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  1. My addiction would anything with chocolate and Dr Pepper. It makes me eat it all until I fall off the chair!
  2. Yes, I watched 4 episodes of the series. I like laughing at what those competitors say and do. It once almost killed me by laughing too much.
  3. My member's name is called doglover, because you might guess from the avatar.No-one can spell my real name! Well, I do love dogs!
  4. When I was P7, we did some sort of cycling session every Wednesday and that my schoolpals and me have to bring in their bikes along to school, although I lived faraway from the school and that my bike had to be locked in a shed! It was always hard work because we had to cycle for nearly one mile which almost made me have a heatstroke because I was wearing a fluorescent jacket and it was always sunny when we do that session.
  5. I remembered when we were on Tiscali dial-up , it said on the T.V. adverts that it is faster than any odd broadband, it was a white lie to me because it took about 10-15 minutes to load ( ) it also annoyed sister a lot because she always went on YouTube to watch 'Beauty and the Beast' and other rubbish that I can't stand! Now we are on internet explorer instead of them other hair-raising broadbands that say they're faster than the others which causes havoc!
  6. I think it might be, because of the high, steep cliffs and hills etc. maybe that's how they thought it dangerous. Especially at Sumburgh Head, it is a 122.99m drop, does it have fencing around it?
  7. When I first heard about this, I thought it is when you shove a foot in your mouth and your foot and mouth gets infected. With more information about that, I knew more about it : you won't get athlete's foot or cancer of the mouth. Oh, what am I like?!
  8. If you go on holiday or something else like that, you might miss Shetland For me, incomprehesible!
  9. Hmmm...... I wonder what the beaches look like when there is snow about, does anyone live near the sea?
  10. When I was 7, there was this little toddler that was peeing in front of a shop window and a lady fainted in the shop when she saw him do it! He was only 4, I think. I also remembered that when I was on a pack holiday, there was a girl that was so needing the toilet that they couldn't find a place to stop to let her go to the toilet, when we were a few yards away. She accidently wet the seat and pee ran down the seat and it went on the floor, which smelt awful!
  11. If you want stupid inventions, then look at this website: Lots and lots of hilarious things http://funnybox.com/photos.php Go to 'misc.' and see all the funny things they have in America!
  12. What is it about pineapple on pizza? Do you mean you detest Hawaiian pizza which I am eating right now when I was reading this story?
  13. When I was P4, on the last day of term in December, if we want to go to the assembly, the head-teacher forced us to eat mince pies, I really hate mince pies, which is beautifully decorated with holly on the top (made of pastry, not from the original plant!) I tried it and I was almost sick from the taste of it! When the other pupils in the school tried it, their faces looked really disgusted that they just ate one small bite out of it! Bit of a dumb idea that was!
  14. I have quite a lot of good videos which might make you feel a little unprotected because this man is freaking out: Don't do this to your children or the strangers' children.
  15. There isn't much things you actually want to buy in Shetland shops and retailers these days. It makes me feel a little bored. Why can't they have the shops like down south (i.e. WHSmith etc.) it would be great if they have a decision like that.
  16. My pointless thing would be, the knee pads that I bought for myself when I would've been about 11 or 12 years old, they were really big that they couldn't fit my knees! So I had to cope with bruises and cuts etc. that's right, I was clumsy when I was little.
  17. I don't like the sandwiches they make in Shetland, yuck! Is there added mayonnaise in them tuna sandwiches? If there is, I'm never going to eat those sandwiches again, I'll go for the sausage rolls ! yum!
  18. My tip is to find something that 96 x 96 pixels (or less) and it has to be under 10KB. Find a picture (I mean avatar) and cope with it!
  19. It is a really minging programme because of the mould, bacteria and what junk the 'offenders' have collected, oh and don't forget about Aggie McKenzie's dust writing, one finger on the dusty surface of a piece of furniture and writing the word 'filth'! Me and my mother had once done one of the tips they used. We were cleaning up our dirty cooker, we had a grill pan, one with their tip, bicarbonate of soda and the other with a cleansing detergent. But for some reason both of the experiments didn't seem to work!
  20. I often come to the Sound School to do some hostessing (only part-time) and I keep running up and down the room checking if any tables need to be cleaned and tidied up. But the best thing is dancing, one time I danced so much that my trousers almost fell down.
  21. I think it's a bit well, sexual, because the girl who wearing this might get sexually bullied. Why can't they stick to vests, are they measured in cups!?
  22. We are complaining about this red van that overtakes us a lot of times. The first time we saw him when we were at the big bend of Scalloway, he overtook us at the bend (honestly, he did) the next time we saw was when we were heading to Lerwick (we went past Gulberwick) we went at 60mph and my mother thought he went round about 80mph. If we see this driver again, we would complain to the business or the police. We're after you!
  23. I just had my eighth tooth out recently and it has been there since I was 9 years old. And I never had a visit from the dentist since they had a discussion about it, (which was 3 years ago, the last I saw them) I remembered having problems with my teeth and it ruined my life after tooth decay. With it out, I've learned not to eat a lot of sugary things (well, almost! )
  24. When my family went to EuroDisney, we got loads of sweets and clothes for us all, we also took a lot of photos there, too. My sister thought it was fantastic and she kept saying "my dreams have come true" we laughed when she said it.
  25. My favourite subjects were maths, French and German, I like making up calculations and speaking in a foreign language. I found biology very easy and it's was one of my best subjects at school. Physics was so BORING! it made me want to sleep in the classroom whilst the teacher is going 'blah blah blah.....' I love school so much in those days!
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