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  1. I have just had my second vaccine injection which was the same as the first one and was told that whatever you got the first time you will get the same the second time.
  2. Does anyone know that if here on Shetland they are giving different doses of the vaccine. If you get the Pfizer one to start with will you get the Astra one for the second shot.
  3. When in the past has Scotland been greater than it is today.
  4. The people of Scotland in the near future will not be interested whether the Royal family stays or goes as Scotland will be independent and will have a president. Wales will do the same and have its own president and if Shetland breaks away it too can have a president. I also read that Cornwall would like independence so it too would have a president. I do live in interesting times.
  5. It is all very well quoting what we give them but it must be balanced against what they give us, Tourism etc and also including how they make a lot of people feel in being different from most other countries who do not have a Royal family / If Mr Blair had had his way some years ago we would have by now a president. Would we have liked to have Mr Blair as president. I do agree with anyone who thinks that the Royal family should be pared down but I do think that we are better with them.
  6. Unless there are figures to prove whether they cost us money or not it is impossible to say if they should stay or go. It is easy to point the finger and criticize but you do need facts. I do think that they do not cost us as much as some of the schemes that our leaders have come up with over the years and that the money for these schemes have just been written off. It has been said this morning that the Test and Trace is not fit for purpose and that has cost billions. And the Royals may not cost us anything.
  7. Thank you for your input but that does not really tell me what it costs per individual, How many pounds a week would I be better off if they were not there / I do not know but I expect it is much less than a lot of people would think. Somebody out there must have worked it out.
  8. Has anybody got any figures for what it costs us to have a Royal family and how much do they bring into the country due to tourism etc. Would each of us be better off if we had a president or would it make no difference to us. The president would of course scam the system and would likely do jail time
  9. weel sed colin / documents rittin oou by solisitors is nae doot gramaticaly corect but ye canna unerstand it / i bet that you can unerstand this
  10. I do nort care aboot grammmmar or speelling stop
  11. most people do not use or understand grammer stop as long as the message is understandable that is ok stop people who text do not use grammer and do not spell words correctly stop shetland dialect broken english need i say more stop
  12. We are all foreigners / We came from Mars a very long time ago.
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