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  1. Don't forget we are also the "beneficiaries of slavery" . This would have been news to my great grandfather as he and his family (including my grandfather) were turfed out of the family croft to make way for the laird's sheep.
  2. I sometimes wonder when/if IT will ever get past the stage of fixing things that ain't broke. The old system for ads was way better imo.
  3. Ghostie, I think the answer to your question above is "any age greater than that of the complainer at any given time" It is my belief that long after all the other "isms" have been banished from society, ageism will still persist.
  4. I think that if you are going to start looking for politicians to be honest with us then you (and we) are in trouble. Barack Obama (22 January 2009) "Guantanamo will be shut down within one year" Hillary Clinton (17 march 2008 & other dates) on arriving in Bosnia "under sniper Fire"
  5. Kind of ironic as hedgehogs were originally introduced around the middle of the 19th C (in Tingwall) for the purpose of pest control if I remember right. The history of alien species introduction is not exactly glorious - cane toads in Australia anyone?
  6. Anybody know if you can get shoe repair work done in Shetland in the absence of Jackys? Many thanks
  7. In my view this was always going to happen, it happens elsewhere as turbine design evolves. What the carefully designed graphic underplays is that the new sizing makes for a total height in excess of 500 feet in old money, and by definition they are built on high ground to start with. Having seen various onshore windfarms on mainland scotland I'm not at all sure everybody realises what the scale of visual impact is going to be. A number of applications on the mainland have been rejected on grounds of impact on areas of natural beauty but apparently that doesn't apply to Shetland.
  8. Seems to be All Quiet on the Western Front here. Anybody know what the latest is on Sumburgh parking charges?
  9. On behalf of our local cormorant community, I should assert that cormorants have Rights too. Eating of non-consenting cormorants is clearly a serious abuse of the appropriate legislation. Further, salting them is surely a further outrage. Don't the inhabitants of Unst know that salt is bad for their health and soon to be made illegal? I propose the missing PC be replaced by a new enhanced official position of Cormorant Rights Commissar to monitor these abuses.. This would have the added advantage of boosting the Unst economy by adding to employment opportunities .It would also bring high speed broadband to Unst as the new post would require proper communications with HQ in Lerwick. (Unfortunately this facility would not be available to civilians, i.e. the rest of us).
  10. The charge is being introduced without any prior warning or consultations with either politicians or the wider community. Meanwhile we learn from the MD of HIAL that the company "is committed to being open and transparent in its operations" Don't you just love this stuff? Do universities now run degree courses in CorporateSpeak?
  11. No hassles but they do appear attracted to anybody driving a pickup
  12. Yes I wish Admin were a bit quicker to respond to this stuff. What worries me is that it is the trusting people who think that everybody else is nice who get conned. Leaving the ads up on the website can be construed as approval.
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