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  1. I don't understand why the council don't introduce a bylaw making winter tyres and having the lights on mandatory between October and March as they do in some countries with a similar latitude, I think this is the case in Norway and Sweden but don't quote me!
  2. Anyone know where and when you can sell whelks?? Vaguely mind hearing near the Shetland catch on a Sunday, is this right?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated
  4. Anyone suggest good builders for a house extension on the Westside, know of a couple but any suggestions much appreciated, cheers
  5. advert not showing

  6. Does anyone on here know of any local charities or places that collect used christmas cards
  7. Have heard of them but also heard of problems with insulation causing damp in older houses so bit reticent to have it put in.
  8. I am moving into an old house and was wondering what insulation for the loft too use as i have heard some kinds can greatly increase the levels of damp, also any tips for companies to use re the above would be most welcome.
  9. After looking at the local shops range and especially prices for decent brands (eg Ralph Lauren, YSL, Diesel, Rockport, Calvin Klein etc etc) I'm considering getting stuff sent up and selling it as from a relative newcomers perspective it seems ridiculous how much people get ripped off up here. Would anyone be interested?
  10. I had enough of snow after informer, and that was ages ago!
  11. ^^You are THE most negative Chelsea fan i've ever come across and i spent some time standing in The Shed in the early 90's long, long before Abramovich and his billions. Chelsea will still win it even though Hilarious kicks the ball like a drunk one-legged girl!
  12. splodger

    Euro 2012 Draw

    Sorry boys, no chance! Unlike England, even old Maclaren could get us through our group, couldn't he?
  13. Anyone know if the south mainland busses are running as normal?
  14. I think this thread highlights possibly THE biggest problem our society has, no, not the care of the elderly but the huge obsession the vast majority have with money and materialistic possesions. If this could be solved it would be surprising how many other ills of society would resolve themselves.
  15. It is usually down to the head teacher to have the final say.
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