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  1. Sorry I should have clarified that I was trying to buy them privately as, in my experience, the kale plants have been both cheaper and healthier bought privately than the ones at the Planticrub. (I have no issue with the Planticrub plants generally, this is just what I have found with the kale in past years). But thanks for letting me know as I didn't realise they had them in yet, it looks like I will be going in there for some soon.
  2. Anyone selling any this year? Have been keeping my eye on the shetland times, and put a wanted ad on the classifieds on here and still no result. Any ideas?
  3. If you dig them up and they are going spare we would take them happily - we lost a lot of our lovely big rhubarb patch to the late freeze last year.
  4. Echo the others with lupins and geraniums, also fuschia seem to grow really well up here too.
  5. England (2), although I see myself as British.
  6. Does anyone know of anywhere that actually stocks mosaic tiles rather than having to order them in? I just need one or two sheets but really need them asap (before friday ideally!), I have advertised in the classifieds of course but was just wondering if I don't get a response on there if anyone knows of any shops up here than actually stock them rather than needing to order them in. Am not that fussy on colour so long as they do not clash with brown/turqouise/blue-grey. Or of course if anyone happens to have any left over from a project (doesn't need to be whole sheets, can be cut ones) drop me a pm
  7. I'm pleased to report they are off to a lovely new home this weekend - sad to see them go but very relieved we have found them a nice new home.
  8. No its not a good time of year for sending livestock south, I haven't put them onto NEEPS for that reason. Thanks for the good wishes
  9. Have also put this in classifieds but thought I would ask in here too just in case you know of anyone looking? Just testing the water really to see if there is a good home out there for a lovely pair of goats. Beauty is approx 5 yrs old and is black & white, Gonzalez is her son and is 2 yrs old and white, she is very friendly and affectionate, he is a bit shy but with a bit more handling will really come out of himself as he likes people and is very used to them, just not great to catch (largely my fault as he is so good at following his mum that I never really bother leading him, he just follows). Both fine to have feet done etc and are used to dogs and kids, Beauty in particular is very fond of kids, G is a bit shy but completely safe with them and will eat out of their hands. Neither headbutt or are at all aggressive or hard to handle. They are sadly available as we just do not have the time to do them justice and this early cold snap has made them drop a bit of weight and I want them to have a good cosy home before winter really sets in - their stable from last year is not available now so they only have their summer shelter at the moment, and we just don't have the time to build something else for them as we have a baby due in 2wks. (If we do not find a home don't worry - my husband will just have to spend some of his paternity leave goat shed building! ). Beauty is not in kid but has had healthy kids in the past, including Gonzalez, and is a good mother. They get on well and must go together to a pet/milking home. Anyone have any ideas of where I might find them a good home? Not interested in money, just want a good home for them. Thanks
  10. We trained our whippet to leave our free range chickens alone using the above method, despite the breed being notorious for chasing small fluffy/feathery things, he has lived with freerange chickens in the garden for 2 years now and runs unsupervised with them and has never harmed a single one. Not that I would advocate getting as complacent as that with someone else's sheep, no matter how good the dog. Labs are usually ok with good training and plenty of exercise.
  11. I never even thought of the garden centres, if we do pursue the pond route then we'll pop along to Tingwall. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. No I haven't, had no idea where to start really looking for that sort of thing. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. Checked LBC, they no longer seem to stock pondliners, and much as I like goldfish and the idea of a pond I cannot really justify a considerable expense on a couple of goldfish... Does no-one know where else I might be able to get a large plastic tank (of the kind you see everywhere up here being reused but no-one seems to have going spare at the moment) have tried advertising on here and have been up to the tip following a suggestion - they had one but it has gone now?
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