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  1. Dear readers I was sad day to here scasta Airport to close. It was good for oil Industry and jobs in area north mainland, area solution for that if put on market min charge for operator of Airport without financial support from Local government. a lot British airport were sold small price conditions keep them open under private operators Shetland requires two airports By laws rules aviation must be second airfield in Shetland and why not scasta for passenger freights This would once again open tourism as people can fly in areas directly and hotels be back working not closing, Sic do not need be afraid have operator competitor to sum burgh Airport as North Link-Cal mac are two state companies but compete on operations, So Local Administration do same Local community Can take this airport at min charge get operator start keep it running this can be done 1-pound cost by a communities buy out, association can be formed and rent out to operator who will operate in completion sum burgh, plenty Aviation people support this project This been done all over UK on large airports so I recommend people north mainland look into this option To save scasta historical airport save its future get jobs back North Mainland
  2. II Yes I agree with your points. If Norwegian companies can put up 80% funding also private Investors put in 20% then let them start tunnels solve this ferries problems, for ferries to Aberdeen caithness were ever there plenty companies come operate these lines if door is open, already Orkney ferry operator willing to come in summer service to caithness, Government and SIC must open doors let people operate links do good service and cheaper to public, its proven tunnels works just local government afraid as they can’t build them self’s afraid let people do it and put delay in talks, there like going from horse to motor car first time in life, Norwegians are ready to cooperate in Shetland in fish factory’s tunnels there already in fish farms fishing vessels via loans, so sic don’t be afraid let investors in shetland help develop region houseing power stations what ever required
  3. Inter-Island ferry services It’s sad Scottish government don’t include in budget funds for inter-island ferries, as its live line to people in islands, but same time cheaper options must be looked at operate service. and for 15m per year from Scottish office and 7.5m toped up by Sic per year it’s not good value for monies. thus again option Sic must look at is following A put out to tender to professional operator come in with vessels operate service. Cut costs B give it to Scottish government to run it, ZetTrans do wonderful job but few in head of ever been to sea for practical experiences for other transport needs well Shetland is north to south east to west for buses this one hour job arrange bus time table but we have no bus station in lerwick?, aviation well airline operator looks after that, so why we Require ZetTrans? just say we have transport advisers? This one saving could be done by SIC yearly. one cannot compare western islands as they never had oil revenues like Orkney Shetlands good days have been when big monies were there SIC don’t think tunnels all this back then for future,good old days when they were investing in south Africa, were oil funds gone left 200m? can anyone see this material how was spent ? this as belonged to people of Shetland. main roads sullomvoe to lerwick was oil company paid most of it, so it makes wonder why SIC have so much power over this funds, Scottish government no way fools they can see what’s happening, Sic must Pull in belt and not cut small schools but cut their own spending on flights travel adviser departments as end day standard are under question why there really there for, SIC should not operate any service put to tender to save funds in interest of Shetland people Sic must change minds let private operators on isles let them get on with job,
  4. SV2019


    Hi Frances144 Yes Fly be are keeping Orkney Lines as they get more support there as login Air been Supported a lot over years by SIc as owners were most time Royal bank Scotland, I thought completion would be very good in business as end day flights get cheaper Now it go back after some time high costs again then they will ask more grants from government support for life line service, same song. as ferries, if don’t require or need tunnels two options A put ferries out 5 year tender operate service or let Scottish government run them there self-save local tax payers monies and use on better things, Orkney ready give ferries to Goverment to operate,so same Airlines let people come in islands operate routes
  5. Its good Orkney finally opened eyes and will give chance for scottish Goverment to take on job operate ferries save there own isles funds they can spend on other things, Maybe shetland can take alook at same thing ,even 5 year test see how things work, it seems work ok westcoast scotland,give them chance as at end day they have funds ,it looks like Northlink contract next round Goverment operate service them selfs as they do in west coast I say welcome to them,if tunnels are out of picture no other option for isles,
  6. Mr Brown I agree bridge idea not so good as many days of year it be closed due wind speeds thats why tunnels not depend on weather to cross, materials from tunnel can be used in road construction through isles, these tunnels take min 2 years to build each one and would employe alot of people in area during build this day of age not bad thing, new business would start in area as not so remote,but 10 years plan must be done on this to get people to area to invest, in projects
  7. Hi George I Agree some your points but future of Islands depend on people and Numbers If they keep falling or not going up Government will stop Giving more monies on ferries service it go to few ferries per day, and only way to get numbers up and family’s to stay on islands give conditions work places good transport links, but I am seeing that Sic try to centralize things that people are encouragement to move to lerwick Rural areas will slowly come fewer over time, Anderson High school is great 50 plus Million Costs for prefab building 25-max 30 years live span ,but same time they closed small schools, in rural areas, that’s how communities survive is by having schools post offices shops, when they close means village life is slowly stopping I sorry to say Rural Villages to me is very important in any country if their good means Government are good if there slow down means special program to cut them and centralization to town and they don’t want rural developments or work places or housing in that areas. this reality and Budgets go to Lerwick areas more for them . this Wrong in My books, Budgets are for all Shetlands, to develop Time people opened there eyes see this situation,even unst Airport could operate flight 1- 2 times per week to Aberdeen save people going all way south end by way weres marketing of transport to get people in out isles millions go to budget to zetrans what they do hire in counsultants give big fees, communites can give same advice even better there needs free of charge this airport is on hold by some people give it to airline operate service Get it working,such airlines operate all over world small airports List goes on Old saying if you depend on a fool represent you whats results end of day?? Zero thats why isles are 10 years behind sorry to say about my homeland
  8. Hi George I thank you for your Reply But in reality people be more free to attend classes or social events in lerwick and return home when they want and don’t depend on ferries its 24 hours service fixed links, lot young from outer isles get bored and if they want to go to lerwick evening must stay there overnight, same with workers if direct fixed links people can even work in lerwick return home night with good transport network,as buses depend on ferries running or not due to weather. Example there was meeting in shetland hotel for farmers crofter future of Shetland 7pm night how many people north isles could attend that to talk see their future in crofting? they could not attend as to late for ferries get back home ,I understand ferrie crews Employed By SIC cant voice there option regarding fixed links or some member communitie counsol or vote for it but time they thought for good of their communities Not there personal Interests JOBS for boys days must end, wages on ferries are quite good as people are home most evening and people who are on vessels for 6 plus months traveling ocean get same wages plus most ferrie men are crofters have second income so they live well other crofters struggle If community counselors don’t ask press they won’t get and isles get few fewer people then theres no need for ferries and go back 2 times per day crossings, scottish office will not give more monies for upgrade ferries when cheaper way better service can be done, its be cheaper them give 1m pounds each house hold live on mainland Shetland rather pay ferries costs sure they won’t do that. But if people want work in past ways its costly way WHO pays? I am from shetlands but see that there’s not ambition go ahead with transport systems also keep in mind if it was not Oil Shetland we had no good roads roads Sullomvoe to sum burgh still been narrow tracks the oil help pay it The old Sic members when oil come to islands got there Requirements for shetland people from big oil companies. they almost had free electrical power for old people low income on shetlands but then north Scotland hydro board threatened take away they network on isles lines old Sic although new to game developments were more active in getting needs that today and consolers at that time got basic fee attend meetings was not high like today wages officals get and travel perks Another example Gas plant sullom voe Sic could have got quota of gas from this plant had to module power plants on site make power for all shetlands such power plant 100m today, like shipping containers just hoock up to gas but government don’t want they want spend 1 billion sterling on cable to mainland. wind farms have come It has been proven not effective and bad for Enviromental now goverment are not supporting this much more : so you see Clever people. In thatcher time state only administrate she made them not to operate as it was lose better put to tender save monies as private can do cheaper so same ferries sic would save 7m year on this routes instead ad to budget better to put monies in tunnels not ferries open up isles get in Investors to fund Pulblic private partnerships way forward for all shetland they do it in scotland so dont be afraid in shetland. to do this
  9. Yes, I agree the bear 100% this lose to isles not been Able to get to sales with livestock, as a lot people hold stock back hoping prices go up. now there lost chance, I understand weather no one can controll but if been fixed link its don’t depend on weather, maybe really good idea to put out survey who like fixed links on islands, I understand ferries jobs would go but in building of tunnel 100s jobs be created on islands building them also there after they need maintained and security people. Isle people go for fixed links and future Islands develop and young generation have reasons for them to stay on island not move to Lerwick or south looking for work or study give them chance work on our isles I understand ferrie crews wont like i would be same but its time think all people needs as Throught times new ferries all will go up in prices even wages then service be reduced say monies thats what come to long term Sic and scottish office will not keep pumping monies into ferries ,they taxes property go up up and really north isles people should get tax relive on houses as there distance from main Facility’s of lerwick Taxes monies from rates of houses should remain in area to develope region min 10 years Why theres no Industrial sites in outer Isle were by companies set up business get zero taxes 10 years and employment of people if this happened it would double isle Population fast. and its not fairy tale idea as all across uk there economical zones for this,waken up please SIC with transportation needs of islands Hold you heads high front of people who votes you in, your chair and expects keep promises
  10. Hi Readers I think best option is to put to vote on Northern Isle what people of isles want letter to each house hold to tick box with options, as end day SIC must respect peoples wishes, I believe personally fixed links best, give locals chance of people move day or night and to Attract tourism and business to islands, Bura Isle has proven population went up in area as people can work were they wish don’t depend on ferries. With this Scottish office must respect people as well and find Eu and private public partnership to build tunnels, faro Islands also built there tunnels a long time ago but they were thinking of their people needs, I believe people must stand together advice SIC in writing with list people what they want, Not be told what they will get after all people voted for them run SIC for requirements of Shetland, Oil funds bring home to Shetland use for needful projects, No project over 5million should be done by Sic unless people Shetland advice benefits what help Isles. To much power by them using Shetland people oil funds Its sad see small schools closing there after next here 1.5m for clickmin centre who decides this funds is any one responsible for their actions or mistakes in SIC? Government and oil funds for all Shetlands so spread projects over islands inc housing, and let Private investors in help them Not just few thinking state Sic must do. As this a start of a form Communism by local government So I think Four options in wishes people A build new ferries links expensive way over 100 years’ costs? B Give out to tender ferries owners come with ship run service on 5-year contract. C give Scottish government to run service to requirement of Isles.No cost to SIC D fixed links public private partnership use min 100 years work places repairs a lot cheaper yearly 24-hour service were business can develop
  11. Can Anyone advice why SIC don’t go for tunnels? When Eu and Norwegian company both would fund most of it Yell one could drive and same Unst day or night don’t depend on whether to mainland Shetland, it be great I don’t believe people in North isle would object such service if built. I see in media Sic have been at Scottish office for ferries payments to Give more Funds , But do remember not long ago Scottish Government offered to take run ferries Directly. why Sic did not except this with conditions to run service? this would have cleared their liability’s financial, and monies could go in developing communities Sic do wonderful Job operating service but time let others run service, Dont Hold on to it. They could put service out to tender possible save few Millions per year usually people look at different options but not with ferries some reason they must hold it Any operator be Glad tender and operate such ferries operation on 5-year contract I welcome any comments on this as its strange situation this saga why tunnel option is of the talks and people Northern isles depend on weather and cant get there business in lerwick done as depend ferrie times return home as tunnel 24 hours aday
  12. Hi Readers Why Sic all time have to take control of Investment in Shetland? why they don’t ask Investors come into Shetland build with their own monies? this goes for a lot thing houses factories food productions can be done in Shetland give jobs to locals in areas, ship goods out shetland there’s no plans drawing up to help villages and north isles for next 10- 20 years, no were SIC have north Isles Westside small unites people could rent that I see. Everything done is for Lerwick. Rest Shetland people can struggle, please Make jobs in areas for people. Were they stay villages will Develop have jobs Scallaway fish market is very much required but out there is Investors who can build and costs locals nothing companies would give jobs to locals. Its seems if SIC don’t have finger in pie it’s no Go This why Shetland outside Lerwick not developed to well in outer regions, Example if Norwegians want build tunnel welcome them don’t close door get them to table for talks working ferries next 100 years depend on weathers and repairs new ferries is not so good. We getting left behind in progress,becuse few locals dont understand situation in tunnels thats the ones live in fear of developments of area and rather hold up progress it should be ashame for them rep people in such manner Maybe hard to say this but reality, if people want tunnels SIC must push for this its the will of people of shetland Its not private business they own and run them self SIC its state service of people requirments as elected Goverment of scotland and UK
  13. Housing and mixture of civic uses proposed for disused Anderson High School site ? well this seems to be plan from start housing idea from Sic in this area, when in fact they have land in area stanny hill for houses better keep such housing one location with good Infustrutcure place and not spoil nice scenic area with housing. Next to cemetery. I think this area better to be kept for social use for young and old centre for old people were they can Go in day time like a day centre with nice gardens planted trees, main buildings can be used for accommodation for people of Shetland and uk to come stay few days on holiday, at low costs. even people from islands would love come lerwick stay few days but accommodation is quiet high price these days hotels costly, I think SIC needs let people Shetland Decide what to do with this area as belongs to people and Sic Officials are appointed to represent people by their votes, and to hear people views, This project must be put to ballot vote were by all people Shetland can vote what to do, this not hard or costly excise as 25000 plus people on islands and papers can be sent each house hold with number options given as to use property, old Anderson high school nice old building better to keep as way it was outside with Gardens were people can enjoy looking outwards to bressey, enjoy area, I understand housing required in Lerwick But last 20 years Sic have kicked their heels with planning permissions in area for developers In UK plenty companies developers come put houses up for buyers in Shetland if Sic give permissions ,as Shetland house prices are quiet good for builders on profit. They can design build if land available this SIC must think of. Same applies to North Isle tunnels it’s for future generation to have so we must build today for our children. People must decide Its future Not stand still A none goverment assocation needs be set up represent people views for Anderson High Former school And other problems in shetland, I am shetland native person and when I here needs people food parcels its sad weres our large Oil fund Gone, when small country schools close its sad Whats Happening here
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