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  1. What about the 'Compare The Market' advert, it is so annoying that it makes me want to switch channels! It makes the two 'websites' incomprensible, especially that meerkat.
  2. It's gotta be Frankie's, but it is quite small but it has good chips and salad, I say. They have the best chips I've never tasted in my life!
  3. I actually don't mind on hospital food: But when I was at the hospital in February 2007, in the morning one of the nurses in the ward told me what to have for breakfast, I wanted some toast but when they gave me the toast with some marmalade and butter, it was burnt black! I just had to eat some of it but not much.
  4. When I went with my mother on holiday aged 9, we both went on the dodgems in Codona's. I wanted to do the steering but my mother forced me to sit next to her; she put a seatbelt over me which tucked in painfully under my armpits. All my mother did was driving around the track doing nothing (no dodging or anything). It really was a boring 15 minutes.
  5. I don't like the baked potato shop in Lerwick and my mother complains about the potatoes they have; she says they seem a little undercooked and I agree with her too. When I go there and have myself a potato with ham and pineapple and I come out and go to see my granny in Westerloch and have my lunch there with my family, when I open the polystyrene container, there is an absolutely horrible smell from the pineapple which makes me want to do the 'pie-face' moment on someone! I think I should make myself a packed lunch for myself in the weekend.
  6. I think Gordon Brown is trying to wind up the Brits as I think what he is up to.
  7. My dislike food would be: Marmite, coffee (both the taste and the smell), bannocks and peppermint.
  8. When my mother went to Amsterdam for a little break of her terrible children (me and my sister). When she came back, she bought some sprinkles that you can put on your toast instead of using the knife. I loved it so much that I used up the whole box! I was such a greedy pig when I was little!
  9. When my family went on holiday and we were having a break at a village between Inverness and Fraserburgh (can't remember what it was called!) as we sat outside and ate some ice-cream and having a little chat in the sun, someone came next to us and said "Do you come from Shetland? 'Cause I think I know you lot" we didn't have a single clue who the person was and looked at each other in confusion.
  10. When I was little, I always had a sleepover with my granny nearly every Saturday or Friday. We always went down to the street and get groceries etc. I remember going to Don Leslie and spend a pound on a seagull/chicken egg and eat it when we are still in the street. One time when I was eating them - that time I bought two for me and my granny - when my granny ate it, her dentures almost fell out because the eggs were that hard!
  11. Especially the cliffs and the hooligans who are very careless
  12. My hatred song is James Bl*nt with 'You're Beautiful', my best version of it would be in Dead Ringers without the two words for the song title, they used three words, which are 'It's Bloody Cold'. It really makes me cringe when he actually speaks, he speaks with a very posh English accent (it really doesn't suit him). There is a program with irritating songs on it on BBC three, called 'Most Annoying Songs of the Year', it really is a good program.
  13. The songs on Comic Relief aren't that good, the only good one is the 'Is This The Way to Amarillo' with Peter Kay because of that little incident with one of them comedians that tripped up on the treadmill. I think the worst is going to be Annie Lennox with some sort of song she sung, her voice was awful, it sounded like she had a bit too much to drink!
  14. I made my mother a card from Publisher: it had a photo of her in the front and I put photos of me, my sister and my father (he looked like a big blurry person on the photo) and she was really pleased on what I created. Although I kept it as a secret until this morning.
  15. In November 2008, I was in the Children in Need on the T.V. when they were talking about what they did with the money which they helped around the U.K. When they shouted out some sort of sentence, I believe it was 'Thank You Children in Need!' I was at the toilet at the time, I didn't know what the situation was about. When I came out 10 minutes later, I saw the parents, grandparents and children in one big group, I noticed that they got filmed and photographed and I walked right in the middle of the crowd. Although I did 'ruin' the photo and the clip! But in spite of all that, we had lots of fun : we were making a Pudsey bear with some sort of machine, no idea what it was and painting on a 3ft card.
  16. We used to have a bread maker. My mother kept talking about making some bread for my primary teacher. Until one day, my sister had a little tantrum in the kitchen and she banged her arm on the bread maker and it fell on the floor with broken glass on the floor, when my mother came in to the kitchen (in bare feet) she went to the 'incident' and suddenly, she stood her foot on the glass with blood dripping on the floor. Then we went to the car with my mother limping along with a nappy on her foot and one boot on. It was quite a dramatic scene it was.
  17. I remember having a chocolate milkshake in the morning on that ship. Oh, memories!
  18. Ignoring is a good thing for stopping the 'Ned Behaviour', it makes me feel that sort of unsafe feeling. When I was at the primary school of Tingwall, I was a big blob and everyone called me 'elephant' and I lost loads of friends there too. It really letted me down and I couldn't believe how they acted. Now my next step is to find out why they bullied me.
  19. At my rememberal primary school in Tingwall was so bad that nearly 3 or 4 children would always go home because they felt sick, honestly, the food was sh*t that it makes you want to run to the toilet. I remembered that when it's break-time, you have to pay the crisps though, just 20p, if only it was priceless.
  20. http://www.ripleys.com/ This website has a lot of weird, wondeful things to look at. I now have 3 Ripley's Believe It or Not Search it yourself and be shocked!
  21. There are loads of videos about Google Earth, check this one out:
  22. I thought it was Sweden? Oh well, I learn something new everyday!
  23. Try the website: http://www.intelligencetest.com/test/signupuser.php
  24. Two or three years ago, we went to Eurodisney and my sister loved it so much that she ended up saying 'My dreams have come true' we laughed when she says it. These are one of our photos: http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv74/orangegeek33/Katie003-1-1.jpg
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