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  1. most o da good bands ir been mentioned,ac/dc,led zeplin,deep purple,motorhead,etc etc,nae body's mentioned thin lizzy,good guitar stuff.
  2. thanks,but i hae recordins o dat tunes,da only ider tunes i ken o aboot finnigert is twa dit cam tae me when i wis dere,"DA ROD TAE FINNIGERT, and GRANNY TROW",but a'm afraid dey're only in my head,i kanna right doon music,and a'm no great at playin it eider.mind you you're no ment tae share tunes dit da trows teach you , is da monkey puzzle still living too?
  3. some of the piles of stones on hill tops etc are burrials,i know of 4 such piles on the west hill of tingwall.some standing stones are remnants of boundry dykes,sometimes the big standing stones are all that's left of these dykes,but sometimes you can see the line of the dyke on the ground,i know of 2 examples of this. but there are other examples of standing stones which stand alone,the "murder stone" in tingwall is one,the definative reason for this stone is still kinda up for debate,but people certainly used it as a marker,possably a boundry,and a meeting place among other reasons.they still do.
  4. dere might be nae ghosts dere,but i widna pit bets on dat,but dere's certainly trows,dey left me wi twartree exellent tunes,da rod tae finnigert, an granny trow,bein a cupple o dem,i see sum o me trees ir still livin
  5. does onybody ken da origins o kale casting? (***Mod Edit - Merged with existing two threads***)
  6. we needed tae buy a 1 meter square bit fae a wife so dit we could widen a road,she widna sell it for less than £2000, excellent garden by the way,good luck wi da land
  7. can sumbody tell me "WHAT IS GOOD AGRICULTURE LAND"? I always thought it was land fur growing crops,eftir aa dat is da defination o agriculture.aa ider land in shetland is used fur grazeing animals.as far as planning permision goes i agree dit houses etc shood not be built on land dit is bein used fur growin crops,but if you rule oot aa da ider ground as GOOD AGRICULTURAL GROUND dan you can rule oot da whole o shetland,because dere's animals eating girs everywhar,even on da tap o sum sea stacks whar girs grows.think aboot it.
  8. an old map o wirs said da tingwall loch is 50 faddoms deep.wi a lang line an weight we could only fin a 26 faddom deep bit.far below sea level. also is yun sam kindo fish no in nyugals water too?
  9. that's just one version of the origine of that stone,i'm not sure anybody knows its true purpose,or even its true age.
  10. i tink we all agree noo,we did set aff twartree in mid december,we wir simply unaware dit we had tae tell onybody,we thought fok wid ken da diffrence atween flairs an lantrens.seemingly dey dunna. da last twa lots we set aff we did notify da cg although wan o dat lot we hed tae abandon cus it wis to windy,but we even telt da cg dat. shurly aabody'll pee streight noo.an as fur onybody dit thinks we wir daft fur no kening,weel a'm sorry,we'll aa hae tae try an be as perfect as you fae noo an on.
  11. my sister caught 15 mice in a humane trap,i asked her whar she wis slipping dem,"in da steedin"she said.so i asked her tae pent da nixt een wi stock marker spray.guess whit,da nixt een she caught wis pentit.tout it wis dat daft it wis funny,da moos wid ging intae her hoos fur meat dan she wid pit him home. da best thing i fin tae pit in traps is da caramel fae twix,chew it first dan stick it tae da trap,can be used time eftir time,a'm caught 14 sae far,in plastic traps,aa dead. strange wan when i hed a croft oot wast,i caught a frog in dat trap. even stranger wis when me bridder caught a pollcat in a rat trap in his sitting room.
  12. good een tingwalllllass,keep up da good wark,
  13. oops,ya but dey wir afil bonnie.an nothin wis hurt in da prosess.
  14. is it possable that the norse ting is connected with the south american tinku? i know there were possable cultural links in myths and legends,and both festivals have similar uses,but did they influence each other?or did these two festivals start independantly?
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