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  1. Consider earnings against the cost of living and using that benchmark then the above comments by ghostrider is entirely correct. Many standard products and foodstuffs have risen 3 fold over last 20 odd years but average wages certainly have not, having been depressed by the massive surplus of foreign labour from cheaper economies - Supply and demand.
  2. If Brexit was the apex, why is the 3 points you make (with which I agree) happening across the Western style democracies, the commonwealth..etc...?
  3. Disagree, there is an ongoing growth in people making sustainable choices in food purchase, sustainable in that buying Shetland produce first followed by British is what we should all be doing. The power is always in the hands of the consumer. If we all adopt that mind set the local producers will flourish and without subsidy if we process less tax through inefficient supra national politburos.. By the way, supermarket freezers have been full of New Zealand lamb for years and many other globally sourced food stuffs line supermarket shelves, the choice has been there for many decades
  4. Capeesh - If you ever end up purchasing a chemical rubbery lamb roast for you Sunday dinner whilst local produce is available - That will have been your choice and your fault
  5. It surely a positive sign that equal rights are well established when all there is to greet about is no getting to spend a single Tuesday night of a Shetland winter, inebriated in the back of a truck and briefly wandering about in da wind a rain we a burning stick speaking a load of excrement. Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia.......... Where are all the Pusey hats ?
  6. A must see - brexitthemovie.com
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