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  1. Just to clarify - the Maternity department at GBH always has been a place where low risk women give birth. If there are any complications then you should be in Aberdeen. In Shetland there is no Obstetrician, no Paediatrician and no Neonatal unit. I agree that it is difficult for partners having to pay for travel and accommodation, but if you lived on the Mainland of Scotland and needed specialist care in a large hospital, then you wouldn't expect the NHS to pay for your travel. Come on folks, you have months of preparation for a baby coming, put a few pounds away each week and you will have money for an emergency ticket. Remember that the NHS is not a bottomless pit of money and the TV and fan in your room was probably donated by some kind person.
  2. Had a phone call the other day from a research company in Inverness. They were asking questions about Northlink. Apparently they are considering 'Dynamic pricing' same as airlines, so if you book early you get a cheaper fare, book at the last minute, then you pay through the nose for a ticket. I strongly disgree with that way of pricing, it should be the same for everyone. Not something that I feel should be considered, we pay enough to travel south as it is! Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, since we switched to digital we seem to only reliably get BBC1 and BBC2, sometimes not even ITV or Channel 4! We get our signal from fitful head and use a freeview box on our main telly and a new tv with built in freeview as our second telly. Any ideas? do you think we need a new ariel? I have tried re tuning both of the tv's and it hasn't helped.
  4. As far as I am aware, the hospital is making some rooms available in a ward that is usually closed. They will only accommodate the pregnant woman, partners and children cannot stay. I am not sure if there are any kitchen facilites available. Check with your Midwife or Maternity , but I think that is reasonably up to date info. I know it doesn't make life very easy, but the Red Cross House is very good for allowing you to cancel bookings at short notice.
  5. Hot pineapple juice is very soothing. If you need to take a pain killer, then soluble paracetamol will be ok if you are breastfeeding. Hope that helps.
  6. The Islands accommodation at AMH is closing on 23rd Nov for a period of about 4 months for refurbishment. So far it hasn't been clarified what will be on offer for parents to be.
  7. I did notice that Tesco is closed on weds, so I presume that the Co op is as well, so not worth going to Lerwick for shopping anyway!
  8. Hi, just wondering how many of us in Shetland have this debilitating condition? Are you using a SAD light and does it help your symptoms? Am considering getting a SAD light, but as they are very expensive, could do with some recommendations. Thanks.
  9. The following taken from Grampian website, don't know if Woodend has this installed. Mind and tell your folks that it costs the same as a mobile to phone you, so can be very expensive. But worth it so you can stay in touch I suppose. Like one of the other suggestions, I would take my mobile and just keep it on silent. That's what I did when in hospital last time in Lerwick. Patientline® is now available as an option to patients on some of our wards. This system lets you make and receive phone calls from your bedside. Family and friends can call you directly at your bedside, using your personal Patientline® number. If you have to move to a different ward during your stay, your Patientline® account moves with you. Outgoing telephone calls are charged at 26p per minute. Incoming calls are charged to the caller at 39p per minute off peak times and 49p per minute at peak times. The answer phone and messaging services are free. The Patientline® system also gives you access to 33 TV channels, 5 radio channels, internet and e-mail facilities and 8 games. The radio channels are available for free. All the other services (excluding phone calls) cost £2.90 for 24 hours, £7.00 for a 3 day package (saving you £1.70) or £10.00 for a five day package (saving you £4.50). As well as offering the radio channels for free, Patientline® offer a number of other free services including 1 hour of free TV each day at breakfast-time and free TV for children up to and including 16 years of age (until 9pm). Vending machines have been installed in public areas throughout the hospitals so that you or your relatives can purchase cards which will enable you to use the services available. Credits for using the system can also be purchased using your credit or debit card at your bedside unit. You will receive information on using Patientline® when you enter hospital. Information leaflets are also available in public areas of the hospitals.
  10. Hi Frances, are you sure that they gave you the correct ones? I would be tempted to phone head office at Boots and get them to send you some by quickest post, either to Shetland or to you in hospital. You could also ask if you can get a supply from the Physio dept at GBH as it refers to a health Problem. I presume they could charge, but might have the correct size for your machine. HTH
  11. Hi, I got my AEG washing machine from the Hydro online as it was about £100 cheaper than in the shop!! When I asked if the store would price match it was a definate no, so they lost out on business. However I had to manage without a machine for about a week, but that was ok. I have had it for several years with no bother and warranty has now expired. needed a small repair recently, so got Sean at Appliance Rescue to repair. He is very good and seems to charge reasonably. I was in Tesco today and noticed they had some large screen TV's, not sure of the make or price. I would always do an internet search for the best prices and see if you can speak to the stores directly as you may be able to negotiate on delivery cost etc. Ask to speak to a supervisor if you don't get anywhere. John lewis do not charge for delivery to Shetland and I see that M&S are doing electrical goods now. HTH.
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