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  1. Think I read somewhere that it is closing at 6pm but maybe someone else will be along and better informed than me
  2. Our Sky was off this morning too but switching off the power at the socket for a couple of minutes and removing the card giving it a wipe on a dry cloth and then switching the power on again and reinserting the card made it spring back into action - worth a try if you haven't already tried it
  3. Don't think so - I seem to remember seeing a notice in their window saying they were stopping it and also a notice in the Shetland Times too but it's maybe changed again
  4. The Scalloway bus service timetable is here - sorry but I don't know if there are any extra buses this Saturday, maybe someone else will know. http://www.zettrans.org.uk/bus/LerwickBressay.asp#Scalloway_and_Burra
  5. Most excellent Pooks, think the Council needs to employ you for their signwriter
  6. Sorry don't know what a finnie is but garth is/was/maybe! a dyke or a stone enclosure?
  7. Jim Taylor's used to sell it but not sure if they still do or not
  8. Taken from here So I am now a Ophiuchus after being a Sag all my life!
  9. Got to agree that Mattressman is super and Streamline were excellent at delivering my items from Mattressman Can anyone tell me who delivers in Shetland items sent by Parcelnet please and thanks in advance
  10. Does that article have more than ONE line ????????? It has a lot more than 1 page even!
  11. We have just the BBC channels on Freeview too at the moment Frances, think ITV Ch4 and 5 (and dunno what else!) only come with the next retune on 19th May - or so I understand anyway!
  12. I sent an email to this email address that was on the bottom of the email that my o/h got from them saying the flight was cancelled - refunds@flybe.com and received an automated email reply saying Seemed a lot simpler than trying to get through on their overloaded phone system
  13. Thanks Landrover, I was just coming to post that the buses seemed to be running as normal here too so we will get back home ok after all
  14. Thanks Landrover, I will just have to get up early and see if the first buses run tomorrow morning - if not, will just have to hitch up my skirt and stick out my thimb - I think not!
  15. As far as I am aware the buses run as normal on Bank Holidays nowadays (except Christmas and New Year) and I haven't seen or read anything anywhere to make me think tomorrow is any different so there will be a bus leaving Lerwick at 11.30am going through Brae to Toft. Have you seen something Landrover to make you think there's no buses tomorrow? - I am worrying now too as I have 2 appointments in Lerwick tomorrow and I depend on the bus!
  16. I can lend you Charlie Simpson's book 'In Da Galley' if you like Longdog - just have to find it first! Well done on that dinner, looks delicious but I'm not too sure that I would eat shellfish from Firth but that's just me!
  17. Thank you too unlinkedstudent, useful to know for another time but my parcel came with Northwards this afternoon so I was happy (well sort of as the box and the wrapping was all damaged but thankfully the contents were ok)
  18. Can anyone tell me who delivers in Shetland for the carrier UPS please? Thanks
  19. Mossbank has just been Googled now too
  20. Pg 38 of the Shetland Times this week Frances, if that's what you are looking for - sorry if it's not!
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