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  1. weel sed colin / documents rittin oou by solisitors is nae doot gramaticaly corect but ye canna unerstand it / i bet that you can unerstand this
  2. I do nort care aboot grammmmar or speelling stop
  3. most people do not use or understand grammer stop as long as the message is understandable that is ok stop people who text do not use grammer and do not spell words correctly stop shetland dialect broken english need i say more stop
  4. We are all foreigners / We came from Mars a very long time ago.
  5. i TaKE It tHAT the setlanD DILekt is EXeMpt / If ThE PNcuatiN Is ALL WRONg I cAN STil uNdeSTAND it WhI canna dae we THEdIlct stufF.
  6. He has to fight the Democrats on everything but still has done more than either Obama or Clinton.
  7. Should have kept the greenhouses at Tingwall and where are the allotments.
  8. tarsus


    Hello, As you do not live in Scotland are you still allowed to use the NHS for medical/dentistry care etc.
  9. The people of Shetland and their descendants are going to regret not mounting a more vigorous opposition to the the wind farms. I have no doubt that a lot of people have not concerned themselves too much as the wind farm is not on their doorstep but over time more will appear and they will be on your doorstep, IT IS NOT TOO LATE.
  10. With the number of stabbings what is the opinion of people who are reading this about self defence. Is it not time for the public to be allowed to carry some sort of weapon. I do not mean fire arms. For defence only I can think of a few which would perhaps stop an attacker and maybe save lives. The person with the knife can end up dead but at the start of the attack the person with the knife does have the advantage, pepper spray nunchakus. You can of course carry a stout staff/walking stick.
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