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  1. Ghost rider I read what he wrote and it was bigoted,end of. I enjoyed your interpretation though cheers.
  2. Why you asking me this? What's the relevance to the point I made?
  3. Ghostrider obviously had a wee spiel you have been desperate to get out! As for my original point, Kavi is bang out of order saying what he did!
  4. Are you justifying insulting me and my family and lots more Scots all over the world?
  5. It's blatantly bigoted!!! To say a race of people are good for nothing else and think it's not bigoted is just stupid!
  6. Are you saying that's the only thing Scots are good at Scorrie?...... Careful now your showing yourself as quite ignorant there!
  7. Kavi,seems all your Good at is being a bigot!! "The only thing the Scots are Good at is fighting amongst themselves",Fair play to debate but when you start insulting a whole race of people just shows you for the bigoted ass you are!! Whatever the outcome of the vote I hope bigots like you crawl back in to the holes they came from.
  8. Totally agree. Never realised it was just for accommodation.
  9. That's fair then, thought it was for everything.
  10. Really like shetlink but thought it was a bit steep. I understand you do a great service and need to get paid but was surprised by how much.
  11. Posted advert on shetlink and cost £9.99! Why so much
  12. One of the best we found were ecology mortgages. Depends on kind of house your building though, worth a look.
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