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  1. I've heard that the P.E. department is going to be the first to be knocked down, only planning permission is available. I think it is going to be bulldozed soon I think. That's brilliant!
  2. When I was making myself lunch at the kitchen, I got a packet of this Uncle Ben's long grain rice and put it in the microwave without the opening it before setting it in! After a minute and three quarters, I heard this big bang in the kitchen, then I noticed that the rice was all over inside the microwave and when my parents came in and my mother came into the kitchen. She saw me sweeping up the rice in her microwave and did the turkey*, now I know I should open packets before putting them in the microwave. * arguing.
  3. A child's camera that doesn't take photos!! Although we did read the instructions but it still didn't make any sense about how to work it.
  4. Listening to a broadcaster on Shetland radio, I think that radio broadcasters are more of 'take what they say with a grain of salt' people.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZhMfzc9RbU I laughed so hard on this clip!
  6. I hate that song because she sounds like a chicken when she sings that song.
  7. My friends had this story about having her lunch there, all she had was a small drink and a sandwich, when she came to the till, she noticed that the bill was £3.25! She was absolutely shocked on what she noticed. p.s. who deleted my topic!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? edited by the mods and they moved it now someone else has started it again
  8. One of my friends had this story: After a nice swim in the pool for 25 minutes and got changed and went to the cafe in the leisure centre. She wasn't that hungry and she decided that she could have a sandwich and a small drink, when she went to the till, she noticed the total price of her lunch which was £3.25! Now she decides to take a packed lunch with her when she goes there. (*** Mod - merged ***)
  9. I think the Mareel building itself looks horrendous, why can't they do it all over again.
  10. What I'm also found out is that you can get EuroDisney in 3D! Now there's an idea to keep the children entertained!
  11. Not an interesting programme to watch, I'm more of a person that likes to see documentaries, programmes about diet (like Gillian McKeith, the 'camel face' woman). All you can watch is just fishermen and nothing else, just crap on a boat that has a monotonous script written out.
  12. Your father eats socks? No! It's just an expression!
  13. My family always lose their socks nearly everyday because the washing machine and my father 'gobbles' them up. We have a big box full of odd socks and some make a pairs but most of them don't. It took me about 2 hours to sort every single sock to find its own pair!!
  14. My house is always surrounded by them, the best tip (thanks to my mother) is: Get yourself a knife, spread some butter on and go outside and watch them little beasties come after it. It does the trick!
  15. I agree with you there, me and my father thought it was plain silliness and it didn't make any sense. I thought the man who sung was Ken from the Barbie collection!
  16. It's hell when it comes to cleaning the pines and getting it out of the house, it needs bit of group work involved.
  17. I think the airports in Shetland are cramped and there's not much you can do there.
  18. I like the stuff that Chris Hodge sells but when he had a cafe in his warehouse, the staff were smashing plates (not the traditional Greek style) and the customers were cheering. The chips I ate there were a bit too soggy for my tastes!
  19. Mainland is the best because you can get many services and a lot of people live there for a reason!
  20. This was actually a real story: We were doing this project on space in Tingwall Primary School and I was doing the finishing touches to my planet, then I asked the teacher "Miss, I finished colouring Uranus" and the teacher replied "How dare you speak like that to a teacher!". She thought that I was colouring her bottom!
  21. No wonder they called it the Peerie Shop Cafe because its that small!
  22. I know that Scalloway already has 2 shops, why can't they change the 'abbatoir' into a supermarket, which means I can just walk down to get groceries!
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