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  1. I thought this rumour wasn't true ... as in, they weren't going to do it.
  2. Matalan do do online shopping deliveries but Primark don't.
  3. I have heard this video on about these school closures on Facebook. I haven't had the chance to watch it but was it worth to watch? As in, was it good.
  4. So as Skerries is shut, are the other schools still under investigation or have they made final decisions? Sorry, I'm not up to date with the blueprint for education, too much is going on now ...
  5. What about the bridge idea or was it too complicated and expensive to do it?
  6. So once the Skerries school is closed, what will happen to the building? Will it be converted into something like a public hall, a house or just abandoned?
  7. Can't believe how much history there would be in just one small supermarket!
  8. I think Co-op were opting to have the self-service checkouts in their store. The problem is there is very little room left, thanks to Peacocks and the fact nobody or very few people go into the shop. Sometimes what they need would be lure customers into the shop with an apple or something on the end of a fishing rod.
  9. I see where everybody is going with this. I haven't heard any positive review from a tourist in a long time.
  10. What are these friends on Shetlink in the profile page? I'm not saying it is pointless but I am quite confused.
  11. I haven't been to the Coop since probably two months ago. The last I was there, I parked a car on a parking space which had holes that unfortunately made the wheels position themselves in. It was nerve-racking trying to get the car out because at one point I was wanting to call on someone to push the car, it took roughly ten minutes to get the car out of the holes - luckily there were no scratches or bumps - the next I would go to Coop, I'll just take the bus or walk.
  12. I have been driving for just over a year and a half, I think that the council have made a wise decision on trying to reduce collisions at the Brig o Fitch. I have seen near-accidents but not actual ones (if you know what I mean). These filter lanes, are you meaning like the layouts they have at the Black Gaet junctions?
  13. Although I don't live in the town but work there, I don't see the campsite used much or not at all. I do remember when I was in school and a couple of councillors would invite my whole year class to come and hear the news and plans of the new high school. I remembered when they planned to demolish the current high school couple of years back but then the council turned their backs and so they stopped the demolition. Right now, the school is falling to bits and the classes are getting bigger because of the closures of a few schools. So in retrospect, I feel that the council made a right decision.
  14. Shouldn't this be in the agriculture forum?
  15. Finally the Shetland series is over, I would say it was such a big improvement from what it was last year. The last two episodes in Fair Isle were a bit too "slippery" - I mean, once you know what is going on then the next bit of the plot starts to change it completely out of character making the whole episode seem a bit unjustified. Also, I think the dummies used might be actual actors having a nap because I often see eyes flicker a bit. There have been moments where vehicles were driven in some sort of supersonic mode, as well as small villages called "Ravenswick" and "Skellswick".
  16. Hmm...a bit of a controversial topic but I think he could be guilty for what he had done.
  17. Last night's episode was good, possibly the only one that has a fake dummy that looks too real to be human. Let's see what these Fair Isle episodes will be like next week.
  18. I'd say last night's episode was okay but there were a few things that I knew were a bit, well, uncharacteristic... 1. The man who was inside the damaged car off a road; I might have seen his right eye flicker a bit (I have a bit of a sharp eye) 2. That was some supersonic car that went from Muckle Roe to the Lodberries. 3. Perez's voice seems to sound more deeper in every scene he was in.
  19. I think if I remember they had an article about this on Shetland Life magazine either last or this month.
  20. I watched Shetland last night on a laptop because I was visiting somebody. The only thing that kind of bothered me was the total confusion of the plot: the person I was watching the show with last night said that the series was based on multiple books ( I think she has read most of Cleeves' books) and she said there were bits that jumped from one passage of one book and another. I would understand that but in fact, I'm not much of a book reader myself although everybody I know seem to tell me that I do... Overall, second episode was a bif iffy but to be honest, I think I wasn't interested with it at all.
  21. I actually thought it was near the Sumburghh Airport but obviously not.
  22. I think it was a rather great idea for the council to agree on slashing the speed limit at the street. Yet as it is springtime now, tourist numbers can increase and also young children are a bit of a risk around the street too, if they should oppose a public vote to this then I'd say it may be one-sided which is my only small concern because safety always comes first!!
  23. Shetland has improved dramatically this year. Although I wouldn't say (I don't normally watch crime dramas) that there were some parts that kinda confused me a bit, I was fortunately peeling an orange while watching the show so I more or less missed the "crucial" bits of the programme. All in all, yes the drama was significantly better than the first one as it drabbed a little.
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