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  1. True. So...has anyone written to Angela
  2. Probably something to do with the prevailing hurricane.
  3. Did anyone write to Angela Eagle?
  4. Main difference is that the haulier can't reclaim fuel duty whereas he could reclaim VAT so this means a higher cost to the haulier.
  5. What are we going to do with all the empty prisons?
  6. It would hardly be viable to operate a tanker just for one trip per month to Shetland with 2,000 tonnes of fuel. This requires a distributor who can make full use of the tankers delivering to all the ports in North of Scotland, but of course they have a monopoly, so our fuel will always cost more up here.
  7. It certainly doesn't cost 20p per litre to ship fuel to Shetland by tanker, but someone somewhere along the line is adding 20p to the price on the pretext that it is freight. The price differential used to be about 10p but now it's higher. The local service stations have always maintained that their margins are very low and that they are having to pay the higher price (delivery included) to their supplier. So if it's not the local service stations, then it has to be someone who is handling the fuel between the refinery (Grangemouth) and Shetland i.e. the distributors who either own and operate the tankers, or charter them. Just to put some perspective on this, assuming that there are about 8,000 cars in Shetand consuming about 50 litres per week. That's close to half a million litres per week and about two million litres per month. Two of the tankers that come up here, the Border Heather and Border Tartan, can carry 3,000 tonnes and 5,000 tonnes respectively. Assuming that they do a part delivery of 2,000 tonnes to Shetland per month that's 2 million litres per month at 20p = £400,000 extra charge for the privelege of delivering to Shetland. It certainly doesn't cost anything like that to run a relatively small vessel up to Shetland, so someone somewhere is creaming it. PS: I admit these figures are just estimates, but I think they're probably in the right area.
  8. The problem here is the extra charge levied by the tanker operators who deliver the fuel to Shetland, and not the local service stations. I don't understand why the politicians can't get a grip of this.
  9. Didn't someone once say that with Global Warming we would be able to grow grapes in Shetland? Well my grapes are feeling pretty sorry for themselves right now.
  10. We could have a trade agreement with King Calamity of Forwick.
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