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  1. Skoda's are based on, owned and share 90% of components with VW, which Bixter are authorized repairer. As above phone 01595 810303
  2. Because of the fact that it was one of the first mass concrete built buildings in Shetland, the building is more or less beyond repair. The only viable solution would be to knock down and re-build. Would be interested to know who is intending to purchase the building.
  3. Also, how does erecting (at the very most) 8 sign posts cost between 100 and 150 thousand pounds? Who estimated this and what was this estimate based on, the signs being made of solid gold?!
  4. Having learned to drive in Shetland at, before moving south at 18 and driving in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Falkirk for the past 6 months, i would not argue against a 20mph speed limit between the church road roundabout and the Roundabout outside Baroc/Golden coach. I spent countless nights 'runnin aboot da toon' and see absolutely no need for people to be doing 30mph in an area where so much traffic is leaving and entering the road, past the bus stop and with the amount of pedestrians crossing, especially at the cross-road o da street at the foot of church road. However, find Will's argument unfounded, biased, and more just a case of him being a bit scunnert we a loud exhaust echoing up church road while he's purlin aboot we his expensive canoe.
  5. No. Don't go to them - had house built by them a few years ago, consistantly seriously unimpressed.
  6. Aye, lbc sell smokeless fuel, and sell AGA's too! Best to head in to the shop at gremista for prices ect.
  7. rissenin

    Steve Earle

    can anywan mind da list of songs played?
  8. Its really snowy oot wast still! wir road tae the hoose is fine, thanks to yours trually and a quad with a snowplow
  9. got some pics of the racing at bixter...old beetles and granadas and the like. unst thrash isnt happening just now... not enough money in the motorsport club to fund it... (or something along those lines?!)
  10. 1981 mini... bought 5? years ago.... still have it... lookin kinda worse for wear now though... haha. not even got my license yet (: don't suppose your wantin rid of that roofrack? been looking everywhere for one....
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