a lot different from how the island was promoted, even the last restaurant/bar is now closed). It's a shame because many towns in England are losing character, attractions and therefore revenue, causing them to slowly die. That's just one town whereas yours affects a whole island at a time
  2. Thanks paulb, Neither of us have close family members other than our two sons who will be coming with us, my wife has some family in the south east of England who she will visit probably once a year and we've looked into the costs for that. I certainly take your point regarding the need for a medivac and we have discussed this at length beforehand. As I mentioned before, we are hoping that the danger has now passed and as long as she looks after herself there is no reason she can't run marathons and out live us all lol (medical professionals have stated that). So, it comes down to the 'just in case' attitude which frankly we won't allow to dictate to us. As regards to work, we own an estate agents which we're currently selling, along with a number of properties we own. We're fortunate therefore to be able to retire although personally I'd like to do something part time as i think siting with a fishing rod all day will soon do my head in lol. The point is though, we won't be under any pressure financially.
  3. It is important that all the family members are happy, the current properties I'm viewing are 3 on Yell and one above Brae so maybe i need to find somewhere in the country southwards. I look almost daily on Dowle Smith and Rutherford website and the properties seem to be snapped up incredibly quickly so that must say something positive!!
  4. Many thanks hjasga! That sounds great advice, we want to live in the country but have access to amenities (ok the pub lol) mainly for the sake of my sons and it not being limiting for them at all. We're praying that my wife is on the road to recovery after the 2 heart attacks she had, a stent having been fitted and medication which is now stable that she will have to take for life. As well as the usual healthy diet, it's our stressful lifestyle owning a business which needs to change. It's the old cliche where you think it's going to happen to someone else and to be totally honest, at only 43 years old we thought heart attacks generally occurred after retirement age, so we feel it's happened to us about 20 years too early! That being said, it could have been a lot worse and so we no longer want to procrastinate regarding life and want maximise our time from now on
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys, even the negativity is appreciated. I guess there are pros and cons with everything we choose to do, we all fell in love with Orkney but I would imagine there would be some negative opinions if I queried the place before having gone there. If it's any consolation, where we currently live in Devon, it took my wife 9 months to have a 5 minute appointment with her dr followed by another 12 months the following year! So to be honest I'll take 2 months!! We'll see I suppose. I know visiting for a week in the autumn won't give a complete picture of Shetland but it'll be more than we have now. We will definitely be making the transition to the islands, if it isn't Shetland then it'll be Orkney. As a family, we are all certain of that
  6. Thanks Capeesh, was also wondering if there was a semi decent pub or hotel etc where my 14 year old son and myself can shore up and watch the rugby while we're up there??
  7. Thank you so much to everyone, particularly Horns for taking the trouble of replying and giving me so much to think about. I can only imagine how severe the weather can be up there but we currently do live in a rural location where our back garden is Dartmoor and as an almost full time hiker, I prefer inclement weather where you don't see anyone (until I reach a cosy pub!) rather than having to share it with fine weather walkers only. As regards to my sons, my youngest is very out going, he had a professional football contract with Exeter city and as I understand it both Shetland and Orkney enjoy their football (kicking lumps out of each other in particular I believe lol). He also loves fishing and kayaking. My eldest son however, lives his life with his head buried in his laptop in a world of his own and so I'm not entirely convinced he'd notice if we moved to the moon as long as it had wifi. So far I've pencilled in 3 house viewings on the mainland and 2 on Yell. I'm looking forward so much to coming there in October, it will be great to get a feel of the place, we're staying on the mainland quite near Brae, in the country where we would like to be and hopefully my son and I will be able to chat to some locals during our stay. Ian
  8. Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right section! I will be visiting Shetland (which is a long standing dream!!) with my youngest son in October for a week for a recce to relocate. As a family, we visited Orkney in April this year including house hunting and naturally fell in love with the place. However, I just felt I needed to visit Shetland before settling for Orkney. We currently live in Devon and totally appreciate the difference compared to island life (particularly the weather!) but we need a drastic lifestyle change away from the rat race due to my wife's poor health (2 recent heart attacks and she's only 43). We have 2 sons aged 17 and 14 and so I was wondering how limiting if at all their lives will be on the island. My wife and I want to fully integrate with the community and 'pay it forward as it were.' I am also interested what the social impact of the oil workers have made. I read about one of the local fish and chip shop not being happy concerning anti social behaviour from them, so I was wondering if places such as local pubs can be a little risky with my wife in tow. (We're not prudes in any shape or form, we visit our local most days but some behaviour can be too much, particularly if they're strangers). Many thanks in advanced and feel free to tell me to sod off and stay at the bottom of England as it is the rugby World Cup lol
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