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  1. This is in a garden, (not a croft), the fences are all fallen down and animals are everywhere, the animals walk around the hills, over the main road and other folks property. They should have to at least have the animals fenced in, surely! .
  2. What can you do about messy people who use there garden as a junk yard, these guys are the real deal, life of grime comes to mind. Old wrecks of cars, animals everywhere not fenced in and any junk out their house just gets thrown into the front or back garden, I mean it looks like a total junk yard. I cant stand to look at the place when I go for a walk and I have to walk past it, their must be something you can do about this. It's there kids I feel sorry for, I would nearly think the garden is unsafe for kids to play in. these people own the house. They are not terrible people, just messy
  3. I'm looking into putting a conservatory onto our house to create some extra room. Would they be any use with the severe weather we have? Any advice, where best to buy, costs etc would be great
  4. I would love a Weatherspoons in town. They are far cleaner than what I've seen in some restaurants/pubs here. Some restaurants I'd even put off going to the toilet!!! and the amount of times i've had to scrub down the highchairs is unreal They would also, hopefully be open longer than the usual 12-2 that we are used to. The amount of times I go into the town to do my bits and bobs and before I know it, its coming up to 2pm and I've not ate so I end up sitting in the car with the kids and a chippy or sandwich. It would be great to get a nice big place, espcially if it had on of those indoor playcentres (like brewers fayre pubs have) for children as there is nothing that great here that you can sit in and have a cuppa whilst the kids tire themselves out in the play area and you get peace to have a cuppa and a meal I would actually go out more if there was a nice place to sit in but at the moment restaurant visits are very rare in town as I'd opt for a takeaway and ejnoy it in my own clean home
  5. he went their and they where very helpfull
  6. Scottish Hydro..... It was the manager so he said, my boyfriend was their 12.24 at shop was shut, he said to the man "theirs still five minutes till you close i just drove all the way from ........... i just wanted to look at the chest freezers" the so called manger said in a rude manner " NO it's half past i'm the manager and we go with my watch around here" showing me his mobile which should me 12.29 (still early) so my boyfrien went their 5 mins early for it opening since we where going with the so called managers watch and guess what it never opened till 13.30 on my boyfriends watch. i no it's only 5 mins but when your catching ferrys and stuff it's not very good. anyway my boyfriend got in and guess what they never even had chest freezers in. i think the so called mangager could have said. thats twice we've left that shop meaning to buy something and gone somewhere else because of that man. will never shop in that shop again. that man needs a customer care course. the man need's a customer care course...
  7. thats him gone back to hydro after lunch. can you believe it. they don't have chest freezers in stock. it would've taken two seconds to say that do my boyfriend at the door
  8. my boyfriend has just gone into town to look at the price of a freezer we had our eye on we'd been down the other day and looked at prices for a washing machine and cooker too. but our main thing is a freezer just now he was just wanting a price then to go to tesco then come back after lunch to buy. he knows it shuts at 12.30 so he got into the street and at hydros door at 12.25 and was met by a very rude chap. he said he just wanted to look at the price for a freezer and the man said we're closed. to which he said you don't close till half past and its only 12.25, i just want to look at the price then come back later. to which the man said going by my watch its lunch time and locked up so we'll be getting our freezer, washing machine and cooker elsewhere. the same happened a few months ago when we were looking for a TV and dishwasher. went into hydro expecting to buy then the staff were that rude we went to george robertsons who sorted us out with our dishwasher that day and folk wonder why we look elsewhere or south for services i think though, down south the staff are to pushy and its all target driven. where as up here its very laid back and you feel like your annoying staff if you ask for advice. theres no happy medium
  9. also, if i had the money i'd pay for the drugs test myself and for more police dogs to be patroling all the island ferries this place is just riddled with the stuff and its very very sad
  10. What really annoys me is I'm on the dole and have been hoping to get back into work for the last few months after having a baby and there is people I know fine well who take drugs several times a week getting good jobs with good pay that they'll probably be in for life with the council and here's me struggling, not taking drugs and no job. and these jobs are supposed to do drugs tests. and these folk are passing the tests. how are they doing that. i'm not speaking about smoking joints. some folk are taking lines of stuff Coke/speed in the morning before they go into their job just to get through the day as for local football teams i was speaking to a family member and was shocked to hear that certain teams are the worst
  11. Pam

    NHS Shetland

    hi thought i'd put my bit in here from my experience so far of the nhs moved up here to be closer to my family. heard so much about how shetland is soo much better than south for things like nhs, schooling, council etc etc well when i was living south i was due for a ct scan, as i was pregnant they wanted me to hold off till the baby was born. baby was born up here and days after my due date i recieved a letter to my old address from the hospital south wanting me to go for my ct scan. as i lived here i cancelled. thinking i wont have long to wait up here since i'd been hearing how local services are so good then i got a letter from the hospital up here saying there is an 18 week waiting list for ct scan... when i got it and told folk they thought the whole of shetland must be going for a scan!!!! at the time i wish i'd just gone south for my original appointment so i could get on with my treatment however, even though there was a long wait everything is getting investicated so got ct scan one day, blood tests next, and lung tests the next. which is good but also bad having to travel by ferry having 3 seperate appointments is costing a fortune on ferry fares. but is good its getting delt withafter a 18 week wait this isn't anything to do with the topic, but got a council house, its a tip, spent hundreds getting it into a decent move in condition. where as down south from friends who've had council houses. they've been cleaned, painted and anything fixed before moving in. you wouldn't get that here to sum it all up really, it doesn't matter where you stay the local services are going to be mince or will go good for some folk and like me you dont seem to have much luck with it!!!!
  12. Pam


    Can anyone recommend somone or somewhere in Shetland that does hypnotherapy and what they thought of it? (***Mod Edit - Merged with existing Hypnotherapy thread***)
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