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  1. No doubt some would try to drive over the grassy bit here. lol.
  2. Thank you Twerto, if its half as good as the Sound park it'll be lovely. Certainly a huge improvement on the rough boggy area there before these improvements.
  3. He may well get cleared in the court but I wouldn't have voted for him had I know this.
  4. Does anybody know what happening with that big swale with water in it on the North side of the road up the hill. The road that's closed off. Are they going to make something like that bonny park at the Sound roundabout?
  5. Are the three who voted yes willing to reveal themselves? lol.
  6. There is plenty room to negotiate the roundabout and visibilty is really good. The roundabout will certainly be needed for traffic coming from the new AHS onto Lochside. Getting out of the t-junction at Clickimin Centre on to Lochside is a nightmare at busy times so imagine what it would be like at the new AHS junction if it was a t-junction instead of a roundabout. I'm more worried that 3 folk answered 'yes' on this poll
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