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  1. parcelmonkey.com and it is picked up by the posty
  2. Maybe trump is not such a nutjob for pulling out of a meaningless agreement.
  3. We still don't know if anyone has enquired of the landowner what they want to do with the land, at the moment it is on free lease for educational purposes, if not used for education then it may well cost a fortune before a turf is turned.
  4. "Columbus was next (weather) which was rubbish as she was at Foula at 10 the night before, no weather issues there. She went to Kirkwall because she could moor alongside, for us lacking (facilities)." I doot dey didna get alangside in Ham.
  5. It stood through the winter...with no cover! Do you seriously believe that it would last even a force 7 if it was sheeted? You'd have made a better attempt at defending your buddy if you'd simply stayed quite on this. Your involvement and reputation isn't going to gain him any sympathy. get over yourself. i was not defending him nor is he my "buddy" i was just stating a fact. fact is it stood the winter better than th £4.5 million interpretive centre a few mile further sooth.
  6. The biggest problem we will face will be from politicians and media desperate to keep us in the EU at any cost. I heard a report on the BBC today warning of cream shortages by the end of the year due to the negative effects of brexit. While what is really happening is UK dairy farmers are receiving historically high prices for dairy fats, and there is now opportunity for the UK dairy in dustry to expand after years of EU enforced decline.
  7. If da land at da Anderson high is used for anything other as education it will be returned to P&O who let us use it rent free at da moment.
  8. More like it has moved to Poland because the Norwegians don't want it in their fjords anymore.
  9. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/185827?reveal_response=yes
  10. To be honest most of scotland knew the figures were nonsense 55.3% of them at least.
  11. You have as much chance if not more of being dragged over the side than falling over the side, and in that case a lifejacket is a hindrance to your survival not an aid.
  12. Seems to me there was plenty of competition just most of the bidders were ruled out by holyrood as being unsuitable including P&O a company with a long a sucsesful history on the route.
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