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  1. HI I recently bought a kestrel sailing dinghy. The sails seem to come from another boat as the main is numbered M73, which does not seem to belong tp the kestrel series. The boat once had a light blue deck and a yellow hull but now as a dark blue hull and a white deck. Does anyone know any of its history as I am keen to know more about it. e.g. its number? what happened to the old sails? etc. Are there any other kestrels in Shetland? Cheers Neil
  2. vespaneil

    works league

    The works league is a great place for young players to learn the game and for old guys, like myself, to keep fit. It is even good for the young fat lads to lose a few pounds. This year I have seen too many A grade players coming down two leagues to run rings around people. I fail to see how they can sleep at night. I hope they enjoy looking at their silverware for years to come and that they will always remember where they played at the peak of their footballing careers. I hope the spirit of the works league comes back next season.
  3. Shetland is Shetland because we look after our heritage and way of life. Why are these services being attacked? Beggars belief. Surely the council could save money by not forking out for such a big new High school. Oh I forgot ......that would take joined up thinking.
  4. loaded questions are not proper negotiations.
  5. Can anyone help. Recently I went over to the wee island in Clickimin Loch. To my amazement I saw mini rail tracks that seem to go from a wee peir or bridge right across the wee island. Can anyone tell me what they were used for? Bemused Neil
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