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  1. Hi getting a pick up from APC for a floor cleaner that has stopped working, anyone know who their local agent is? I think the Aberdeen agent is Menzies
  2. Shetlink now working on all platforms in the house Cheers to Trout for sorting out Shetlink's IVP6 settings
  3. Mr Trout sorted out the problem on Windows 10 by disabling IVP6 and using IVP4 alone Our Neighbor was experiencing the same problem, no Shetlink and only Shetlink, every thing else ok. Apple OS is unable to modify IVP6 controls. There is a possibility of sorting this out at the WIFI level but Home hub6 seems unable to do this. he has put his home hub 4 back and the problem has disappeared I suggest a problem with IVP4 / 6 settings - any help? Ipads / iphones still unable to access on our home-hub wifi
  4. Apple OS reports unable to conect to server, windows 10 reports out of dat cerfificate. Any body got any clues how to sort.
  5. No sign of a new ro-ro set up, or any refrence to the north isles boats in the bits I read, should we worry?
  6. Just had a light bulb moment - Earlier this summer David Cammeron made a unanounced vist to Shetland - the local council wined and dined him and he stayed overnight I think- there was a bit of a ho-ha as the media hadn't been informed about it and it went largly un-reported in the national press. Was the crafty sod doing a deal with our council and Carmichael ????? http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/sep/17/shetland-may-reconsider-place-scotland-yes-vote-alistair-carmichael http://newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-news/9556-downing-street-silent-on-camerons-sec
  7. Ahhhh that could keep the nimbys going for months
  8. The first sentence in your reply is indicative of an underlying justified racist attitude, you identify communities in the plural and identify a requirement to build bridges. Why are separate “Communities†acceptable, surly there should be one community, the group of people who live in a given place. “Building bridges†is reinforcing this by establishing set points of contact rather than integration of all folk into the one community. This is a underlying racism that seems to emanate from the educated liberal elite (for the sake of giving a title for a wide group of people) whic
  9. Any body got any details on the fast jet that gave lerwick a low pass this afternoon?
  10. Just Me Thank you for second comment, the Hydro Linesmen perform heroics on a regular basis and are an un-sung emergency service. I think you thinking is flawed, if you take your argument that because of equipment fire, the Hydro are incapable of running a wind farm. and we transfer this: Every car malfunction would mean that brand could no longer sell a car. Boeing because the dreamliner is a problem should be banned from building an aircraft again...... You get my drift Your original post about causing a fire on a wet night shows a limitied understanding of the causes of pole fires
  11. Does anybody have the actual figures for the admin costs for education, how many folk are there in the HQ providing "support" During the Scalloway High school "consultation" we experienced the total lack of competence and integrity from the SIC's imported staff. These are a group of people who seem hell bent on turning Shetland into "just another " Scottish council. COSLA seems to have the same agenda. (if I remember correctly it was on a COSLA recommendation that the SIC employed and then a COSLA negotiated the redundancy that got rid of David Clark) When will we learn that the answers
  12. Anybody tell if this is avalible to Shetland land owners or if it is another Western Isles, SNP sweetner? http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/grants_to_bring_woods_back_to_western_isles_1_2125818
  13. Anyone with any more details on this. Is it national or just Shetland? Any idea what time it starts?
  14. Some interesting reading here from Gilbert Goudie in the early 20th century http://ads.ahds.ac.uk/catalogue/adsdata/arch-352-1/dissemination/pdf/vol_021/21_236_251.pdf he outlines some of the attempts by the Danish crown to retrive Shetland And Orkney from Scotland, I wouldn't expect the current leaders of the country to be any less devious and dupicit in any dealings over the self determination of Shetland's place in the world. To summerise, the question of Shetland and Orkney's position as being held in leu of the dowery payment has not been settled and the right to claim the islands b
  15. The council elections that are coming this year will present us, the people of Shetland with the opportunity to put in place a group of people who will strive for the best for Shetland rather than strive for the best for them / their group of cronies. Make sure that you get the right person to represent you, some of the old guard have been living on past glories for far too long, some are still on a personal ego trip. The staff of the SIC who are currently made up of a lot of "sooth" bodies should also be taken to task, to run Shetland for the benefit and advancement of Shetland, rather tha
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