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  1. Apologies Just Me and Pooks - a classioc example of not reading the entry properly, jumping in a the deep end, and going on the defensive!!! So very sorry! Perhaps Just Me's entry could be given a whole new thread? And, by the way, I wholeheartedly agree with regard to the calenders and the website. Equally, we are very bad in Shetlandfor having new websites set up and initiated. But mantaining them and looking after them is just as - if not more important!! There in perhaps lyes a thread for the technoloby thead now!!!
  2. With all due respect Just Me, to ask if this is the right forum for this topic is rather narrow minded in this instance. (although I understand to a degree where you are coming from) This is a Shetlink site which discusses all matters and a whole range of issues about Shetland. You might as well look at every topic started on this site and question 'is this the right forum in which to discuss it - whethor it is politics, local events or music!!! If you want to take that line Just Me - and without wishing to get the wrath of our administrator - shouldn't music be discussed via the Shetland Music/Arts Trust website?? At the end of the day, if people are discussing issues which are relative to our local museum and archives via any avenue, then that is a good thing. I am sure ultimately the new M&A webpage could have a link to this site and vice versa?? All these matters are inter related at the end of the day. It is all part of the Shetland brand and package - whatever means that may be available.
  3. Don't you think it is amazing that cinemas have been packed to the rafters with people wanting to see Da Davinci Code, and also how it has even merited a thread on this site. However, how many people actually go to church these days and care about religion as such? So, on this basis, where is the church going wrong in the todays society - perhaps that is worthy of another thread in another section? Over to you Peerie Bryan.......
  4. How about TVam presenters who are basically 'tabloid television' with no class!!
  5. It is good to see the positive response and points made on this thread so far - very, very, interesting. Progress is already been made - and lets keep it coming. Here are just a few more examples of areas that should be looked at: (and this is all information I have picked up word of mouth from elderly relatives, NOT via any local museum/archive service provision) - War buildings out at the Ness of Sound - what were they all about?? - Apparantly duing World War Two, then certain parts of Lerwick were totally off bounds. (like other areas during the war) For example, around the back of Clickimin loch where there are old derelict war buildings and of course the collapsed old shooting range where bullets can still be found. What was the old concret war shelter at the bottom of the Staney Hill road all about? Clearly that was quite an important strategic area of Lerwick. - A book was recently published entitled: North Atlantic at War. (I can't remember the author, although its on my bookehshelf!!) However, the book provides some excellent information about Shetland, Orkney and Faroe during World War Two. In this book, there is an excellent photograph of two high up British officers looking out on Lerwick and the Sooth mooth from the top of Staney Hill. It is amazing how in the passage of time, some things do not change. However, my point is that this photo alone shows just how important this area of Lerwick is, and how an invation was expected at one stage - with Shetland beings a likely stepping stone for the Germans onto the rest of the UK. - The above is equally the case with Lambeness in Unst which would have obviously been the first port of call for any invasion from Norway. If you are ever at Skaw beach in Unst, take a walk out to the point past the beach and you will see another old war time building which must have been some kind of look out post for German activity? - Some of the troops based here were based in nisson huts up the back of Haldane Burgess Cresent area, and also in the current George V playing fields. - There was a German Heinkel attack over Lerwick early no in the war. One of the planes was shot down and the pilots captured. Who can tell any more about this? - Does the Run Rabbit song really originate in Shetland? Who can tell us more?? - There is also a shooting range at the opposide from Voe across Olna firth voe. Who can tell us more about this?? Which troops trained there? - Then of course the flying boats based at Sullom Voe? Who can also tell us more about this? In the book as mentioned above, there is a photograph of a service dance that was held in the Sullom area which gives indication as to the amount of activity that happened there during World War Two. - In addition, was there not a German plane attack on Skerries lighthouse in which there were fatalaties? Equally, I am aware of a German mine that also came ashore at the Sletts in Lerwick killing a local man who happened to be passing? All this information if there physically and mentally around us - but there is surely going to be a huge job brining it to life and ensuring that as much as possible is recorded. But, it will be worth it in the end. Without running the risk of being labelled a hypocrite, we have a terrible tendency in this country to become obsessed with the war in the wrong context ie. we were the victors and we should be always proud of that. However, for our heritage is is important to find out more about all of these things and suitably record them surely (without running the risk of being labelled a trainspotter!!)
  6. I saw a UFO on Up Helly AA night. He needed to turn his torch a bit however.
  7. With the opening of the new museum and archives on the horizon, I am sure that there will be a distinctive section on Shetland during World War One and World War Two. Hopefuly this will be a proper designated section with audio visual etc. However, more generally, this is part of Shetlands history which I often feel is overlooked. We always keen to speak about the fishing, social and 'norse' and now even oil history - all of which I am sure will be very well catered for in the new Museum and Archives. All of these are very deserving. However, concentration Shetland during both wars is equally deserving. I am sure that it is given a pride of place, but perhaps not so that other areas since it perhaps is not so much linked to tourism. Looking at Orkney we can see how central both World Wars were to the history and development of that community. Ok, admitednly we did not have the UKs Naval base on our doorstep here in Shetland during both World Wars. Nevertheless, our local population was almost doubled during World War Two. Equally, we were in a very very important strategic location in both World Wars- we only need to look at the guns at both ends of Bressay, Anderhill in Bressay, and Lambaness in Unst to see to what extent military bases were on our islands. The problem is though - we want to know more about these - and I don't think any thorough account has yet been done. What about the huge regiment of Local Gordon Highlanders who left our islands to go to World War One. Could not a temporary section at new M&A be dedicatd to them? Just a few examples. Appart from some of the James W Irvine works, and the the David Howarth books, I don't feel that has been a proper, all an encompassing concise book written on Shetlands World War One/Two history. Certainly there have been many books, but all just paint different pictures rather than painting one big picture. Perhaps this is something that could be developed further when the new M&A gets fully off the ground.. Linked to the above, it would be good to see a book developed on the what various buildings throughout Shetland were used for during the war? I wonder to what extent the professionals have done any sort of audit of all the information that is out there? This could include information on tank traps such as those up Ladies Drive, what certain buildings were used for, as well as details of War Memorials, linkages to communities etc. etc. Therefore, on this basis, would it not be a good idea for users of this forum to add some ideas and thoughts which the experts resopnsible for the new museum could tap into? Otherwise, as the years progress and people further are no longer with us, further records could be lost. I have full confidence that our excellent local Archives service has covered much of the information that I mention. However, it would be worth doing some further probing to see what is out there. In addition, the new M&A could have a section dedicated to Shetlands participation in all wars - whethor this be the war with the Dutch; Napoleonic Wars and the The Boer War. WW1 & WW2 could perhaps be incorporated as part of this?? Lets see if we can give the professionals some further ideas and feedback.
  8. Should we really be caring what George Galloway says - the man is clearly an idiot who cares about no one appart from himself and his own ego. He shouldn't be given the time of day in my opinion.
  9. Germany is undoubtdely a great country - one of the best there is in Europe. And..........you know that reason why it is so great - because there are no English people! In terms of rudness and annoying habits on holiday, the English are far more irritating than than the Germans - despite that myth that the like to creat. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti English per say, nor any SNP supporter. However, I just get extremely tired of their constant sniping and put down of the Germans. This reflects bad on the UK as a nation. The problem with this country - especially England - is that we're still obsessed with the war. We live too much in the past. Ok, we must learn from the past - as the Germans have done - but not live in it. We should respect our war veterins, but you really have to question whethor or not we still make too big a deal out of World War Two - socially, politically and in our outlook towards Europe?? We should never forget, but we perhaps should look very very carefully at how we continually 'celebrate' and go on about World War Two. Since we won the war, with the help of the USA of course, we feel that we seemingly have to continually go on about it and make sure that the Germans know about it!! I think that during the World Cup, we can expect some of the material to be written in our press and spoken about in our media about the Germans to be verging on racisit. On this basis, you really have to look at which country has TRULY moved on since the dark days of World War Two!
  10. There only is one ever greatest drummer, and that has to be Keith Moon.
  11. Go on Peter - keep up the good work, your a great man!
  12. Chris Hodge should be provided with an award for broadening the scope of private sector business in Shetland.
  13. Perhaps we should cull some of those Ness farmers?[/img][/url]
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